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original title: He Qi Dao


  • Hongkong VHS
  • Uncut
Release: Oct 12, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut Hong Kong VHS by Virgin and the uncut UK Blu-ray by Eureka

- 29 missing parts
- Difference: 118.1 sec (= 1:58 min)

A few additional master errors lasting less than 0.5 sec each were not listed in the report.

In 1972, Hapkido floated in the wake of Bruce Lee's first successes. Japanese are the antagonists here as well, but the action takes place in Korea. Angela Mao, Carter Wong and Sammo Hung represent the titular martial art, and Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao can be spotted in small roles in the background. The whole film has a decent toughness and every fan of Asian Eastern cinema will of course get his money's worth with this little cult film.

This title has also been newly restored in HD by Fortune Star in 2021 and is thus being released on Blu-ray in e.g. the UK (October 2022). We look back here again: In Hong Kong, the country of production, viewers got to see only a radically censored version at the time. Almost all the bloodier moments and other peaks of violence were removed quite consistently and sometimes quite crudely. Fortunately, this version has been a thing of the past since DVD times and even more so with the new Blu-ray.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: Hong Kong VHS in PAL speed / UK Blu-ray in 24fps

Other company references to get started. Not included in cut duration/quantity.

Blu-ray 31 sec longer

Hongkong VHSBlu-ray

During the opening credits shortly after, the text overlays are placed slightly differently. The HK shows the text larger and thus partly cut off.


09:43 / 10:42-10:44

After quite a few mini master errors, here comes a somewhat more noticeable, but probably also purely material-related flaw. The student is writhing a bit on the ground at the end of the shot when the master steps on his back. The following shot of the hands also starts a bit earlier, the camera moves back.

2.1 sec

16:19 / 17:36-17:38

The end of the scene is a moment longer: Sammo is grabbed by the arm and pulled to the side. The follow-up shot in the restaurant also comes a few frames earlier.

1.8 sec

24:01 / 25:40-25:42

The next master error comes during the transition of the shot from the Japanese man to the training students.

2.1 sec

31:45 / 33:46-33:47

Yu Ying is seen for a moment longer. The following shot of the market also starts insignificantly earlier.

1.5 sec

33:08 / 35:14-35:25

The first violence cut: a defenseless guy on the ground gets several more punches and kicks. Sammo looks on in shock in between. The HK version is back in long shot as something is thrown from the left.

10.5 sec

33:29 / 35:46-35:48

The baddie pours scalding hot water on the animals at the end of the shot.

2.4 sec

34:05 / 36:26-36:28

The woman on the ground also gets some water poured on her face.

1.5 sec

35:12 / 37:37-37:42

Sammo punches the guy three more times in the stomach and then in the face.

4.4 sec

35:16 / 37:46-38:09

Missing from the fight against the next guy right at the beginning is a longer bit where Sammo dodges hatchet attacks from him. The attacker throws the hatchet at Sammo and misses. Sammo grabs the hatchet, his throw grazes the guy's shoulder. Lastly, it lands blows to the stomach.

23.4 sec

37:22 / 40:20-40:25

Master error: After Carter reacts irritated to the accusation, the guy calls Fang Weis' name again. The follow-up shot of Carter also starts a little earlier.

4.2 sec

38:31 / 41:36-41:39

Reel change: the Japanese guy takes another step forward, then a cut to Carter.

2.6 sec

42:01 / 45:18-45:21

After twisting his arm, the Japanese kicks Carter on the back again here. It cracks badly.

3 sec

42:03 / 45:23-45:26

The next cut to the two starts much earlier: more pushing around, Carter screaming in pain. As he slumps, the HK kicks in with the last frames of the shot.

3 sec

48:30 / 52:09-52:16

Next reel change: the baddies leave the room much longer. The follow-up shot also begins earlier: Yu Tsu initially closes the door and turns to the side.

6.5 sec

59:26 / 63:41-63:43

Master error: the Japanese boss (Toyoda) is seen a moment longer at the end of the scene. The follow up shot of Sammo in the alleys comes also a moment earlier.

2.2 sec

60:43 / 65:03-65:06

Yu Tsu is spitting blood, is grabbed by the head and the Japanese man turns it slightly cracking.

3.1 sec

61:37 / 66:02-66:03

Sammo hits his opponent on the back at the beginning of the shot and he spits blood. Just as his head is out of frame on the right, the HK kicks in again.

0.9 sec

62:29 / 66:58-67:00

The guy hit by Sammo lands on the ground, with his face visibly covered in blood.

2.2 sec

62:33 / 67:04-67:09

The next two are also writhing on the ground for much longer.

4.7 sec

63:50 / 68:29-68:32

Sammo gets kicked in the chest. Something cracks and he loses consciousness.

Striking cut: There is a rough jumpcut here between two shots of Zhang and virtually out of nowhere Sammo is done for.

3.6 sec

69:08 / 74:04-74:06

Reel change: There is a slightly longer walk out of the room.

2.1 sec

79:58 / 85:24-85:26

Last reel change: The two walk away a little longer.

1.8 sec

80:00 / 85:28-85:30

Another jumpcut as they sneak across the room shortly after.

1.8 sec

More mini master errors in the minutes after that.

83:02 / 88:41-88:43

Before the blood splatter on the wall: Carter gets another kick as well as two punches from the blue-clad fighter on the right.

1.6 sec

83:18 / 89:01-89:06

The men are walking away to the side at the end of the shot. The leader picks up a piece of wood and rams it into Carter's stomach. He cries out a little earlier.

4.9 sec

86:42 / 92:38-92:43

Yu Ying lands a leg scissors to Zhang's head. There's a bit of a crack and the image freezes for a moment. As he is turned away to the side in slow motion, the HK resumes at the end of the shot.

5 sec

86:43 / 92:44-92:49

A rough jump cut removes the middle part of the shot and thus more suffering.

4.8 sec

90:03 / 96:17-96:24

Another striking jumpcut here: Yu Ying pulls Toyda up again, already cracking as she does so. She rams her knee into his face and then jumps on his upper body again.

6.8 sec

90:23 / 96:45-96:48

Toyoda stammers longer and eventually loses consciousness.

3.8 sec

After the end fade-in, the HD master has another reference to Fortune Star.

Cover of the UK Blu-ray by Eureka - Slipcase & reverse cover: