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Uncut US Blu-ray by Vinegar Syndrome (incl. DVD)


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Human Tornado, The


  • German Dubbed Version (US Blu-ray)
  • Original Version
Release: Oct 06, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the German Dubbed Version and the uncut Original Version (both available on the US Blu-ray by Vinegar Syndrome)

- 9 cuts
- Length difference: 694.2 sec (= 11:34 min)

In 1975, a blaxploitation classic saw the light of day: Dolemite. The character of the flick was definately one of the inspirations for Black Dynamite and also for a little segment in Kentucky Fried Movie. Snoop Doog considers Dolemite a huge influence of his own career.

In 1976, the sequel The Human Tornado was shot. It has been available as Blu-ray/DVD combo for many years now. Said release contains the uncut Original Version with English audio. In addition to that, the cut German Theatrical Version is also available in HD - incl. German audio. Basically, the German Version lacks footage at the night club: Some stand-up comedy (which was actually Rudy Ray Moore's occupation) and further announcements of the following performances.

Time index refers to
German Dubbed Version Blu-ray / Original Version Blu-ray
The added German title pops up.
Not added to length difference.

8.8 sec

01:42 / 01:51-03:29

After the title sequence, the shot of Dolemite entering the club is slightly longer. Inside, he is being announced by the host. The subsequent shot of Dolemite walking to the stage starts earlier. He welcomes people in the audience with a few rhymes. He makes a few jokes about a fat couple in the audience but they think it is funny.

97.6 sec (= 1:38 min)

02:23 / 04:09-05:41

The audience applaudes a little longer and Dolemite insults someone in the audience for the way he looks. Then a Vietnam joke about a "black brother" who only wants as much dollars as one can attach from the tip of his penis to his testicles. He tells a few more details and then reveals he lost his testicles in Nam.

91.2 sec (= 1:31 min)

20:01 / 23:19-25:09

Dolemite's phone conversation with Queen Bee is longer: Hurricane Annie has such a huge crush on him that the name "Human Tornado" is absolutely appropiate.
Then Jimmy Lynch earlier in the club. He announces the following act who then appears and starts.

109.9 sec (= 1:50 min)

21:35 / 26:42-27:14

Additional conversation between another group of goons who are not happy with Queen Bee's business. Carl is being introduced as someone who is going to put an end to it soon.

31.4 sec

29:26 / 35:05-36:51

The trio longer outside. Then they enter a club (Sahara). First someone playing with fire, then a piece of music. In the back, Dolemite and the others ask about Hurricane Annie. After some questioning, he is being told to go to another club (Bonanza).

106.1 sec (= 1:46 min)

31:36 / 39:01-41:55

The camera pans away from the car, Dolemite and the others get out of the car and walk into the club. They casually take a seat while a performance occurs in the background. Ben welcomes Hurricane Annie enthusiastically and gets introduced to Dolemite. Hurricane Annie says they were looking for Queen and after being reluctant at first, Ben literally starts singing when he gets some cash. According to him, Queen was in fact at the club.

174.3 sec (= 2:54 min)

57:28 / 67:48-67:59

A little sneaking around the house.

11.7 sec

77:07 / 87:38-88:46

Jimmy slowly dies, Dolemite's friends are amourning and Bo holds him in her arms. He whines Jimmy was only pretending - which of course is not the case.

67.6 sec (= 1:08 min)

Between the end credits and the Vinegar Syndrome Logo, the Original Version contains an MPAA logo.
Not added to length difference.

4.1 sec