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original title: Sid Meier's Pirates!


Censored NES Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored Amiga Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Dec 25, 2011 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Gladion
There is no need to introduce Sid Meier's Pirates!. The game is a classic that received two reboots after the original and its concept is still fresh. As a wannabe-freebeuter in the carribean of 1560-1680, it is not only neccessary to get a lot of loot, but also to play your cards wisely to get the biggest political income and to earn a good reputation and raise your wealth before retiring.

The original game was ported to many systems. The NES-port is the most stunning one. The graphics always remain serious, the original's wittiness was implemented very nicely and the texts aren't censored the slightest, which was incredible for Nintendo at the time. However, looking closely, though, you can find one hair in the soup.

The Amiga-Version, representing all the original versions, because it is the technologically most advanced one, has been compared to the NES-Version.


Taboo-topic smoking

The episodes "Merchants and Smugglers"and "The New Colonists", the soon-to-be pirate can deal with tobacco, which experienced its breakthrough as a luxury good in Europe at the time. After all the things that had been tolerated before, Nintendo's policy took place here, of all things and tobacco - and, as a consequence, smoking - were declared intolerable.

That way tobacco was turned into crops.


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