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Release: Nov 20, 2018 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB

Logan - The Wolverine and the honestly deserved R-rated finale

Since the turn of the millennium, mainstream cinema has become more explicit showing scenes of violence, language and sex and the PG-13 rating is often used to its limits, one thing is clear: Wolverine may be a hero, but he is one with an often grim temper and razor-sharp blades with which he stabs, cuts open, mutilates and beheads countless enemies. In comics or video games (one of which is still in danger of being confiscated in Germany ) he is allowed to show this side of himself without restrictions, but the financial expectations of the producing studio 20th Century Fox are then a different one when it comes to theatrical movies and they domesticated James Howlett aka Logan aka Wolverine with predictable regularity. Although the unnrated version of the second standalone movie Wolverine - The Way of the Warrior already indicated what would be possible, but only Logan - The Wolverine, the final chapter of the Hugh Jackman embodiment, does such a real honor-rescue.

R-rated from the beginning (for strong brutal violence and language throughout, and for brief nudity) and not only because of the success of Deadpool, completely new possibilities arose. Of course in terms of language use (the F-word is used 35 times in the original tone), nudity (in one place, but only as a side note) and of course the depictable violence, which shows numerous, extreme violent scenes and almost always blood. But Logan can only be regarded as a long-awaited fan service that only uses the freedoms of the R-rating because it can do it. Director James Mangold also spoke of more creative freedom, which he had as a result and which resulted in an Oscar nomination for the best adapted screenplay. The studio no longer expected a children's film that would have to offer easily understandable bombastic cinema and storylines for the masses to follow. Scenes could be longer in Logan, ideas and thoughts could be treated more complexly in dialogues and visual language and shown more "poetically". That succeeded here, Logan - The Wolverine is a masterpiece in the midst of many, meanwhile almost exchangeable shared Comic Multiverse puzzle films.

China gives an idea of what Logan would have looked like with a PG-13 rating

With a budget of 94 million dollar Logan was still one of the cheaper comic movies, but for Fox it was still a risk. Hugh Jackman even waived part of his fee to make the project possible. In addition to the success with the critics, there was also a triumph at the box office with 226 million in the USA alone and a total of 619 million worldwide. With such success stories and high total sales, China now plays an almost life-sustaining role for big blockbusters. If a film turns out to be a massive flop at the US box office, the eager moviegoers from the populous People's Republic of China can still ensure that it makes an enormous profit. Hollywood is therefore also prepared to make concessions by, for example, specifically incorporating well-known Asian actors (which would be justified anyway due to the talent of many actors/actresses) or even sometimes offering extra scenes.

Therefore Logan was able to make a high turnover in China (106 million dollars), Fox had to offer a massively censored version there. And this would probably have caused a huge shitstorm in the rest of the world, as it comes closest to a classic PG-13 version. The vulgar use of language remained untouched, but the lack of CGI blood in almost all scenes, the use of alternative material, pure censorship cuts and also some action scene cuts add up to more than ten minutes of missing film (another four were saved in the credits). And yet Logan became the first film in China to be hit by a new law. In China there are no guidelines for children and teenager classifications, so it was still advertised with a warning despite the extensive defusing. In this case, the special favor for China is unacceptably and thus the worthy final for the popular character.


The cut Chinese Blu-ray was compared with the uncut German Blu-ray (FSK 16 / R-Rated) (both from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment).

103 Differences,
58 cuts
44 scenes with alternative footage
1 Circumcision

The R-Rated version runs 634.52 sec. or approx. 10 minutes 35 seconds longer than the Chinese version.

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0:02:36: Logan storms towards the first gangster and pierces his arm with his claws and then pushes him away.
3.84 sec

0:02:52: When he's lying on the floor, it's missing how Logan is beaten by one of the thieves with the wrench.
1.36 Sec.

0:02:58: He's still being brutally kicked on the head from above.
0,44 Sec.

0:03:03: Logan cuts off a gangster's forearm. The forarm falls to the ground with the shotgun in his hand and a shot is fired. The car is hit and Logan pauses briefly and curses.
3.32 sec

0:03:07: He badly kills another opponent by first pulling his claws across his face and then ramming them into his skull from below through his jaw.
3,96 Sec.

0:03:13: It is missing, like Logan also gives the next thief a bloody claw strike in the face.
0,84 Sec.

0:03:14: Of course another censor-cut as a gangster rushes into Wolverines claws with his head-on. But the Chinese did a good job of concealing this and even took the trouble to avoid a connection error. The next opponent is actually storming from the left side. However, since an attack from the right was censored in China, the following shot was simply mirrored in such a way that the gangster attacks from the right.
2,32 Sec.

0:07:30: Pierce still says that Logan's car has bullet holes on the side. Since the corresponding scene was censored before, this is a cut for logic reasons. The fact that Pierce's further remarks were also removed can only be explained by assuming that the Chinese censors even wanted to avoid the information that the gangsters killed by Logan lacked various limbs. You couldn't see that in China either.
38,56 Sec.

0:09:58: Time saving? The China version does not show how Logan gets out, opens the gate and drives into the interior, where the masked Caliban observes him.
29.08 Sec.

0:16:30: A whole scene is missing here. Views of a few objects vibrating because of the passing train, then Logan deliberately injuring his hand on one of his blades and connecting it. He drinks alcohol and looks at his dog tags until he falls asleep on the bed. Then you see Charles in his bed staring up melancholically.
75,92 Sec.

Alternative material
0:20:21: When the bride exposes her boobs for Logan he smiles a little bit, in China you see an alternative shot in which the women don't do the same and Logan also looks concentrated on the street.
1,52 Sec.


Alternative material
0:22:35: Here, the China version wants to avoid the view of the bloody arm, which is why it somewhat extends the camera angle of the outraged woman and of Logan.
0.92 Sec.

Alternative material
0:22:59: Again, a clearer view of the bloodstained arm was replaced by a more harmless angle.
No time difference


Alternative material
0:23:05: Zoomed in so that the arm wound is not in the image.
No time difference


0:23:23: Two different shots as she reaches toward the nightstand. Also here, the reason for the concealing is the arm wound.
0,16 Sec.

0:23:27: A few frames are missing of how Gabriela grabs something from the nightstand. Too insignificant for a screenshot, but it's censorship anyway. Because of the arm and stuff.
0,28 Sec.

0:25:47: The camera movement of the dead Gabriela was shortened in the China version.
2.16 sec

0:25:49: The end of the scene was also shortened by a few frames.
0,32 Sec.

Alternative material
0:26:07: When Logan walks past her body and then leaves the apartment through the door, the China version uses an alternative view of him pondering. Gabrielas dead body and the bloody location is missing.
3.24 sec


Alternative material
0:36:00: When Laura comes out of the building, she has the severed mercenary's head under her arm. It doesn't look like that in the China version.
No time difference


0:36:17: In China you don't see Laura throwing the mercenary's severed head in front of Pierce's feet.
10,76 Sec.

Alternative material
0:36:56: When Laura stabbed the first mercenary in the leg, some blood splattered but not in China.
No time difference


Alternative image material
0:36:57: Also the bloody punch in the face is bloodless in China. After that, some CGI blood splatters through the air and also the second soldier bleeds, but you can't see that.
No time difference


Alternative material
0:36:59: Laura slits the throat of the second soldier in bloody details. In China, more harmless alternative material was used.
0,56 Sec.


0:37:07: Pierce still shouts at the mercenaries to stop shooting because Laura has healing powers. Then they run towards the building.
5.64 sec.

0:37:41: Laura kills two mercenaries.
7.12 sec

Alternative image material
0:37:50: The stab in the leg is not bloody in China. In the angle shortly afterwards, when she pulls out her claws and continues walking, a few drops were left in it in China.
No time difference


0:37:55: Pierce reloads his weapon and gets going.
1,96 Sec.

0:38:03: What's missing is how Laura wrestles the mercenary who was just holding her to the ground and then how Pierce shoots the harpoon bloodily into her body.
8.8 sec

Alternative material
0:38:12: When Wolverine rushes towards her, there are no bloody claw attacks through the mercenaries chest and no blood during the attacks. In addition, they used an alternative angle of Laura, which is grounded with the harpoon in her body in the uncut version, in the China version we only see how she looks very angry.
0,64 Sec.


0:38:17: In the uncut version we see Laura pulling the harpoon out of her upper body.
3,16 Sec.

Alternative material
0:38:34: Blood censorship.
No time difference


Alternative material
0:38:47: Blood censorship.
No time difference


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