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8.03 8.03 The One Where Rachel Tells Ross


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: May 16, 2011 - Author: Scat - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
The Original Version of the episode "The One Where Rachel Tells Ross" contains another scene with Chandler and Monica at the airport on the way to their honeymoon. This scene has been modified due to 9/11.

First the scene as it is in the TV and DVD Versions and afterwards the scene in its Original Version.

TV Version:

Monica and Chandler are at the airport. The couple in front of them is also on honeymoon and gets first class tickets from the attendant because of that. Monica tells Chandler to react as if they were on honeymoon. Chandler replies they actually were. Unfortunately there are no more seats available in the first class which upsets Monica.
In the following sequence, they try to sneak in the first class anyway but their tickets are being verified and they're not permitted to go to the first class. Monica gets an orange and runs.

A couple of hrs. later, they meet the other couple again, stealing their honeymoon suite. Monica and Chandler are really bugged. The other couple says they didn't care wheter they get the suite or not, as long as they were with each other. Chandler and Monica are laughing about them at first, like they finally understood how to play the game. Finally Chandler mentions he and Monica needed the free stuff.

Now Joey and Phoebe. They're making a call to cover up that some firemen bashed in the door because of them. Joey says he could smell gas coming from the appartment and asks if he ought to kick in the door. Monica agrees. To copy the noise, Joey carefully hits the ground with a chair several times but after a couple of hits the chair is smashed anyway. Phoebe says Joey did it and hangs up.

Original Version:

In the Original Version, Chandler and Monica arrive earlier and the ticket guy puts them in first class for free. The following scene shows them at the metal detectors. Monica takes off any piece of metal she's wearing (chains and stuff), goes through and is happy that there was no noise. Chandler follows her casually and looks at a sign which reads no one should make jokes about bombs. That's why he says "You don't have to worry about me, ma'am, I take my bombs...very seriously!". Not even a second later, a security guard arrives from the left. He grabs Chandler's left arm and takes him down. Chandler is totally confused. Monica grabs her gear and runs after him. The metal detector starts beeping, she yells "That doesn't count! Backwards doesn't count!" and keeps running.

The next scene shows the two of them in the interrogation room. Chandler insists it was just a joke. One of the security guiards wants to search the luggage. Monica tries to stop him because she thinks he'd make a mess but she doesn't succeed. The guard gets out one piece after another. Monica says "You're mean!". Being upset and close to tears at the same time, she sits down again.

Joey and Phoebe are calling because of their door. Joey explains he smelled gas and asks whether or not he should kick in the door. He tries to be convincing and makes it sound as if that happened at that exact moment. When he asks "You sure you want us to do this?", Monica humorously replies "No, I want you to stand there and wait for the whole place to blow up." Unfortunately the security guards heard that. Monica's body freezes for a sec when she hears the guards' voices again and both of them have to go to the interrogation room one more time.