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  • Unrated
Release: Feb 23, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US-DVD New Concorde and the US-VHS from Vestron.

Modest barbarian movie about a female warrior revenging for her plundered village.

Until now, the only uncut release of the movie was on VHS. The US-DVD only contains an R-Rated version missing a little plot, a bit of violence and some nudity, also, there are several film tears in the first third of the movie.

Compared to the DVD the VHS zooms in a bit.

Amethea can be seen a little bit earlier.

In the DVD her line "Not exactly an army, isn't it?" is already heard in the scene before.

3 sec.


Amethea cuts the bad guy's throat.

2 sec.


Taramis is seen longer.

5 sec.


A shot of the girls climbing the horses is missing.

2 sec.


Film tear: Amethea is seen a bit longer, after that, the troop a little earlier.

2 sec.


The troop is seen a bit longer, after that, Amethea a little earlier.

4 sec.


Dariac is seen a bit longer.

2 sec.


The dead man gets his arms crossed. After that, we see Amethea and Dariac a little earlier.

3 sec.


The dead girl is seen a bit longer.

After that, a complete scene of Arrakur talking to the soldier is missing.

Soldier: "Rebels."
Arrakur: "Perhaps one day we'll send out you to deal with them."
Soldier: "We're going to have enough problems with these. They may be peasants, but they got the smell of rebels. Some of them are warriors."
Arrakur: "It's your job to watch them."
Soldier: "Watching is not enough. We need to listen. We need a man among them to be our ears when they speak their secrets."
Arrakur: "It can't hurt."
Soldier: "I can recruit one of the gladiators. I'm sure, but it may cost."
Arrakur: "The cost doesn't worry me. You find a man that's willing to name its price. Understand?"
Soldier: "I will."

1:04 min.


A complete scene of the soldier talking to one of the gladiators is missing.

Soldier: "I've heard some whispering among the gladiators."
Gladiator: "They talk about you."
Soldier: "They talk about rebellion. No rebellion has ever succeeded against Lord Arrakur. A man would be a fool to choose the side that can't win."
Gladiator: "I'm a slave."
Soldier: "Slave have choices to make, if they are smart. I want to know what the gladiators are planning."
Gladiator: "I'm going to miss my diner."
Soldier: "We all turn on our friends. The smart ones get paid for it."
Gladiator: "Decent food?"
Soldier: "Fit for a member of the palace guard."
Gladiator: "Women?"
Soldier: "As you like."
Gladiator: "Gold?"
Soldier: "Each service earns great reward."
Gladiator: "Yes."

57 sec.


A little dialogue between Dariac and the leader of the rebels/her father is missing.

Dariac: "I remember when I was a little girl..."
Leader of the rebels: "..still are a little girl."
Dariac: "...and we lived out there and we used to come to the city for things we needed and we go back. I remember how it felt when we see our village again."
Leader of the rebels: "These are different times Dariac. Have to adjust to the times you live. When you get older, you'll understand."
Dariac: "When I am older, I'll remember that we let this time pass by."

30 sec.


Cut to Amethea's breasts. The torturer touches them with the claw.

Torturer: "You must learn not to struggle."

9 sec.


A short profile shot of Amethea being raped by the torturer is missing.

0,5 sec.


Another profile shot is missing.

4 sec.


One of the torturer's lines is missing.

Torturer: "You're moving away."

2 sec.


Three shots of the rape are missing.

Torturer: "Too tight."

10 sec.


Amethea presses the torturer to herself.

1 sec.


Amethea eases her leg clinch.

3 sec.


The girl cuts the servant's throat. After that, the "gladiator orgy" starts a little earlier.

11 sec.


The end of the orgy can be seen a little longer, too. (It probably was removed because some full frontal male nudity can be seen in the background.)

6 sec.