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original title: Gatto a nove code, Il


  • US VHS
  • Original Version
Release: Nov 08, 2012 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shortened US VHS by Simitar Entertainment (not rated) and the uncut Original Version represented by the German DVD by Starlight Film (FSK 16).

In the US, one of Argento's first movies and the second one of his so-called "animal trilogy" was released with heavy cuts on VHS. Besides violence, many plot elements are missing as well. Probably to be able to use a shorter tape (shorter = cheaper).
Whether this VHS Version equals the US Theatrical Version couldn't be clarified.

53 cuts
Total difference: 1438.96 seconds or 23 minutes 59 seconds

Little framecuts haven't been considered in this comparison. Altogether, the framcuts add up to 1 second. The time index refers to the German DVD / Original Version.
Time index: German DVD (PAL) = Original Version


Franco gives Lori a kiss and tells her to go to bed. She goes to her room. Franco wishes her a good night and goes to his desk to continue his crossword puzzle. While is Franco is doing so, he hears some exterior noises. A short scene with a man lying on the ground follows. Another person is leaning over with a club in his hand. Franco notices footsteps. He gets up and goes to Lori's room. Franco says her name but she wouldn't wake up. Then he leaves her room. He remembers the voice he had heard when Lori and he were out for a stroll. So he approaches the window and opens it. Now a shot of Franco at the window from another person's perspective. This person holds a club in his hand and knees over another person, the one he had knocked down. Subsequently, the person with the club looks up to Franco's window again whereupon Franco shuts the window. The beginning of the following scene - the stranger drags the person on the ground away - is missing as well.

149.84 sec

The man gets lifted up and tossed in a room.

3.12 sec


The US VHS lacks the conversation of Carlo Giordani and the cop Spini.

9.72 sec


Dr. Calabresi, one of the scientists, locks the drawer. He looks distrustfully. Then he goes to his desk. He takes a puff of his cigarette and reaches for the phone. He's calling the head of the institute who's in a conference with other docs and cops. One of the assistants answers the phone and tells Calabresi to wait a second.
Carlo is walking around at the institute. He notices a desk with all kind of instruments, injections etc. He stops in front of Dr. Calabresi's room.
Calabresi continues his phone conversation. After a few sentences, he says he was going to be at the rendezvous at 5. He hangs up and so does the person on the other end of the line.

90.6 sec


After Calabresi got pushed in front of the train, the shot of his head hitting the train has been removed.

1.04 sec


Calabresi gets dragged away by the train.

0.72 sec


The end of the scene with the journalists taking pictures of the starlet is missing. Actually, one of the photographers mentions someone got run over by a train.
The following scene shows Franco and Lori. Franco is sitting at the drawing table when Lori enters. They kiss and Lori wants to know if she should read the newspaper article out loud but Franco doesn't want her to. She puts the newspaper away and asks whether the picture puzzle was difficult.

31.64 sec


The ending of the tracking shot of the photo is missing. The photographer says it looked like the man had been pushed.

3.36 sec


The photographer lights a cigarette, looks at his watch and leaves. Now we see a door that opens slowly. The photographer starts working. When he puts the second photo paper in the right position, the US Tape is back in the game.

23.16 sec


The photographer gets strangled by a stranger. His struggle is being illustrated with several shots, brief shots show the attacker's eye included. When the photographer stopped struggling, the unsub cuts both his cheeks with a scalpel.

37.96 sec


Carlo leaves the house he's found the photographer in. He walks across the square. Meanwhile two brief shots of the body.

7.84 sec


On VHS, the scene ends with Carlo helping Franco out of the car. Change of scenery. Carlo is talking to a cop who tries to make conversation by talking about the preparation of ravioli. Another cops arrives with the autopsy report. When Carlo intends to leave, the cop almost begs him to not link the murder to Calabresi's death because he wants to avoid that the unsub is warned. Then they talk about Calabresi.
The beginning of the following scene is also missing. Carlo watches Dr. Mombelli and Dr. Casoni leave the building.

112.28 sec


When Carlo leaves after talking to Franco and Lori, the VHS ends earlier the change of scenery. Then a shot of Carlo at the barbershop. While the barber is sharpening the knife, Carlo reads an article about the murder weapon in the newspaper. It's supposed to be a razor blade. Carlo looks out of the window and watches the cop. Then they walk. There's still a customer in the shop. During the conversation, the guy spins the razor blade in front of Carlo's face. Carlo gets kind of scared. The barber is upset that, according to the newspaper, the unsub could be a barber. As soon as the barber's finished, Carlo gets up and leaves instantly.
The cop is coming up with further recipies. When they leave, one can see Carlos running to Professor Terzi's house. He rings the door bell, a servant opens. When he asks who Carlo was, the VHS continues as well.

146.84 sec


The VHS lacks the last couple of frames of Carlo and Anna leaving the room. Outside, Carlo opens the car door for her. Anna gets in the car and demands the key. Carlo gets shotgun, then Anna drives off. They're being tailed by a black car. The first few frames of the following are missing, too.

24.96 sec


The last frames of Bianca on the phone are missing. Then Carlo and Anna driving across town. Anna is driving pretty fast, Carlo looks nervous. The cops try not to loose them. Anna points out their tail. The ride continues. Anna wants to know from Carlo whether he's scared but he says no. At a crosswalk, an elderly couple crosses the street. Anna drives right past them. They step foot on the road when the cops are driving by. The couple is so startled that they turn around. The ride across town goes on. Suddenly, Anna goes for an underground parking garage and cuts across it. A man with a waterhouse is upset about the speeding. The chasing cops who are after them get splashe with some water. When the cops leave the parking garage, they've lost Carlo and Anna. The beginning of the following scene is also missing.

133.76 sec


The VHS ends during the tracking shot of the inside of the bar. Carlo enters the bar and walks across it. A guy next to him powders his face. Carlo keeps walking and discovers Dr. Braun in a corner, surrounded by several men. When Carlo walks up to them, the VHS continues.

49.36 sec


After Braun got up, Carlo keeps sitting at the table. The beginning of the following shot of the house is missing, too.

6.8 sec


Additional shot of Bianca's look from the cab.

5.44 sec


The unsub tosses his cigarette in a wet spot.

1.76 sec


Right after the unsub starts to strangele Bianca, the VHS ends. Bianca tries to get loose. She fights and screams. Brief cuts show a close-up of the unsub's eye. The VHS continues when Bianca runs to the next room.

13.6 sec


When Bianca is on the ground, the unsub strangles her from behing. She gasps out and her face gets smashed on the ground several times. Then she doesn't move anymore.

24.2 sec


The tracking shot of Dr. Calabresi's picture has been removed.

3.48 sec


While Carlo is being shown, Franco says anyone had a skeleton in his closet. Carlo talks about Dr. Braun and asks where all the money for his extraordinary lifestyle had come from. Change of scene. Now we're with Professor Terzi. He opens the door and Dr. Braun is standing outside. He enters and they talk. Braun says he wanted to terminate his contract because he had an offer from a German company and he wanted to go home. Terzi wants to figure out whether the offer was the only reason for his resignation. Braun confirms it and says he had to leave immediately. Terzi answers he regretted it and Braun leaves. (Possibly by accident, the Original Version contains a short shot of Franco here.)
The beginning of the subsequent scene is missing, too.

132.92 sec


The beginning of Anna turning her head to Carlo is missing.

1.36 sec


Anna starts to get undressed. Then she drops her necklace.

15.28 sec


The VHS lacks the swear word contest. Carlo's friend Gigi wins it with 137 swear words without any interruption. Carlo says hi, then they talk for a second. After Carlo says was going to need a favor from Gigi, the VHS continues.

52.2 sec


Carlo's burglar friend puts his lock pick together to open the safe.

14.84 sec


Slightly extendes shot of Carlo with the document in his hand.

0.4 sec


Extended shot of Anna's picture. Then a black screen, followed by a transition to the next scene.

1 sec


The VHS ends when Carlo gets up to leave. Inpector Spini yells after Carlo that all cops were SOBs coercing confessions etc. in a very sarcastic way.

2.88 sec


The last 20 frames of the scene with Carlo and Spini are missing on VHS. Then Carlo at the editorial office. He's writing an article. The camera pans across the printery. One of the workers prints a copy for Carlo. The copies are coming out of the printing press. Change of scenery. Carlo opens the door. A guy is at it and asks if he was Giordani. Carlo says yes, the guy asks if he could come in.

43.16 sec


Extended shot of Carlo before he enters the house. He goes to a room and is attacked from behind. When Carlo is on the ground, the attacker tries to hit Carlo with a bar but he misses. Then Carlo kicks his attacker which is why he loses the bar. They struggle and Carlo can knock him to the ground. He grabs the guy, turns on the light and voila: it's Manuel, a friend of Dr. Braun's. Carlo asks for Braun. Manuel says he was lying on the sofa over there. The VHS continues when he goes to Braun.

67.2 sec


Extended shot of Dr. Braun's bosy. Carlo wants to know when it happened. Manuel explains he hadn't been there long and claims he'd only left for 15 or 20 minutes because Braun was going to meet someone. Manuel keeps talking, then Braun again. Then a new scene begins and the VHS is back on the field.

48.56 sec


Extende shot of Carlo at the coffin. He's trying to open it. He wants to know from Franco, who's keeping a lookout, if anything was quite out there. Franco confirms it. Furthermore, Carlo explains one should be capable of taking some crap in order to do something like that in the first place. Franco replies that was the reason why Carlo had to do it. The beginning of the next shot - Carlo unscrews the last bolts - is also missing.

26.68 sec


Extended shot of Bianca's body.

1 sec


A further shot of Bianca has been removed.

1.2 sec


The VHS lacks Carlo putting back Bianca's necklace in the coffin. The VHS continues with him closing the coffin.

5.84 sec


Extendes shot of Carlo being locked in the crypt before Franco opens the door.

10.04 sec


The VHS ends in the middle of Franco's sentence when he says he had wounded the unsub with a blade. He also says they had to find Laurie. Change of scenery. Franco is pissed and tells the woman they had to take care of Laurie. The woman explains the cab driver had given her a letter. Then the VHS continues.

13.32 sec


The unsub slaps Laurie. She looks at him with fear.

12.76 sec


The last frames of Insoector Spini leaving the room are missing and so is the beginning of the subsequent scene.

3.4 sec


Carlo looks at Anna's hand. She wrapped a hankie around her bleeding hand. Blood drops on the blanket.

2.84 sec


The beginning of the tracking shot is missing. Two rats are running around. Then Laurie's legs.

7.6 sec


And again the rats, followed by Laurie. A door opens and light shines on the girl. A person's shadow is moving down the stairs. The person holds a knife in his hand.

12.52 sec


A blood drop drips of the glass dome.

1.28 sec


After Carlo got smacke down on the rooftop, the VHS lacks some things: he turns around and gets on his feet. One can see the bloody wound in his face. As soon as he's standing upright, Carlo gets kicked and goes down again. He tries to get up again.

17.28 sec


Carlo slowly gets up after Casono, the unsub, kicked him of the rooftop. Carlo looks down on the street. Then one can see him one more time.

13.2 sec


Casoni alks across the rooftop, stumbles and falls. He looks at his bloody shirt. Then he gets up and keeps walking.

14 sec


Carlo tosses Casoni against the wall. Then he kicks his head. He grabs Carlo by his hair, pushes his head down and smashes his knee in his face. Then he smashes his face against the wall again.

6.84 sec


Now, the VHS ends after they both fell. The shot of them lying on the ground is longer. Casoni pulls hisself together. Blood runs out of his mouth. He moans. After someone yelled Carlo's name, the VHS continues.

13.96 sec


The shot of Carlo lying bleeding on the ground has been removed.

2.32 sec


Extended shot of Franco holding Casoni. Then the shot of Casoni with the knife at his belly.

1.72 sec


After Casoni fell through the glass dome, the VHS continues with the elevator shaft and his screams.
In the Original Version, Casoni falls down the elevator shaft. He screams. He can get hold on to the wires. Due to the friction, his hands start smoking. He keeps falling until he hits the elevator.

9.88 sec