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  • Festival Version
Release: Dec 23, 2009 - Author: VideoRaider - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
I. Introduction

It was as early as 2007 that Oren Peli, director of "Paranormal Activity" manufactured his first version of the movie. This was screened on several American film festivals and distributed on the festivals and sent to film studios as a DVD-Screener by Peli himself. Initially, a complete remake was planned, but after a test-screening of the DVD-sampler, the audience's reactions were so positive it was decided to release Peli's original film. But it was recut for a national theatrical release. Among other things, a completely new ending was implemented. Most cuts are small, dispensable detail-shots that only have an effect as an accumulation. Short as well as alternate scenes also were removed, though. The following cut report is supposed to give a good insight into that.

II.Cut Report

The festival version from 2007 has been compared to the theatrical version from 2009, released on DVD and Blu-ray by Paramount Pictures.

Theatrical version

Length: 87 minutes
Rated: R

Festival version

Length: 97 minutes
Rated: -

All in all, the original festival version is about 10 minutes and 29 seconds longer.
The original introduction text was different.

Theatrical Version:

„Paramount Pictures would like to thank the families of Mica Sloat & Katie Featherstone and the San Diego Police Department.“

Festival Version:

„The producers would like to thank the families of Micah S. and Katie F. and the Rancho Penasquitos Police Department for providing this footage.“

no time difference

The text was faded in later in the theatrical version.

4 Sec.

A short tracking shot to the mirror was removed.

1.5 Sec.

Micah testing his camera in front of the mirror is shown slightly longer.

2 Sec.

Micah goes to the ringing cellphone.

8 Sec.

Micah and Katie talk toward the camera a little.

17 Sec.

Katie teases Micah a little.

3 Sec.

Micah zooms away from Katie.

2 Sec.

Micah returns from the refridgerator.

0.5 Sec.

Micah turns the camera from Katie.

1.5 Sec.

Alternate footage: As Micah builds up the tripod, the take is a whole lot more wobbly, but the sound track is identical.

no time difference

Katies laughter lasts a little longer.

1 Sec.

Micah returns to the bed room.

2.5 Sec.

Katie is telephoning with a friend while Micah films and teases her.

16 Sec.

Katie films Micah at the edge of the swimming pool, while he jokes about George Bush and the NRA.

20 Sec.

Katie moves on to Micah who is sitting in front of the computer.

2 Sec.

Katie keeps on filming Micah.

6 Sec.

The house's inspection with the psychic takes a little longer.

5.5 Sec.


The psychic tries to explain the difference between angels and demons to Katie and Micah and explicitly point out they should by no means try to contact the demon.
They also couldn't just leave the house and move somewhere else, because it was not the house that is cursed, but Katie.

37 Sec.

Once more, the psychic emphasizes that people have already been killed by demons and that you shouldn't dare them in any case.

18 Sec.

Katie saying goodbye to the psychic is shown a bit longer, she also promises to contact the demonologist.

9 Sec.

Micah approaches the bed a little longer, turns on the light before that.

5 Sec.

Katie fixes her hair in bed.

5 Sec.

Micah and Katie look longer at the night before's recordings.

11 Sec.

A short scene of Micah and Katie was removed. Micah practices playing the guitar, Katie her spanish. Content-wise, the scene added nothing, but showed their normal life for a short time.

14 Sec.

Micah brings out the spider he has caught before.

3 Sec.

Micah films the door that was moved by the demon the night before a little longer.

5 Sec.

Alternate footage of the demon-book. Content-wise almost identical, with the same sound track.

no time difference

After Micah and Katie have heard a loud bang during the night, Micah decides to pursue it. This is slightly longer.

2 Sec.

Micah going toward the living room is shown a little bit longer.

3 Sec.

Micah and Katie hug each other much longer in their bed.

19 Sec.

Micah talks longer to Katie and asks about her state of mind.

9 Sec.

The scenes with Katie and her friend are slightly longer. Micah tries to convince the two to watch one of his recordings.

8 Sec.

Katies friend continues to talk insistently to Micah, he should in no case communicate with the demon.

3 Sec.

As Katie and her friend continue to talk insistently to Micah, he turns to the camera.

5 Sec.

Shortly before the well-deserved night's rest, Micah does a few exercises for fun.

29 Sec.

Katie and Micah lay longer in bed after the last demon-attack.

21 Sec.

Katie is being filmed by Micah a bit longer.

2.5 Sec.

Katie and Micah talk about yesterday's demon-attack. For fun, Micah asks what else the demon has got.

13 Sec.

Originally, Micah played an audio tape from the night before as both left the room to Katie - she sleepwalks and Micah is searching for her.

22 Sec.

Micah tries to convince Katie a little longer to decrypt the message on the Ouija-board.

3 Sec.

Micah talks longer about the mysterious message he tries to decrypt.

3 Sec.

Katie again clearly emphasizes that she wants the Ouija-board out of the house - Micah only backs down reluctantly and exasperatedly.

15 Sec.

Micah briefly asks what Katie and her friend are talking about.

5 Sec.

After Micah has found the old photograph of Katie in the attic, she calls her father and asks whether there had been any possibility for the old photo from their old, burn-down house could have been saved. Her father neglects that - there was no possible way anything could have been saved. Therefore, the photograph shouldn't exist at all.

31 Sec.

One scene of Micah and Katie having something to eat was cut out. This scene clarifies the physical impact of the haunting. Incidentally Katie mentions she cannot successfully complete this year's term.

57 Sec.

Micah searches the upper floor for the demon and downright dares it.

30 Sec.

A tracking shot was cut out.

2 Sek.

Alternate scene: Katie requests Micah to do something and to bring and expert. In the theatrical version, though, both agree to do something together. The original scene is three seconds shorter.

no time difference

The video of possessed Diane was intentionally much longer and more intense. For the theatrical version, it was strongly cut and darkened - single reactions of Micah and Katie were used as some sort of voice-over commentary. Originally, you saw Diane, tied to the bed, downright raging and fall into insanity. At this, she even bit off the flesh from her upper arm bit by bit, so it eventually broke off.

66 Sec.

The scene of Katie's mental breakdown is slightly longer.

8 Sec.

The film's ending is completely different. After Katie has watched Micah up front at the bed, she slowly walks down the steps toward the kitchen. After a few seconds, a lout screaming sounds which wakes up Micah. He runs down into the kitchen and screams as well - until suddenly utter silence reigns. After few seconds, you hear something stomp up the stairs. It is Katie, blood splattered, with a kitchen knife in her hand. She was now possessed by the demon and has murdered Micah. Slowly she sits down next to the bed and stays stiff for at least two days, only nodding her head back and forth. There is a voiceover of the answerphone, as well as Katie's friend who wanted to visit the couple and at that, discovers Micah's body. Screamingly, she runs away. She will alarm the police, who then searches the house. As they arrived in the bedroom, they meet Katie. The demon has left her body and does not possess her any more. Wonderingly, she looks around and walks toward the policemen with the knife who feel endangered and, in a moment of shock - as suddelny a door bangs (probably the demon) - shoot Katie. Then, they search the rest of the upper floor. The movie fades out.

399 Sec.

The final text box is different.

5 Sec.

The movie title is being faded-in.

5 Sec.