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  • Director's Cut (European version)
  • PG-13
Release: Nov 03, 2008 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: jack ass - external link: IMDB
The European theatrical version of the movie was censored in the UK due to the BBFC'S strict policy regarding scenes that could have a bad influence on youths. Especially scenes that provide ideas how to use knives or fire or one's fists or head for physical violence are concerned.

There is alternate material provided instead, but the scene is much less smooth than the original and less violent overall.

The report was written with the help of Scat
Alternate material:
It was censored how Xander gives an accosting agent a headbutt. There's an alternate version of the same scene.

The two versions feature this sequence of action:

European Director`s Cut DVD:
  • Xander prepares for the headbutt (identical in both versions).
  • Cut to a very distant wide shot of the scenery. From a distance, one sees how Xander knocks the guy out (one shot).
  • Gibbons forces Xander to his knees with a kick (identical in both versions)

1,04 sec.

PG-13 and US DC:
  • Xander prepares for the headbutt
  • Closeup of Xander knocking the guy out + loud sound.
  • Shot of the guy falling backwards to the ground.
  • Shot of the guy with the broken nose hitting the ground
  • Gibbons forces Xander to his knees with a kick.

Summary:The uncensored version features three shots of the headbutt scene, the cut version only one. The uncut version runs 0,52 seconds longer.
1,56 sec.