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  • Chinese DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Nov 06, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut Chinese DVD by Warner Bros. / Epic Music and the uncut German Blu-ray by Warner (FSK 16 / R-Rated)

- 9 cuts
- Runtime difference: 271.1 sec (= 4:31 min) [in PAL].


Zack Snyder's film adaptation of Frank Miller's 300 was released uncut in the US with an R rating. For a censored version you have to look a little bit further to China at the first release. For the release there, 4.5 minutes were removed, whereby the sex scenes were hit hard, even though they are mostly only suggestive and thus comparatively harmless. Without knowledge of the uncensored version, most of the interventions are hardly noticeable. Various battle scenes, on the other hand, remained untouched, only a few of the more violent peaks were erased. All in all, not such a badly defused cut version as could be discovered in other cases in China, especially compared to extreme examples such as The Predator or Logan.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: Chinese DVD in PAL / FSK 16 Blu-ray

16:44 / 17:28-18:02

The woman relaxes in further shots where you can see her naked breasts. This is also the case in the next shot, but not in such detail.

32.5 sec

18:22 / 19:44-21:07

Leonidas can only be seen naked from behind at the beginning of the scene. Then he turns around to the Gorgo still lying in bed and moves gently over her body. They talk to each other earlier with loving words in bed. Furthermore, the reason for the cut is obviously that Leonidas is still naked.

80,1 sec (= 1:20 min)

19:04 / 21:51-22:29

Various other shots of the sexual act between Leonidas and Gorgo, always interrupted by black frames.

36,2 sec

59:37 / 64:46-64:55

Dilios lifts his arms at the end, whereupon Leonidas first pierces the attacker and then another one with his lance.

8.4 sec

61:30 / 66:53-67:06

Leonidas a little longer, then the warrior reaches for the dagger in his eye. As he pulls it out, Leonidas has grabbed a sword and cuts off the warrior's head (in slow motion). The torso tilts to the side.

12.7 sec

65:54 / 71:41-72:14

One of the army commanders is brought into position and Leonidas comments: "King Xerxes is dissatisfied with his army commanders. And he is punishing them."
Then a creature with a sword arm strikes and the man's head flies through the air in slow motion.

When the head has sailed out of the picture at the bottom, the Chinese version resumes with the rest of the shot.

31.3 sec

68:00 / 74:25-74:30

The shot is longer and you can see more clearly that Astinos was just decapitated. The head falls to the ground in slow motion.

4.9 sec

68:02 / 74:32-74:44

The follow-up shot is also longer, the body continues to collapse and thus the headless upper half is also in the picture again. After a short cut to the commander (father of the killed man), the torso falls away further to the side.

11.3 sec

69:42 / 76:28-77:24

Ephialtes a moment longer and you see tied up women before his eyes. He looks at the gifts a little bit while Xerxes continues to speak to him. Everything Ephialtes has been denied so far, Xerxes can give him because he is so kind.

53.6 sec