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original title: Bestia Uccide A Sangue Freddo, La


  • US-Blu-Ray
  • Uncut DVD
Release: Aug 01, 2015 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the US Blu-Ray released by Raro Video and the uncut German DVD released by X-Rated.

Out in the countryside, professor Osterman and his colleague doctor Francis Clay have a mental asylum. Among the patients there is a nympho called Anne who is constantly looking for sex. Then there is Cheryl who falls in love with doctor Clay, Ruth who was just hospitalized by her husband, and Mara who is in a lesbian relationship with a nurse. The idyllic life in the clinic heads to an end when a masked murder starts killing the patients one by one...

Fernando Di Leo whose output ranks from absolutely great ("Caliber 9"), average ("Naked Violence") and pretty bad ("Rulers of the City") contributed a pretty interesting entry to the giallo-genre with "Cold Blooded Beast". The content is pretty simple and the movie is staged rather slowly. There is a murder here and there, some sex scenes in between and then a few rather uninteresting events that develop the plot further. Yet, the movie has that unique flow which you usually only know from Jess Franco in his creative period. Additionally, there is a lot of naked skin. Some of the scenes are pretty revealing and gives some insights into the female anatomy.

Both versions were cut pretty differently. The X-Rated-DVD misses out on a scene of Anne walking around naked in the greenhouse; additionally, the US-Blu-Ray shows two alternative scenes with Anne naked in her bed, whereas in the X-Rated-Version she is covered by her blanket. In return, the US-Blu-Ray misses out on a couple of scenes, most noticeably the sex scene between Anne and the gardener.

In the US Blu-Ray's bonus material you can actually see the sex scene, as well as the kiss scene with Mara and her private parts. Thus, it is a little sad that they did not include the scenes into the movie, after all, they were available.

In the German DVD's bonus material you instead can find two extended plot scenes with Anne and her husband.

X-Rated bonus scene 1 (14 sec.)

X-Rated bonus scene 2 (9 sec.)


UK BD: 96:29 Min.
US BD: 94:07 Min.


On the German DVD you can see Anne from the side. Finally, she approaches the gardener. In between, there are cuts to the gardener.

The US Version shows a longer shot of Anne walking to the gardener.

German DVD: 12 sec.
US Blu-Ray: 8 sec.


The German DVD shows the actual sex scene between Anne and the gardener.

German DVD: 1:24 min.


The German DVD shows Anne a little longer.

The US Blu-Ray instead shows a shot of her moving back and forth in her bed.

German DVD: 2 sec.
US Blu-Ray: 9 sec.


The German DVD again shows Anne a little longer. Subsequently she is lying in bed, covered by her blanket.

The US Blu-Ray also shows Anne, yet here she is completely naked.

German DVD: 27 sec.
US Blu-Ray: 22 sec.


Mara and the nurse kiss a little longer.

German DVD: 5 sec.



German DVD: 34 sec.


Mara's pubic area are shown longer.

German DVD. 4 sec.