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Blood Feast


  • R-Rated
  • NC-17
Release: Nov 15, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated Version and the NC-17 Version (both available as 24fps screener by ILLUSIONS UNLTD. films)

- 40 differences, incl. 5 recuts and 2 zooms
- Length difference: 139.1 sec (= 2:19 min)

Background Information and US Ratings

There is no doubt that, with Blood Feast (1963), Herschell Gordon Lewis created a milestone of the horror genre/splatter subgenre. In 2002, Lewis himself shot the sequel Blood Feast 2 - All U Can Eat. The here compared remake was shot in 2016 and directed by Marcel Walz. And yes, Blood Feast (2017) is better than his earlier works like Seed 2 - The New Breed or La Petite Mort. With a rather sinister atmosphere, the handmade special effects should be to the genre fans liking - not too many though but there are some throughout the entire movie and they are rather graphic as well.

But reviewing the movie is not the issue here, the focus lies on international censorship problems of course. In US theaters, only the censored R-Rated Version was shown at first. However, a few theaters were screening the Unrated Version in April 2018. As it turns out, there was an intermediate stage as well. With the very same length of the Original Version aka Unrated Version, there is also a version with alternate footage in the violent scenes. According to the producers, this version is to be considered uncut as well but it got rated NC-17.

The R-Rated Version

The comparison between the NC-17 Version and the Unrated Version (click) lists a detailed description of the 6 differences between the two mentioned version. The NC-17, also an official version by the way and therefor considered uncut as well, is already slilghtly censored but this is not the end of the line yet - not by a long shot. The R-Rated Version is more than 2 minutes shorter and there are further alterations as well.

As usual for censored R-Rated Versions, the alterations are rather marginal resp. the pattern here is removing only a few frames from the really violent shots in order to make those scenes appear less intense without having to cut the scenes entirely. In addition to that, there are some alterations - such as recuts and zooms. At the end of the day, the R-Rated Version is not recommendable at all.

In the near future, ILLUSIONS UNLTD. films will release all versions in Austria, the comparison has been made with an advanced copy. As matters now stand (September 2019), neither the NC-17 Version nor the Unrated Version have been released anywhere. Only the R-Rated Version is available on Blu-ray/DVD/VOD in the US.

Time index refers to
R-Rated Version in 24fps / NC-17 Version in 24fps
The R-Rated Version exclusively contains a logo of the US distributor.

+ 9.3 sec

02:25 / 02:16

The first shot of the "squeezing the eyes" scenes lacks a few bloody frames.

0.2 sec

02:26 / 02:17-02:18

Fuad squeezes a few frames longer and the subsequent shot starts earlier as well.

1.5 sec

02:26 / 02:19-02:20

Subsequent to half a second from the middle of the mentioned scenes, there are also a few missing frames at the end and the following shot of Fuad actually starts a few frames earlier as well.

1.1 sec

02:27 / 02:21

The last shot of the "squeezing the eyes" scenes also begins a little earlier.

0.8 sec

At least the German screener of the NC-17 Version contains the German title.

39:15 / 39:10-39:20

Fuad longer when he is holding up the piece of flesh he cut out of the chest. He then puts it in his mouth.

10.2 sec

Alternate / Recut
39:16-39:20 / 39:21-39:23

During the shot of the homeless guy, the R-Rated Version contains an intercut - small moment at the end of the previously removed scene (slightly darkened at the beginning). As a consequence thereof, some of the footage of the middle of the actual scene is missing. It appears as if the intention was making the scene less intense.

R-Rated Version 2 sec longer

R-Rated VersionNC-17 Version

40:30 / 40:32-40:34

Fuad grabs the homeless guy's penis earlier.

Probably cut because one can see the tip of the (plastic) penis here. The versions are back in sync when the knife appears on the screen.

1.7 sec

40:41 / 40:45-40:50

The shot of Fuad moving the severed penis to the bottom starts earlier.

5.3 sec

40:43 / 40:53-40:58

After putting it in the pot, the shot is longer resp. Fuad makes a step forward while blood keeps running down the legs.

5.6 sec

49:56 / 50:11-50:16

When Matilda's throat is being slit, the Unrated Version contains two additional shot - a lot of blood spatter included.

4.6 sec

49:59-50:01 / 50:19-50:16

At first, the NC-17 Version (and Unrated Version) contains the shot of Matilda on the ground - blood spatter included - and then Fuad wearing a mask until he finally takes it off.

In the R-Rated Version, the shot of Fuad has been split and then Matilda unaltered, exactly 32 frames each, right before he reaches for the mask.
Screenshots only from the R-Rated Version.

no difference

51:23-51:25 / 51:43-51:45

Right after Fuad yanks Lilou's tongue, the R-Rated Version zooms in on the face. As a result, one does not get to see the tongue hanging out of the mouth.

no difference

R-Rated VersionNC-17 Version

51:26 / 51:46-51:56

Fuad longer with the tongue, the angles are different as well. Also, he licks the tongue earlier.

9.9 sec

60:55 / 61:25-61:26

Fuad a little longer when cutting Matilda's butt.

1.3 sec

60:57 / 61:28-61:30

A further shot of him removing another piece of skin.

2.6 sec

61:01 / 61:35-61:36

The subsequent shot starts a little earlier...

1.6 sec

61:02 / 61:37-61:53

...and it is longer as well, until Fuad removes a further piece of skin. He then holds it up in the air and finally puts it down.

15.8 sec

Alternate / Recut
61:04-61:06 / 61:55-61:59

Now the middle of the previously removed shot from the end of the last cut in the R-Rated Version, followed by skin being put down on wood.

In the NC-17 Version (and Unrated Version), the shot of Fuad is slightly longer, followed by further slicing via close-up.

NC-17 Version 1.6 sec longer

R-Rated VersionNC-17 Version

61:08 / 62:01

The subsequent shot is a little longer as well.

0.8 sec

61:09 / 62:02-62:10

In the background, Fuad touches the butt longer and he does the very same thing in the subsequent shot from a closer distance.

8 sec

75:49-75:51 / 76:51-76:54

After Clement gets on his knees, the R-Rated Version zooms in (a minor part of the shot is missing as well).

NC-17 Version 1.8 sec longer

R-RatedvNC-17 Version

75:55 / 76:58-77:03

Clement touches the back of his head longer.

5.3 sec

82:04 / 83:12-83:15

Penny chews longer.

2.9 sec

82:09 / 83:20-83:21

So does Louise.

0.9 sec

82:25 / 83:37-83:40

The shot of Penny taking a bite starts earlier...

2.9 sec

82:29 / 83:44-83:47

...and the shot is also longer.

3.6 sec

85:40 / 86:58-87:01

Uncovered Mathis longer.

2.5 sec

85:41 / 87:02-87:04

Louise's comment a little earlier: "Wow!"

2.2 sec

86:28 / 87:51-87:57

Penny strikes more often and there are shots of Mathis and Louise as well.

6 sec

86:36 / 88:05-88:08

Penny grabs a little longer & Louise is already feasting on Mathis.

2.8 sec

86:38 / 88:10-88:13

Further feasting, a few more redundant frames of the previous shot of Penny looking down and also of the subsequent shot of her arms.

3.2 sec

86:39 / 88:14-88:17

And again, the end/beginning of two shots is missing.

2.3 sec

86:40-86:43 / 88:18-88:29

Before Fuad laughs, the NC-17 Version three shortened shots of the girls feasting - the order of the shots is different as well.
More detailed in the NC-17 Version - screenshots only for the NC-17 Version.

NC-17 Version 8.9 sec longer

86:57 / 88:43-88:49

Following the shot of Officer Fatih in the diner, there are several small shots of the food.

6 sec

87:01 / 88:53-88:54

Mathis a little earlier.

1.2 sec

87:03 / 88:56-88:57

Penny bites slightly longer.

0.5 sec

87:04 / 88:58-89:00

After Penny takes a bite from an apple, eating some flesh is missing and so is a shot of Louise.

2.3 sec

87:05-87:06 / 89:02-89:05

While the R-Rated Version contains the previously removed shot of Louise here, the NC-17 Version contains an alternate shot of her and the subsequent shot of flesh being yanked off starts earlier as well.

NC-17 Version 2 sec longer

R-Rated VersionNC-17 Version

87:07 / 89:06-89:08

Penny eats longer.

1.9 sec

87:18 / 89:19-89:28

The middle section of the shot is missing.

9.4 sec

At the very beginning of the end credits, the movie title reappears. Similar to the beginning, the NC-17 Version contains the German title - at least that is the case with the German screener used for this comparison.