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Fifty Shades of Grey


  • TF1 (French TV)
  • Theatrical Version
Release: Mar 13, 2018 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB

Compared are the censored French TV Version (12/03/2017 on TF1) and the uncensored Theatrical Version (German TV broadcast on RTL).



There are 72 differences:

  • 21 remved scenes
  • 51 scenes with aternate footage



The French TV Version is 224.38 seconds (~ 3:45 minutes) shorter.



When Fifty Shades of Grey aired on French network TF1, people have to have been stunned because every single scene that contains sex or nudity had been altered - either by cuts or alternate footage. Especially the amount of alternate footage is incredible and it appears as if that footage had been shot for an eventual PG-13 version. Admittedly, those shots do have their appeal. But at the end of the day, the French TV Version sucks. Because not only is it heavily censored but the aspect ratio is also false. Thanks to zooming it, it is not exactly a joy to watch. And for some reason, the French TV Version fades to black numerous times when the Theatrical Version does not. As a consequence, footage gets lost but this will not be listed in the following comparison because it is too superfluous. Every now and then, a few seconds between the scenes are missing though - no fading to black and no cut either.

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0:00 Minutes
The French TV Version lacks the logos at the beginning.
36.44 sec

30:01 Minutes / 29:24 Minutes
Alternate footage when Kate and Elliot get caught in the act.
1.4 sec / 1.84 sec


30:04 Minutes
Elliot naked for a brief moment.
0.28 sec

41:21 Minutes
Christian takes off Anastasia's bra - frontal nudity included.
1.72 sec

41:29 Minutes / 40:45 Minutes
Only the Theatrical Version contains some nudity when Anastasia is lying down on the bed.
4.88 sec / 5.96 sec


41:54 Minutes / 41:11 Minutes
In the Theatrical Version, Christian takes off his pants and one can see his butt. The French TV Version contains an additional shot of Anastasia instead.
5.32 sec / 1.68 sec


42:01 Minutes / 41:15 Minutes
When Christian bends over Anastasia in order to kiss and touch her, there is alternate footage in the French TV Version once again.
10.12 sec / 5.84 sec


42:13 Minutes
Christian touches her private parts.
2.64 sec

42:35 Minutes / 41:42 Minutes
And again, no frontal nudity in the French TV Version.
9 sec / 1.2 sec


42:52 Minutes / 41:51 Minutes
Only the Theatrical Version contains the interesting parts of the remaining part of the sex scene resp. the Theatrical Version is much longer here.
27.16 sec // 11.64 sec


43:19 Minutes
Anastasia wakes up and realizes that she is alone. Christian is playing the piano, Anastasia shows up, gets naked and sits on his lap. With Anastasia around his hips, the next round begins.
70.2 sec

45:44 Minutes
Christian and Anastasia are getting naked in the bathroom. Anastasia then gets in the bathtub.
12.2 sec

46:09 Minutes
The couple longer in the tub.
13.88 sec

46:31 Minutes / 43:38 Minutes
When Christian gets rid of Anastasia's towel, the Theatrical Version contains some frontal nudity.
4.32 sec / 6.2 sec


46:43 Minutes / 43:52 Minutes
Only the Theatrical Version shows Anastasia naked when Christian leaves.
2.12 sec / 1.44 sec


46:59 Minutes / 44:07 Minutes
Christian ties Anastasia up. Once again, the French TV Version contains alternate footage hence no frontal nudity.
5.4 sec / 7.48 sec


47:08 Minutes / 44:18 Minutes
More alternate footage in the French TV Version.
no difference


47:13 Minutes / 44:24 Minutes
Alternate footage of Christian and Anastasia in bed. But before the actual sex act, they are being interrupted by Christian's mother.
47.8 sec / 19.2 sec


48:07 Minutes
Anastasia's breasts one more time.
1.76 sec

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