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original title: Moh sun gip


  • International Version (Japanese DVD)
  • Original Version (Hongkong LD)
Release: Jan 30, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the censored international version, taken from the Japanese DVD by Takeshobo and the uncut original version, taken from the HK laserdisc by Mei Ah.

- 41 differences, 30 of which feature alternative footage
- Difference in running time: 49,4 sec [in PAL speed]

Small jumpcuts and mastering mistakes shorter than 0,5 sec will not be mentioned here.

This movie's title certainly makes potential viewers curious, and it actually lives up to the expectations. It is a completely out-and-out genre mix from Hongkong, which could only be made in the bloom of the Cat. III era, starring among others the young Donnie Yen. There are also many ingredients for a good party movie in the film: Extensive violence consisting of martial arts, sword fights and heroic bloodshed gunplay, weird fantasy elements with vampires and exotic rituals and also a lot of sleazy nude scenes, especially in the first half and the finale.

Only the latter was obviously estimated to be problematic for the international market, which is why the production studio had two official versions made: one with a lot of naked girls the killer meets during the movie and another one, in which they usually keep their clothes on. A few more shots, for which there probably was no alternative take available, were just removed. This is the reason for the rather short running time differen, but the real differences are of course a lot bigger because of the masses of alternative footage.

Unfortunately, the movie is quite hard to come by. Regarding DVD releases, the Japanese disc should be the most well-know, but only contains the cut version and no English subtitles. The original version used to be available on VHS in the UK (original soundtrack with subtitles), although an early issue of it was cut as well. In Hongkong, the VCD and LD are uncut, the latter was used for this comparison.

Running time designations are formatted like this
Japanese DVD in PAL / HK Laserdisc in NTSC
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Logos / Credits

During the credits. the HK laserdisc shows additional shots in the background, partially naked women, which probably was the reason for the alteration.

Japanese DVDHK Laserdisc

Alternative Footage
01:38-02:02 / 01:42-02:06

The first real movie scene was already completely redone with alternative takes: Shamen can only be seen naked in the HK version, in the international version she is wearing clothes.

Japanese DVD 1,1 sec longer

Japanese DVDHK Laserdisc

02:02 / 02:06-02:08

A view from the side with a jump in the pool, can only be seen in the HK Version.

1,6 sec

Alternative Footage
02:02-02:17 / 02:08-02:23

Then again alternative takes in the pool.

Japanese DVD 0,6 sec longer

Japanese DVDHK Laserdisc

04:18 / 04:29-04:33

Another tracking shot over the naked dead girl.

3,7 sec

04:54 / 05:10-05:13

The girl's top is torn away, then the bad guy grabs her head.

2,6 sec

Alternative Footage
04:54-04:55 / 05:13-05:14

When Shiang intervenes, another shot with the naked girl was replaced.

No difference in running time

Japanese DVDHK Laserdisc

05:01 / 05:20-05:21

An additional sideview of the naked girl.

0,6 sec

Alternative Footage
05:01-05:08 / 05:21-05:28

Several similarily structured shots in two versions (with/without clothes).

Japanese DVD 0,7 sec longer

Japanese DVDHK Laserdisc

Alternative Footage
05:19-05:53 / 05:39-06:14

Alternative take of the long longshot, in which Shiang goes to the girl.

No difference in running time

Japanese DVDHK Laserdisc

Alternative Footage
07:32-08:06 / 07:58-08:36

Naked (or not) in the water.

HK Laserdisc 2,6 sec longer

Japanese DVDHK Laserdisc

11:15 / 11:52-11:53

When the blanket is pulled away, there is a shot from above, showing a naked butt.

1,1 sec

11:17 / 11:55-12:01

The tracking shot gets interrupted several times in the HK version; harmless additional shots of skin can be seen.

5,4 sec

Alternative Footage
11:31-11:40 / 12:15-12:27

The Japanese version shows a close-up a bit longer, then it tracks upwards along Shamen (moaning).
The HK version shows Shamen directly in a different shot: it tracks downwards along her, focusing the breasts.

HK Laserdisc 2,8 sec longer

Japanese DVDHK Laserdisc

Alternative Footage
11:43-11:50 / 12:30-12:37

When Chen opens the door and leaves, Shamen can be seen differently in the background.

Japanese DVD 0,2 sec longer

Japanese DVDHK Laserdisc

11:58 / 12:45-12:54

An additional shot of Chen coming back and calming Shamen down can only be seen in Hongkong.

7 sec

Alternative Footage
19:46-20:04 / 21:00-21:28

When the killer tears the woman's top apart, the HK version stays in the same shot so the naked breasts can be seen. The Japanese DVD cuts to a different shot, which does not show the breasts. The folllowing oral sex (which is only hinted at) can also be seen from different perspectives.

HK Laserdisc 8,9 sec longer

Japanese DVDHK Laserdisc

Alternative Footage
20:14-20:39 / 21:38-21:55

The killer pulls her up again and kneads her breasts, which can only really be made out in Hongkong.

Japanese DVD 8,6 sec longer

Japanese DVDHK Laserdisc

Alternative Footage
20:51-20:54 / 22:08-22:11

The HK version shows the breasts jiggle in a close-up when blood runs down her body, then there is a shot of her legs.
The international version shows a different and longer shot of the legs instead.

No difference in running time

Japanese DVDHK Laserdisc

Alternative Footage
20:56-20:59 / 22:13-22:16

The HK version cuts to the killer with his bloody mouth and glowing eyes, whereas the international version shows the previous shot of the hair in his hand longer.

No difference in running time

Japanese DVDHK Laserdisc

Note: when the killer guts the night guard in the hospital around the 34th minute, it was left in the movie and can even be discerned better because the picture is less dark. The naked butt, which can be made out as a result, was obviously not seen as a big problem like the naked breasts, which would be different for example in the US

51:07-51:08 / 53:40

There are several completely irrelevant and short mastering mistakes in both versions, this one is slightly longer than 0.5 sec and therefore mentioned here.
Prince Wolf can be seen a bit longer before a jump in the fight against Princess White.

+ 0,9 sec
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