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  • R-Rated
  • German DVD
Release: Dec 14, 2009 - Author: Jason - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
From time to time it actually goes the other way round: While the, in Great Britain and Germany produced, pretty thrilling and atmospherically directed Subway-horror with main actress Franka Potente was released uncensored all over Europe, of all things the US-Version had several seconds of gore removed for the R-Rating to guarantee this in particular.
As usual in the States, the interferences come off marginally, restrict themselves on a few short takes which you can see in the censored version at least from different angles, so they hardly attrackt attention. But still not uninteresting that of all things a European production gets censored this way while other, much gorier US-horror movies get the commercially important R-Rating without being cut.

Runtime designations of the explained scenes relate to the cut version.
The rest of the runtime difference results from the PAL-NTSC runtime speed difference as well as the rounding of single explained scenes to whole resp. half seconds.

The edited US R-Rated version, represented by the respective US DVD by Lions Gate, has been compared to the uncut European Version, e.g. found on the FSK 16 DVD by Warner/X-Verleih

Runtime of the US R-Rated version:1:25:02 (1:21:01 w/o credits)
Runtime of the European version:1:22:01 (1:18:10 w/o credits)

6 cut scenes = 8 Sec.
The FSK 16 DVD starts with the Logos of Time Warner respectively X-Verleih (not counted in the number/length of cuts).
13 Sec.

The last frames of the sidewise shot of the throat cut are missing, moreover the security guard's throat gets cut in an additonal frontal extreme close-up. The cutting wound gapes a bit.
2 Sec.

The take begins a little earlier: The killer's hand is lying on the backwards hanging head of the dead security guard before he pushes it forwards (which can be seen in the US-Version).
0,5 Sec.

The killer rams George's head into the pointed piece of iron in an additional backshot.
Few frames

Craig's larynx gets gorily ripped out by the crowbar that is hanging on a chain in an additional close-up, he staggers back a little.
1 Sec.

Terminally injured Craig is shown in an additional third shot, showing the gaping, bleeding neck wound before he puts his hands on it again.
2,5 Sec.

Craig staggers a little longer in this shot while more blood is squirting fountain-like out of his neck.
1,5 Sec.