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original title: Pił forte, ragazzi!


  • International Version
  • German Version
Release: Jun 18, 2011 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
"All the Way Boys" is probably one of the best Spencer / Hill movies ever made. The soundtrack, atmosphere, jokes, and the fact that the movie is not too childish makes it a "must see" for any fan of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Unfortunately, there is one problem: all over there world there does not exist an uncut version. You can rather point out 2 different cuts. The German version misses out on several plot poins as well as brawling; additionally it offers alternative footage every now and then.
On the other hand there's the Italian/internatinal version which was also released in the USA and Denmark. If you can, stay away from this version. While the German version already misses out on roughly 7 and half minutes of footage (30 cuts), the Italian/international version includes 105 cuts with an overall runtime of 18 minutes of missing footage!
Even though there does not exist an uncut version this shouldn't keep you from watching it anyways - it's really good. If you're able to speak/understand German - stick to the German cut. Otherwise you can at least use this report to extend your knowledge about the missing footage.

Alternative footage was ignored for the specification of the overall difference in time.

This is a comparison between the German DVD / VHS version and the Italian DVD released by Medusa.
Right at the beginning you're missing out on a scene where the cage with the chicken sways to and fro. Then follows a close-up shot of a frightened black man.
4.8 sec.

The jungle (which is crossed by the plane) is shown a little longer.
1.44 sec.

The plane is shown longer.
2.92 sec.

Budd licks his finger to flip the page of his comic which he reads during the flight.
5.48 sec.

The jungle is shown longer.
2.36 sec.

Terence Hill adss that they will push anyone aside who tries to get in their way. Then he places his hat back on his face and continues sleeping.
4.36 sec.

An additional plane on the airport's runway which Bud and Hill are approaching.
3.2 sec.

Their plane crosses the city a little longer.
1.72 sec.

Another plane drives over the airport's runway.
2.08 sec.

A plane which has just departed is shown a little longer in the German version.
1.64 sec.

The flightinstructor rants about Spencer's / Hill's crash landing.
1.4 sec.

Spencer's / Hill's plane is shown longer when they approach the runway.
1.04 sec.

Just after they landed, Bud Spencer says that the plane just won't slow down. Hill replies that he would hit the brakes a little harder. Spencer looks at him with an angry facial expression. Hill tries the brakes out for himself and recognizes that they really don't work.
7.6 sec.

An additional shot of Hill and Spencer was cut out during the opening.
6.6 sec.

Bud and Hill are shown longer with the kids who gushily welcome them. Bud's brother holds a check out to him and asks if he wants it or not. Spencer doesn't want it.
5.8 sec.

The Italian version misses out on the whole scene where Bud / Hill enter a bank to cash in the check which they just got from Spencer's brother. When they're standing in front of the reception they realize that the bank gets robbed at the moment. Cool as usual, they calmly talk to the bank assistant, pick up their money and leave. One of the robbers wants to steal their money - Hill takes one of the bills and puts it in the robber's breast pocket but Bud immediately takes it back out. On their way out you hear several gunshots from the bank.
135.2 sec.

Hill walks through the bar a little longer after hearing Bud (resp. the sounds of a brawl). During his walk he stops to push a man who's just playing billiards so that he makes a good shot.
11.04 sec.

The brawl inside the bar is shown slightly longer. Subsequently Hill walks through the shot a little longer.
4.28 sec.

Another part of the brawl inside the bar was cut out.
2.12 sec.

Ditto. There are 3 missing shots: several guys sit on top of Spencer. Hill hits a guy who then falls to the ground.
3.64 sec.

Spencer / Hill took a seat inside the bar where they just moments ago finished off the brawl. Hill hands Spencer some money and asks him how the fight broke off. Bud replies that the men called his brother a fraud. Hill says that this is absolutely correct and Spencer says that they in fact are right but that they still talked about his brother.
13.24 sec.

Before they play a game of billiard with the older man, Hill tells Bud that he has a headache. Bud is angry and replies that this is absolutely not the case. Then he rants at the old man, demanding to begin the game. The latter replies that Bud should leave that to him.
12.92 sec.

A missing part of the billiard game (old man vs. Bud): Bud makes his first hit and is able to pot; he's obviously happy about it. Hill reminds him of the fact that the old man's hit was better.
29.96 sec.

Afer Hills's first hit it's the old man's turn again. He's able to make a great hit and some of the people in the bar cheer for him. The first few frames of the following shot of Bud were cut out, too.
14.88 sec.

The whole end of the billiard game was cut out after Bud angrily dropped the billiard cue. Hill hits the ball and is able to move it around the cone which gives him a point. The old man messes up his next shot and the ball flies off the table. Meanwhile, Hill suggests to grift again. The old man then tells him that if he's able to score now, he would give him his pants. Hill grins and says that he's going to try. He actually manages to score and the old man leaves the bar without his pants - accompanied by loud laughter.
71.52 sec.

Alternative footage when Hill drives around with the motorbike after the billiard game. However, the Italian version is distinctly longer.

Italian Version: 18.6 sec.
German Version: 6.68 sec.
Difference: 11.92 sec.

While Bud claims to be a witness of a plane crash he turns to Hill and asks him if he agrees that Bud's play-acting sounds convincing. Hill puts his hand on his glasses.
4.64 sec.

The diamond seeker tells Bud why there momentarily are some piranhas in the river.
4.68 sec.

The diamond seeker is shown longer.
1.36 sec.

Hill looks towards the direction the diamond seeker told them take. Bud scratches his head and shortly mumbles something about the compass.
5.84 sec.

While he's shaving, the stammerer explains Hill that the dead man got drunk and then into a fight.
8.28 sec.

Hill is shown longer when he towels himself after shaving inside the river. The following shot of Bud was cut out, too.
3.68 sec.

Bud talks to the old man a little longer and claims to have found an emerald vain.
6.16 sec.

Another missing part of the conversation between Bud and the old man. The latter asks Spencer if he's one of those people who believe that money is all one needs to be happy. Spencer denies it but says that it can be soothing to own money.
15.16 sec.

Hill is shown longer after tripping the pilot up who was just swearing at them.
0.88 sec.

The pilot gets up a little longer after being tripped up by Bud.
1.76 sec.

A part of the fight between Hill and the nagging man was cut out.
12.44 sec.

Hill passes another comment after the man (who was hit by a barrel) fell over. Then follows a cut to the unconscious man.
3.88 sec.

After Hill gave the telephone handset to Bud, the latter is shown longer. When being asked if his brother is dead he only replies taht this would not be so bad. Bud shortly talks to the girl on the phone and then asks what all of this is supposed to mean.
9 sec.

Spencer is shown longer on the phone. Hill tells him that his brother went to jail for 6 months.
5.68 sec.

The first few shots of Spencer / Hill in front of the shed were cut out - they bewilderedly stare at all the junk.
5.84 sec.

Buddy is shown a little longer after asking Hill what he thinks about the plane.
6.88 sec.

While they repare the plane, Bud says that they will never be able to fix the plane - they could rather show a cow how to booze.
4.4 sec.

The woman waves her hand to the guy who fell onto a banana-truck because of looking at her. Then follows a cut to Buddy who still repairs the plane. Then he takes a few steps backwards.
8.16 sec.

After teh two of them finally managed to catch up with the plane to stop it, you see the plane a little longer in the German version. The following shot of Bud was cut out, too. He thinks that this was a result of the mixture of the fuels - in his opinion it's too dry. Hill resplies that it's rather Bud's brain which is too dry. The following shot of the guy with the water pump is slightly longer, too.
8.72 sec.

Spencer / Hill landed on a meadow and unload the plane. A man watches them from far away with his binoculars. Bud thiks that the plane will never ever start again.
22,76 Sec.

The man who watched Spencer and Hill unloading the plane realizes that they have some beer. He can't believe it and bewilderedly repeats that they have some beer.
3.6 sec.

When the man asks what's wrong with him, Bud replies that he's probably thirsty.
3 sec.

Hill and Spencer watch the man drinking the last few drops from the beer bottle.
3.8 sec.

Bud is shown longer when he tells the desperate man that the others will pay any price.
4.12 sec.

Hill returns to their point of departure with the plane a little longer.
8.4 sec.

Bud (who was left behind) sits around the campfire one night and sharpens a stick with a machete. In the German version we instead see a (shorter) shot of some shrubs, followed by a longer shot of Buddy sitting around.
German Version: 4.64 sec.
Italian Version: 9.88 sec.
Difference: 5.24 sec.

The old man tells Bud some more things about the mountain and the three crosses which he buried there.
18.52 sec.

Buddy has strong feeligns about the old man who wanted to show him the mountain.
10.44 sec.

Buddy and the old man walk to the latter's home. There, the old man wants to cook some food.
16.92 sec.

A longer part of the conversation between the old man and Bud was cut out. The old man tells him that he will help him to broaden the runway tomorrow. he says that he loves to do some work because that's what keeps him alive. He claims to be rich but Buddy doesn't believe it.
48.36 sec.

After the old man asked Bud if he could give the dog some more food, the latter replies that he can do that. The old man thanks him.
2.84 sec.

Buddy praises the booze. The man tells him that he made it himself.
7 sec.

Hill / Spencer watch the Afro-Americans dancing a little longer after Hill lighted a cigarrette with a bond.
6.56 sec.

A man wakes up in a hammock beacuse the men with the severely injured person make a lot of noise.
9.36 sec.

One of the men who brought the injured man to the pilot camp argues with one of the pilots - he says that the injured man has to be brought to the city immediately because he will die otherwise. The pilot replies that they can't use the planes at night. As a consequence, the man wants to ask the other pilots to do it.
10.56 sec.

the man is angry because none of the pilots want to bring the injured man to the city - he therefore calls them quitters. Additionally he says that he would do it if he was able to fly a plane.
9.4 sec.

Hill is shown longer when he thoughtfully looks at the injured man.
3.56 sec.

Hill is shown longer.
2.48 Sec.

Spencer's flight with the injured man inside the plane is longer. The injured guy asks if Spencer is drunk.
10.88 sec.

Bud gets some more information about the weather from the tower.
5.2 sec.

The airport commander tells his employee to get some torches to light the way so that Bud is able to land the plane despite the bad weather.
5.12 sec.

A longer part of the flight with the injured man was cut out. Bud asks him how he's feeling and tells him not to die on him. The guy wants to know if Bud is able to see anything. Even though Bud doesn't he tells him that he's able to see so that the boy might calm down a little. Then he sees a light and wants to land the plane. At the last second he realizes that it's only a house and rips teh antenna off the roof's wall.
41.76 sec.

A part of the tracking shot of the worried airport employees who wait for Bud's arrival was cut out.
15.36 sec.

Hill and the old man are sitting inside the latter's shed and talk about the city. Hill drinks a beer.
NOTE: In the German version we see Hill sitting at the bar with the old man. The beer he's drinking is already his second one, therefore the German version misses out on the scene where he drinks the first one. In return, the Italian version misses out on the drinking of the second beer.
20.52 sec.

Hill makes some jokes about the armed guy who's approaching them. He e.g. says that the man would walk like Glen Ford.
16.8 sec.

The armed guy walks through the shot a little longer and approaches Hill and the old man.
3.12 sec.

The second bad guy sneaks under Hill's / Bud's plane.
3.76 sec.

The dog who snarls at the bad guy is shown longer.
0.72 sec.

Spencer's / Hill's shed (which was set on fire) is shown longer.
2.8 sec.

Bud walks through the city's streets with the pilot a little longer. He says that the pilot is the only person who could help him.
9.8 sec.

Hill and the old man open the shed's door a little longer - behind it we see Bud.
6.24 sec.

Buddy (who just entered the old man's shed) is shown longer after he sat down. He seems to be in a bad mood and asks for some water.
5.32 sec.

Mr. Ears looks at the stones (that were brought to him by one of his lackeys) a little longer. Subsequently, a diamond seeker limps out of the cabin and passes Mr. Ears' boys who are playing a card game.
7.24 sec.

Hill goes through the door a little longer while pointing his gun at the bad guys.
3 sec.

After putting the bad guys' guns into the locker Bud closes it a little longer.
1.32 sec.

Hill walks away from the window and towards the bad guys after telling Bud to wait a second.
5.32 sec.

Hill pushes the jukebox' buttons a little longer while making some more jokes.
2.4 sec.

Hill turns away from Mr. Ears after knocking him out.
1.8 sec.

Hill approaches the bad guy a little longer before the latter crashes through a board with his bare hand.
4.72 sec.

Hill and Spencer think about what to do with the knocked out bad guy a little longer.
5.72 sec.

Hill, Spencer, the hobbling diamond seeker, and a mule walk along a way after sending Mr. Ears and his bad guys downstream with a canoe. The diamond seeker tells them that they will have to pass several riffles. The two of them are worried, yet still they make some jokes about it.
17.52 sec.

Hill / Spencer machen continue to tell the old man that they want to fly to San Salvadore because of the nice weather.
5.8 sec.

The whole scene where Bud talks to the old man during the flight to San Salvador was cut out. The old man thanks him for everything. He tells Bud that he loves to fly but at the same time is worried if the dog will have to wear a muzzle in the city. Bud calms him down but doesn't manage to say what he wants to say. He's a little frustrated and returns to Hill (who flies the plane) with a cup of coffee. Terence asks him what the old man is doing and Bud replies that he rapturously looks at the clouds.
73 sec.

Hill tells the old man that they will land in a few minutes.
7.08 sec.

Bud is shown a little loner after seeing the old man's pendant which is decorated with jewels. The following shot of Hill was entirely cut out.
5.92 sec.

Hill says that the old man deserves to have the real jewel under his figure's foot. Buddy laughs and agrees.
5.96 sec.

The bureaucrat is vexed about the fact that Hill and Spencer do not answer him. He says taht they will have lots of time to think about everythink as soon as they rot in a prison cell - he tells his men to jail him.
11.84 sec.

Bud is shown longer after kicking their cell's door open.
2.04 sec.

Bud is shown a little longer when he bawls Hill out - he says that he won't move.
1.28 sec.

Again, Bud is shown longer. he explains that there's a law that gives them a right to the mines.
2.4 sec.

Bud sleeps a little longer before he gets up - he wakes up because Hill throws little rocks against his head through the prison window.
3.32 sec.

A part of the pursuit (the policemen follow Bud) was shortened.
13.32 sec.

Hill cuffs the corrupt bueraucrat more often. Finally, the latter gives up and falls on the chair.
3.44 sec.

Hill salutes Mr. Ears (who moments ago got knocked out) - flags fell on him. the first 2 shots of Bud walking through a desert (he's still chased by the police) were cut out, too.
12.48 sec.

An additional shot of Bud being chased by the police was cut out.
3.88 sec.

Hill flies the plane a little longer.
5.12 sec.

Hill (inside the plane) crosses over Bud's head more often.
20.64 sec.

Bud approaches the plane (which just moments ago crashed down) a little longer - Hill is still inside of it.
2.24 sec.

A policeman tells his superior that he won't move.
1.84 sec.

Hill and Spencer fight each other a little longer. After that you can (in both versions) clearly see that it's dusk - the two of them still fight.
26.04 sec.