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Release: Jun 27, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Bittersweet5 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut Chinese DVD by 20th Century Fox and the uncut American Blu-ray by 20th Century Fox (identical to the German Blu-rays)

- 4 deviations due to censorship
- difference: 113.8 sec (1:54 min)

David Finchers Fight Club, a cult movie of the 90s and still visually and contentwise impressive. In Germany, the unconventional thriller has been released uncut by the FSK for 18 year olds and therefore it circulates a FSK 16-DVD cut by 2.5 minutes at various violent spikes. In Greatbritain, however, for a BBFC 18-rating first it had to be censored slightly at violent crises. But later on with the same classification appeared the unabridged version on DVD and Blu-ray. And with the present censorship report, we are also looking to China, where the domestic censorship policy for western eyes brought to light strange excesses.

Similar to the Chinese version of Blade Runner 2049, which was presented by us recently, the scissors were used and just under 2 minutes removed. However, as with Ridley Scott's epic sci-fi sequel, the violence shown was not the problem, but scenes with nudity or other sexual content were a thorn in the side of Chinese censors. Tyler's jokes with manipulated cinematic roles and therefore a few salacious moments with Marla were removed. It is known, that the prospective customer has a number of uncut alternatives outside of China, but as another example of the old saying "Different countries, different customs“, the present cuts, of course at least as a censorship report, are worth a look.

Runtime informations are arranged according to the pattern:
Chinese DVD in NTSC / American Blu-ray
32:24 / 32:24-33:38

The shot of Tyler is a little longer, the picture freezes and the narrator (Norton) says, that he will now say something about Tyler. Then you see Tyler's night job, he sits at the cinema projector and changes rolls of film. However, Tyler only does this to have the fun of incorporating porn frames for brief moments on these role changes. Couples in the cinema then respond slightly excited, a child starts to cry.
The following take in the restaurant is also missing the first frames.

This also explains why it is being talked about another additional income of Tyler to said restaurant-scene.

74.3 sec (= 1:14 min)

47:22 / 48:37-48:59

After Norton has hung up, it’s normally dimmed out black and a hallucinatory sex scene with Marla follows.
Eventually, Norton wakes up and leaves the room a moment earlier.

Norton's commentary at the table shortly after, that he had a weird dream last night, now of course makes more sense.

22.4 sec

49:31 / 51:08-51:23

Marla falls to the floor a little longer and it is cut to Tyler. Next to him is a dildo and Tyler bumps on the shelf so that the toy is moving. When Marla realizes that Tyler is looking at the dildo, she says that "he" would not pose a threat to Tyler.

14.6 sec

69:51-70:02 / 71:43-71:54

Strange: When Lou and the others come in, two shots of Norton and Tyler are slightly zoomed. No real censorship intent recognizable, possibly just a specificity of the HD master of the unabridged Blu-ray respectively the picture-excerpt was simply chosen a little different there - see also the area above, because here the Chinese DVD offers again a little more.

Chinese DVDAmerican Blu-ray

133:49-133:57 / 135:41-135:49

The same thing shortly before the closing credits and here the just mentioned picture-excerpt theory (= without censorship intention) seems to be true, because here you can see much more of the upper section in China.

Shortly after, a little less noticeable, again with a shot of Norton.

Chinese DVDAmerican Blu-ray

134:23 / 136:15-136:17

Hardly surprising: The last frames with the penis shortly before the closing credits were removed again.

2.4 sec