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Mark of the Devil 2


  • US VHS
  • NL VHS
Release: Jun 06, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US VHS and the Dutch VHS tapes.

In the second part of 'Mark of the Devil' Countess Elisabeth von Salmenau is standing up against the authorities in order to demand justice for her murdered husband. However, she is suspected to be a witch and threatened by imminent death through torture...
A bit worse than the first part in terms of quality, as there is less focus on the importance of plot than on the torture scenes, but there still is Erika Blanc in the leading role and Reggie Nalder as the evil witch hunter.

The US version has been severely censored, mainly in the scenes of torture and rapes. As an interesting fact, there are two English versions of the movie. On the Dutch boot VHS there is another soundtrack than on the US tape. Even the music is different.


US: 87:10 mins. (NTSC)
Dutch: 85:54 mins. (PAL)

Directly after the opening credits you see an alternative take of the coach.



Dutch: 2 secs.
US: 2 secs.


The torturing of the cook takes a bit longer. She shall admit that she has been asked to create the love potion for the Countess.

5 secs.


In the Dutch version, Balthasar von Ross can be seen a bit longer.

In the US version there is a cut to the cook being tortured.

Dutch: 1 sec.
US: 2 sec.


Balthasar von Ross turns around, watches the torturing once more and orders that the torture shall be be continued.

10 secs.


You can see the bloody legs of the cook and afterwards there is a cut to the sleeping guard. Eventually you see the cook collapsing.

3 secs.


Some takes of the rape of the bride are missing. Between them, there are some cuts to the fat guard.

9 secs.


A cut to the rape is missing.

2 secs.


The torturer lets the dead gypsy slide to the floor a bit longer.

2 secs.


The beginning of the take when he lets her fall is missing, too.

1 sec.


A cut to the torturer raping Clementine is missing.

3 secs.


A major part of the rape of Clementine is missing. The torturer groans that he had never had a virgin before.

In the US version there is just one second visible when the torturer touches Clementine's head.

24 secs.


In the Dutch version you can see the torturer a bit longer.

3 secs.


Again the torturer can be seen a bit longer, ever more drool running out of his mouth.

In the US version, this is reduced to just some frames.

7 secs.


Again a major part of the rape is missing.

In the US version, there are just some frames shot from the side and the drooling torturer.

21 secs.


The torturer can be seen a bit longer.

In the US version, it's just a few frames again.

5 secs.


The clerk in court says that the trial will be continued and Clementine tell the truth.

4 secs.


A cut to the clerk in court is missing.

1 sec.


Some cuts to the laughing people in court are missing.

6 secs.


The burnt foot of the priest can be seen a bit longer, as well as a cut to his face in between.

In the US version again just some frames.

7 secs.


Again the burnt foot can be seen a bit longer.

2 secs.


And again a slightly longer view of the priest's burnt foot.

2 secs.


And again the foot a bit longer.

1 sec.


The Emperor proclaims that from this moment on witch hunts are forbidden in his realm.

16 secs.


After the decapitation, the fountain of blood is missing.

0,5 secs.


The last shot takes a bit longer in the US version.

8 secs.