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Dragon Wars


German Amiga Version
Region: Germany

American DOS Version
Region: USA

Release: Feb 23, 2016 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: -Der-Tribun
Dragon Wars is a really average 1989 RPG developed by Interplay.

The land of Dilum is supposed to be full of riches and opportunities. Sadly however, there also is the dictator Namtar, who has made magic illegal to secure his power. The other countries by now threaten with invasion to end this breach of civilization. At that time, a group gets arrested after landing with their ship, falsely accused of using magic. A mock-trial later, they are thrown naked into the horrible city of Purgatory. However, the group decides to strike back, topple Namtar, prevent the war and bring justice back to the land.

The game itself is unchanged in all ports content-wise. However, the cover got changed. Here the American DOS-Version stands for the uncensored cover, while the German Amiga version represents the changed cover.

The Cover

These two versions are use to show the difference between original and altered cover. Picture is zoomed in to show the differences.

As seen, the female warrior's breasts are sparsely covered and her loincloth is to short to cover up all of her butt, allowing good insight. Interestingly, the male warrior's loincloth is following the same rules.

Someone obviously got a problem with this and after some released versions of the game with the original cover, damanded changes. The female warrior's breasts are now fully covered and her loincloth got extended to gover her entire butt. The entension looks like peafowl feathers. The male warrior's loith got extended as well, covering all of his region as well now.
American DOS VersionGerman Amiga Version

The changes were made professionally and are not apperant to an unschooled eye.

Interestingly, the title screen of the Sharp X68000 version is based on the unchanged cover.