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1.03 Like as Fire Eateth Up and Burneth Wood


  • US TV Version
  • US Blu-ray
Release: Oct 31, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the US TV Version (Chiller / TV-14) and the Blu-ray Version (Shout Factory / Not Rated).

55 differences, among them
- 8 additional scenes
- 30 extended scenes
- 5 extended scenes in the TV Version
- 2 additional scenes with alternate footage (= 1 recut)
- 4 scenes with alternate footage
- 1 scene with alternate audio
- Length difference: 398.2 sec resp. 6 min and 38.2 sec

Slasher is an American/Canadian horror show. Co-produced by the Canadian network Super Channel, the show premiered on Chiller (US basic cable). The first season consists of 8 episodes and the pilot aired on 03/04/2016. In Canada, the show started on 04/01/2016. Since 05/25/2016, the show is available on Netflix US.

In the US, the Blu-ray of the first season was released on 07/12/2016. Compared to the TV Versions, the Blu-ray Versions are longer.

Time index refers to
US TV Version / Blu-ray Version
00:00 / 00:00

Longer recap.

25.08 sec

Extended Scene
00:37 / 01:02

The vehicle earlier.

7.08 sec

Extended Scene
01:19 / 01:51

The vehicle longer.

2.16 sec

Additional Scene
02:09 / 02:43

Additional shot of the kids in the car.

7.8 sec

Additional Scene
02:37 / 03:19

Additional scene on Blu-ray. Brenda is visiting Ada (who is in a coma) and pets her head.
Brenda: "I'd switch spots with you in a second, Ada. Really, I would."

26.64 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
02:42 / 03:51

After the title, the TV Version cuts to Robin. The Blu-ray continues with a shot of Robin but contrary to the TV Version, the Blu-ray fades in smoothly. This might imply that the Blu-ray is longer but you could not be more wrong. The fact of the matter is that the shot of Robin is insignificantly longer in the TV Version - for whatever reason.

TV Version 0.04 sec longer

Additional Scene / Alternate Footage
03:03 / 04:12

The Blu-ray contains a rather long scene with Sarah and Dylan after Justin's funeral.
Dylan: "It was a beautiful service. Robin can take a little comfort in knowing that Justin was loved by a lot of people. He'll be missed."
Sarah: "Jesus, you make it sound like a popularity contest. I… I'm sorry."
Dylan: "You know, you haven't been sleeping, babe. Maybe we should go to a doctor, get some pills."
Sarah: "I can't take those, Dylan."
Dylan: "Well, you gotta do something."
Sarah: "I just keep thinking… You know, what if I'm next?"
Dylan: "Sarah. "
Sarah: "This all happened when we came back to town. You don't think I might be a target?"
Dylan: "Listen, this guy's crazy. I don't know what to think. Nobody does, OK?"
Sarah: "OK.""
In front of the police station, they bump into Cam.
Cam: "Hey, how's Robin?"
Sarah: "Yeah, not good."
Cam: "I'm sorry I couldn't be there.
Dylan: "No, it's fine. You got more important things to do."
Cam: "I've arranged to have a police officer parked out front of your house 24/7. Not that I think there's any threat… Just so you can stop worrying."
Dylan: "Thanks. Yeah, we appreciate it."
The mayor comes out of the station to hold a press conference.
Mayor: "Hi, everybody. Last night, about 19:30, an adult, age 40, Heather Louise Peterson of Waterbury, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the death of Justin Faysal."
The mayor's "Hi, everybody" is exclusively on Blu-ray. After that, the versions are back in sync. Well, the dialog is at least. While the mayor speeks completely on-screen in the Blu-ray Version, he starts speaking off-screen at the end of the previous shot of Robin. Furthermore, he says "Last night, at about" in the TV Version – the word "at" is missing on Blu-ray. Though the mayor then speaks on-screen in the TV Version as well, one gets to see him from the front while the Blu-ray shows him from behind. With "Heather Louise Peterson", the versions continue with identical footage.

86.84 sec bzw. 1 min 26.84 sec

Nun noch ein kurzer Vergleich des unterschiedlichen Bildmaterials während der (inhaltlich identischen) Rede des Bürgermeisters:
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Extended Scene
04:35 / 07:11

Brenda longer.

4.32 sec

Extended Scene
05:07 / 07:48

Sonja's comment in her conversation with Brenda is longer. Putting the additional dialog aside, a few (contentwise identical) shots are slightly longer on Blu-ray.
Sonja: "The night of her accident, a piece of her skull sliced right down into her brain. So she can't eat, can't talk, can't breathe on her own... and she certainly can't hear you. But to answer your question, the boy she had a crush on was Harry Dahl."

Brenda: "Right. Harry Dull. God, she hated it when I called him that."
Sonja: "Harry's some kind of a computer guru in California, worth millions. Anyway, I'm here to Spruce Ada up. I come by every other week."
Brenda: "Oh, Sonja. Do you remember when Ada wanted to look like Twiggy and she asked us to do her makeup? And she wanted those big false eyelashes? We kept gluing her eyelids shut.

Sonja: "Brenda, why are you here?"
Brenda: "Because Ada was my best friend."
Sonja: "A best friend that you never visit."
Brenda: "I live three hours away."
Sonja: "I'm talking about before you left."
Brenda: "Oh. OK, sure. Fine, you're right. I'm a terrible friend, guilty as charged. What else do you want me to say? I'm here now. I'm trying to make up for lost time now."

Sonja: "Well, for who? For Ada? She has no idea that you're here and if it's for me, I'm not interested."
Brenda: "We used to be friends, Sonja."
Sonja: "Yep, we did. But I don’t have the capacity to help you clear your conscience."
While Brenda is leaving the room, she says: "You really have to get over something that happened decades ago."
Sonja: "I'm not the one looking for absolution."
Brenda stops: "Too bad that hunk of cement didn't fall a little more to the left."
Then Brenda finally leaves the room.

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

34.32 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
06:45 / 09:59

Chief Vaughn longer in the TV Version.

TV Version 0.48 sec longer

Extended Scene TV Version
07:23 / 10:36

Sarah longer in the TV Version.

TV Version 1.36 sec longer

Alternate Footage
07:26 / 10:39

The TV Version contains close-ups of Sarah and Chief Vaughn while the Blu-ray only contains a single shot of them from a further distance. The dialog remains unchanged.

1.56 sec
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

08:33 / 11:47

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 1.96 sec longer

Extended Scene
09:16 / 12:29

Trent earlier.

0.56 sec

Extended Scene
09:49 / 13:02

Justin looks longer at the check, throws it on the table and leans back.

5.88 sec

Extended Scene
10:20 / 13:40

When Brenda tells Ronald to sit down, he turns around on Blu-ray. Then he explains he needed to get home. In the TV Version, he instantaneously explains he needed to go home. In other words: The shot of Ronald starts earlier on Blu-ray.

2.68 sec

Additional Scene
10:53 / 14:15

Additional shot of Brenda and Ronald.
Ronald: "No, it's alright. I have rubbers. Not that it matters now."
Brenda: "No."

4.68 sec

Additional Scene
12:27 / 15:53

On Blu-ray, Sarah answers the phone one more time but the caller remains silent again.
Sarah: "Hello? Is anybody there? OK, I'm hanging up now."
She puts away her phone and attends to her book again.

21.32 sec

Alternate Footage
14:56 / 18:43

Alternate footage when Cam opens the door to the closet in which Sarah is hiding from The Executioner. The TV Version shows the events from Sarah's point of view while the Blu-ray shows Cam in front of the closet from behind.

TV Version 1.68 sec longer
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

15:17 / 19:02

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 1.72 sec longer

Extended Scene
16:12 / 19:56

After Chief Vaughn explains it was up to Sarah how she was going to handle the situation, the subsequent shot starts earlier. In the TV Version, she instantaneously explains she would spend the night at her house and leave the next morning. On Blu-ray, she talks to Dylan first.
Sarah: "Dylan, you're not going back to work?"
Dylan: "No, babe, of course not."

6.64 sec

Additional Scene
16:54 / 20:45

Sarah's conversation with Robin starts earlier.
Sarah: "Cam says Vaughn won't release Heather. Says she's still the main suspect."
Robin: "Right. So what? Heather teleported herself from jail to your house?"
Sarah: "No, you see, according to Vaughn, last night could've been a prankster."
Robin: "Oh, a prank. Right. It's funny."
Sarah: "You should leave town, too."
Robin: "How? I've got the business and the house and I'm meeting up with my lawyer later to unravel Justin’s will which is a complete mess."
Basically, the versions are back in sync from this point. Except in the TV Version, Sarah's "You should leave town, too." is audible at the end of the previous shot.

36.92 sec

Extended Scene
16:54 / 21:22

The dialog itself is identical but Robin's comment at the end is missing.
Robin (about Justin): "I can tell you what he didn't do."

1.68 sec

Additional Scene
17:10 / 21:39

Additional shot of Robin.
Robin: "He didn't blow someone's brains out with a hunting rifle."

3.44 sec

Extended Scene
17:10 / 21:43

Sarah earlier.

2.8 sec

Extended Scene
17:13 / 21:48

Robin longer…

0,84 sec

Extended Scene
17:14 / 21:50

…and Sarah earlier. As a result of these alterations, Sarah's question "You can't think of anything?" is completely on-screen on Blu-ray while it is audible at the end of the shot of Robin (17:13 / 21:48) in the TV Version.

0.84 sec

Extended Scene
17:15 / 21:53

Robin earlier.

1.32 sec

Extended Scene
17:25 / 22:04

Robin's comment is longer.
Robin: "Before we built our house, there was a family that lived on that land in some nasty little shack that had no right being there. Justin bought the land and… bulldozed everything."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

10.12 sec

Extended Scene
18:26 / 23:14

Sarah and Robin longer. With reference to his comment that Justin did not deserve to die, Robin repeats: "He didn't deserve to.".

2.76 sec

22:13 / 27:04

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 1.24 sec longer

Alternate Footage / Recut
22:56 / 27:47

Single shot of the woods in the TV Version, two different shots of the woods on Blu-ray.

1.36 sec
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Extended Scene
23:00 / 27:51

Sarah and Brenda slightly earlier in the woods.

0.12 sec

Extended Scene
23:19 / 28:11

Sarah and Brenda hug longer.

0.72 sec

Alternate Audio Traack
24:25 / 29:17

When Brenda explains to Sarah that she (Brenda) was responsable for what happened to Ada, we get to see young Brenda tossing the stone off the bridge one more time. Both footage and dialog are identical but Brenda's comment start at a different point. (no screenshots)

no difference

Extended Scene
24:53 / 29:46

Brendas reaction to Sarah's suggestion to go to the cops is slightly longer on Blu-ray.
Brenda: "Sarah, no. No. I have lived with his my entire life. With the guilt and with hating myself."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

2.52 sec

Extended Scene
25:29 / 30:24

Brenda longer. Only the Blu-ray shows her leave.

3.04 sec

Additional Scene
25:32 / 30:30

Robin's conversation with the lawyer starts earlier on Blu-ray.
Anwalt: "OK. So, we'll take care of that for you. Right. Um… As you know, Justin remortgaged the house twice to pay off your other debts."
Robin: "No, I… I didn't know that."
Anwalt: "Oh… That means you're under water to the tune of half a million on the house alone. (Your husband, against my advice, was robbing Peter to pay Paul.)"

28.92 sec

Extended Scene TV Version
25:32 / 30:59

After the additional dialog (please see previous alteration), the versions are back in sync. Except the first identical shot starts insignificantly earlier in the TV Version.

TV Version 0.04 sec longer

Extended Scene
27:21 / 32:48

Robin earlier.

1,56 sec

Alternate Footage / Recut
27:29 / 32:57

Now the exterior shots of the woods in reverse (please see 22:56 / 27:47). Except the Blu-ray does not only contain the first shot from the TV Version but also second (additional/new) one.

2.56 sec
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

Extended Scene
27:32 / 33:04

Sarah longer in the woods.

2,04 sec

28:09 / 33:42

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 2.16 sec longer

Extended Scene
28:11 / 33:42

Sarah insignificantly longer when she finds Brenda's weapon on the ground.

0.04 sec

Additional Scene / Alternate Footage
28:34 / 34:05

Two additional shots of Brenda regaining consciousness. Then she takes a look around.

Now, Brenda tries to free herself. The first shot of that is in both versions except the Blu-ray is a little closer to the action. Also, the shot is briefly longer in the TV Version (0.12 sec).
US TV VersionUS Blu-ray

12.44 sec

Extended Scene
31:30 / 37:14

Here, we have a pointless but also interesting alteration. The shot starts a little earlier in the TV Version. At first, we see the street and then Sarah pops up. On Blu-ray, Sarah is already there. In other words, the TV Version is longer. But the Blu-ray shows Sarah a little longer on the street. All in all, the Blu-ray is slightly longer here.

1.4 sec

Extended Scene
32:13 / 37:58

The shot of the boat shed is longer.

1.96 sec

Additional Scene
32:50 / 38:36

The Blu-ray shows Robin's arrival at Trent's shed in the wooods. He goes to the door and knocks. When Robin knocks for the second time, the versions are back in sync.

44.72 sec

Extended Scene
33:07 / 39:38

Robin earlier.

0.8 sec

33:58 / 40:29

Black screen in the TV Version.

TV Version 1.48 sec longer

Extended Scene TV Version
33:58 / 40:29

In der TV Version guckt sich Robin die ausgestopften Tiere etwas länger an bevor Trent auftaucht.

TV Version 1.72 sec longer

Extended Scene
37:13 / 43:42

Sarah and Sonja earlier.

1.72 sec

Extended Scene
37:16 / 43:46

Sonja longer.

1.48 sec

Extended Scene
37:39 / 44:11

Sarah longer.

0.72 sec

Extended Scene
38:40 / 45:13

Sonja again.

1.32 sec

Extended Scene
38:44 / 45:18

Sarah earlier plus her comment is longer.
Sarah: "I'm sorry for upsetting you. That wasn't my intention. Just so you know… I'm gonna go to the chief of police and tell him everything that happened."

The bold-marked dialog is missing in the TV Version.

4.36 sec

End Credits
42:38 / 49:19

The TV Version contains a preview of the next episode with the miniaturized end credits on the right. The Blu-ray contains the regular end credits - no preview.

no difference