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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Mar 09, 2010 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Thanks to the new footage in the Director's Cut, the film is a bit more realistic and not so fairy tale-like because the ugly side of the American Dream is shown as well. August 30th 2005 the 15th Anniversairy Edition (Dolby Digital 5.1, Widescreen anamorphic - 1.85:1 Pan and scan (16:9) was released.

Running time German DVD (PAL) (R-Rated): 1:54:45 Min. Credits included
Running time Director's Cut (NTSC): 2:04:35 Min. Credits included
Cut scenes: 3
Alternate scenes: 7
Running time Cut scenes: 329 Sec.
11:48 Min.
Julia Roberts (Vivian) gets into Richard Gere's (Edward's) Lotus. Billy Gallo (Carlos) watches the scenario.
2 Sec.

Theatrical Cut
11:24 Min.
The scene with Edward and Vivian in the Lotus is shown in one shot without interruption.
7 Sec.

Director's Cut
11:53 Min.
The Director's Cut also shows Carlos yelling and running behind the car.
14 Sec.

Theatrical Cut
11:40 Min.
In the Theatrical Cut the conversation is different, more harmless. Vivian: "This is a hot car!" Edward: "Itīs a little, little temperamental" Vivian: "Yours?" Edward: "No, it isn't" Vivian: "Stolen?" Edward: "N-Not exactly"
8 Sec.

Director's Cut
12:14 Min.
The conversation in the Director's Cut: Edward "I guess this is not the greatest time to be a hooker, is it?" Vivian "Look, I use condoms always. I get checked out once a month at the free clinic. Not only am l better in the sack than an amateur, I am probably safer." Edward "I like that. That's very good. Should have that printed on your business card" Vivian "If you're makin' fun of me, I don't like it." Edward: "No, I'm not making fun of you" Edward: "No, I'm not makin'""I'm not. I wouldn't offend you. I'm sorry."
22 Sec.

Theatrical Cut
23:30 Min.
Vivian's still impressed, we see her changing her dress a bit longer.
2 Sec.

Director's Cut
24:50 Min.
Vivian asks Edward: "Are you sure you want me to stay for the entire night? I mean, I could just pop you good and be on my way" Edward responds: "To tell you the truth, I don't feel like being alone tonight." Vivian wants to know: "Why? Is it your birthday or something?" Edward replies with a simple "No." Vivian goes on: "I mean, I have been the party at a couple of birthdays." Edward: "I bet you have."Vivain asks: "So what do you want me to do?" Edward: "I dont' know. I really dont't know."
31 Sec.

Theatrical Cut
52:30 Min.
After Ralph Bellamy (James Morse) and his grandson Alex Hyde-White (David Morse) have left the table, Edward looks around thoughtfully.
2 Sec.

Director's Cut
55:29 Min.
After Ralph Bellamy (James Morse) and his grandson Alex Hyde-White (David Morse) have left the table, Vivian and Edward have another conversation. Edward: "Rich people throw their napkins a lot, don't they?"Vivian: "He seems like a nice man." Edward: "I guess $3.000 does not buy loyalty, does it?" Vivian: "I just mean it's sweet the way he's crazy about his grandson" Edward: "Oh, his grandson thinks he's a relic. He hates that he does, but he does" The waiter goes on serving and Edward reduces the order for two people only. Then Vivian opens a pack of ketchup to squeeze it on the steak and the potatoes. Edward looks amused but the waiter seems to be upset. Edward gives him a hint and wants the check. Vivian asks Edward: "Haven't they ever seen ketchup before?" Edward explains:"Not in this building"
50 Sec.

Theatrical Cut
1:09:01 Min.
Jason Alexander (Philip Stuckey) watches Vivian chatting with David Morse. He turns around and goes to Edward.
2 Sec.

Director's Cut
1:13:28 Min.
Jason Alexander (Philip Stuckey) watches Vivian chatting with David Morse. His wife Amy Yasbeck (Elizabeth Stuckey) arrives and asks him: "What are you looking at?" Philip says:"Edward's date"
He looks to Vivian and David again. His wife adds: "I'm going for a ride with the Ritters's in their new car."
18 Sec.

Theatrical Cut
1:25:04 Min.
Edward spends his day off with Vivian in the park.
Goof: First Vivian puts out Edward's shoes and socks, in the following scene he wears his socks again.
10 Sec.

Director's Cut
1:30:26 Min.
We see a montage of Vivian and Edward in the park. After that we see them riding.
22 Sec.

Theatrical Cut
1:25:24 Min.
This shot only appears for a short period.
0 Sek.

Director's Cut
1:30:53 Min.
Vivian and Edward in his limo. He says:"Did you know that two of the Bach pieces that we heard tonight were found by Felix Mendelssohn in a butcher's shop? They were wrapping meat with the sheet music. What's with you? You're fidgeting. What's wrong?" Vivian changes the topic and says: "Um, there's a club up here that l'd like to stop into for a second to see my roommate, if that's okay?" Edward agrees: "Absolutely." Vivian conducts the limo to the backyard of the "Blue Banana Club". Vivian goes into the club to look for her roommate, she asks some friends and the bar keeper. Outside Edward meets Carlos and his gang. Vivian comes out of the club und faces the gang. Carlos still wants money from her. Edward tries to negotiate but it doesn't work because he's not common with that street slang. He needs Vivian to translate it for him. They can only escape because Edward's driver shows his gun.
174 Sec.

1:43:23 Min.
Edward goes straight to the building und watches a father playing with his son.
27 Sec.