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original title: Utomlyonnye solntsem


  • International Version
  • Original Version
Release: Jun 08, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the censored German VHS from Arthaus and the uncut Swiss DVD from Trigon-Film

- 22 cuts, including 2 re-cuts
- cut duration: 1000.7 sec (= 16:41 min.)

The 1994 released Утомлённые солнцем Utomljonnyje solnzem directed by and with Nikita Michalkow offers a multi-layered treatise on Stalinism, hidden under the cloak of a sometimes somewhat weird family comedy. Especially the pointed performance of the adversary Oleg Menschikow brought much praise to the quietly staged intimate play and in addition to the Grand Prize of the Jury in Cannes, the Oscar award for the best foreign-language film followed in 1995. In 2010 and 2011 Michalkow directed two more sequels.

Attentive interested viewers will soon notice that the version that was reviewed in Germany for VHS as well as in the UK in 1995 for a theatre and home video release was more over 16 minutes shorter than the original Russian version. The latter was released in Switzerland in 2011 on DVD, which contained the film only in original language with subtitles. Basically, only streamlining cuts, whereby some of them lend more screentime to Mitia, who was portrayed by Menschikow.

The German DVD premiere from the Label Schröder Media will be available from 7th March 2019. Since no complete German synchro exists, the international version was reconstructed on the basis of the DVD master of the original version. Apart from the opening and end credits, the following cut report is therefore transferable. Those who prefer the uncut version should therefore continue to buy the Swiss DVD. With a German synchronisation, there is only that new DVD from Schröder Media to choose from and as you can see, most of the cuts are quite bearable in principle.

Runtime specifications are arranged according to the following scheme:
German VHS in PAL / Swiss DVD in PAL
1 of 2
00:00-00:08 / 00:00-00:22

Alternative notes for getting started.

the uncut version is 13.5 sec longer

German VHSSwiss DVD

Immediately afterwards only with the German release, a first time title insertion...and quite exactly 4 minutes later this plays then again on a blue background, as in the original. Then also comes the complete credits.

German VHSSwiss DVD

Partial re-cut
06:51 or 06:58-07:42 / 07:05-08:00

More scenes of the tanks driving around, then you can see the hustle and bustle in the hut. Colonel Kotow is being whipped or massaged with a palm branch by his daughter Nadia and Kotow speaks briefly to Mrs. Maroussia who is preparing something in the next room.
The follow-up shot of the boy announcing the tanks also starts a bit earlier.

The hut scene is inserted in the German version only a few seconds later but also completely again, therefore only the exclusive shots before and after are illustrated.

uncut version 11.4 sec longer

07:42 / 08:07-08:27

The boy runs away in further shots and the tanks place themselves in formation.

20.6 sec

07:51 / 08:36-08:41

The tanks can be seen a bit longer in the total shot, then the children run around earlier in the subsequent shot.

5.2 sec

09:02 / 09:53-09:59

The man in the car can be seen a moment longer and you can still see it driving away in a shot from above.

5,9 sec

20:14 / 21:11-23:05

The conversation at the table is much longer. Kotow sends Nadia away in between and she gives Uncle Vsevolod a clogged trumpet. Silly playing around a bit with the trumpet, and the crying granny in the next room already drowned out the noises a bit - with a look at her the German version starts again.

114 sec (= 1:54 min.)

22:58 / 25:49-26:22

Another scene in the house, Kotov shoos Kirik away. Nadia poses a little in front of the mirror.
Outside you see a first shot of the scaffolding and the next scene starts a bit earlier.

33.7 sec

31:29 / 34:53-35:07

After the candy joke, people leave the room a little longer discussing, Mitia last.

13.7 sec

37:11 / 40:49-41:06

More scenes of the people at the lake.

17.3 sec

41:26 / 45:21-47:07

The boat trip is a bit longer and a first scene with a Mokhova drawing. Thereupon Mitia talks in detail with a doll on his finger and also flirts a bit with Maroussia.

105,5 sec (= 1:46 min)

43:52 / 49:33-49:41

The women hide longer in the bush and discuss.

8 sec

54:30 / 60:19-61:37

The soldier with his gas mask on, still marches forward, puts off his clothes calmly and goes for a swim. Another announcement is heard over the loudspeaker and the children sing something from the hill in choir.

77,8 sec (= 1:18 min)

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