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Kiss Me, Kill Me

original title: Baba Yaga


  • Theatrical Cut
  • Final Cut
Release: Nov 28, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Final Cut

One day, young and pretty fashion photographer Valentina saves a dog from being run over. The car's driver introduces herself to Valentina as Baba Yaga and offers her to drive her home. Since this fateful encounter, Valentina is frequently haunted by bizarre dreams that seem to have some connection with Baba Yaga...

About the movie:
The movie Kiss me, Kill me by Corrado Farina is a bizarre and very good but also pretty unknown mix of mystery, erotic movie and a touch of Giallo and has this unique 70s atmosphere. Also, it is based on Guido Crepax' comic books. But because I'm completely unfamiliar with his work, unfortunately I cannot tell whether the movie has got to do a lot with the comic books.

When the film was shot in the 70s, the producers cut quite a few scenes because they felt the movie was too long. When director Corrado Farina found out about that, he tried to make the best out of that. This version was aired in movie theaters and later was released on VHS and DVD. It was not until 2009 Farina released the movie in its initial version. So he reimplemented six minutes of footage (which is, unfortunately, of very bad quality). What has to be emphasized is the, at the time, politically motivated intro, a prolonged dream sequence as well as full frontal nudity of the main characters - twice! These two scenes were victim to censorship, as Farina explains. But the reimplemented scenes are not all of the ones the producers had removed back then, the only usable ones to date.

Theatrical Version = 83:00 Min.

Final Cut = 85:09 Min.

The remaining runtime difference is due to the Final Cut on the Shameless Entertainment DVD was recorded in PAL.
00:00 Only the Final Cut (FC) features a subplot on a cemetary before the opening credits. You see a woman dressed as an Indian scaredly running around. Then, two men dressed as settlers appear, capturing the woman. As one of the two wants to undo his trousers to abuse her, a shot is being fired. Other people arrive and a small truck along with Shaman (and beer crate) on the back appears. He talks, among other things, about America being owned by the Indians. The woman from the beginning grabs into one of the settlers' trousers, whips out a knife and stabs. Then a shot is being fired and the shaman, apparently hit, drops on the ground. Suddelny, one of the people sets of the alarm with a cornet. A police wagon appears and the allegedly dead shaman gets up, rips down the wig from his head and legs it. General panic among the bystanders, of which Valentina is also a part. The whole thing was an illegal theater play. Then, just like in the Theatrical Cut (TC), the opening credits roll.
236 Sec.

10:45 After Valentina has gotten up from bed, in the FC, the following shot is seen earlier. You can see her putting on a top (she was bar naked before). The TC starts when she is dressed.
4,5 Sec.

14:16 A few more shots of Baba Yaga and Valentina are contained in the FC.
13,5 Sec.

41:10The FC features one more take: Baba Yaga walks towards Valentina who is sitting in the corner + beginning of the next shot frontally showing Baba Yaga.
17 Sec.

41:13 The two versions differ here: The TC shows shots of Valentina and an edit to her opponent. The FC shows Baba Yaga massaging Valentinas legs and subsequently moving her hands between her legs. Valentina is obviously aroused. Then you can see both get up and Baba Yaga taking off Valentina's cape.
Kinofassung = 4,5 Sec.
Final Cut = 45,5 Sec.

Theatrical VersionFinal Cut

41:18Beginning of a shot of the boxing ring from above. Baba Yaga puts Valentina's cape away and you can hear the stroke of the gong.
12,5 Sec.

55:28 When Arno and Valentina visit the movie theater, the FC shows them talking to a friend comic book writer. He tells them that he has sold his drawings to a big publisher and that he is going to make a lot of money with that. Valentina asks him whether he suffers from artistic restrictions. He answers that he unfortunately does, to make the comics more commercial.
28 Sec.

67:36 Ending of a shot showing Baba Yaga. She drops her garment and walks toward Valentina bare naked.
10,5 Sec.