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UK BD box set with the extended UK Versions of the entire 4 seasons

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  • International Version
  • UK Version
Release: Mar 18, 2018 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the International Version (German Blu-ray by Polyband / FSK 16) and the UK Version (UK Blu-ray by 2entertain / BBFC 15).

27 differences, consisting of
- 13 additional scenes
- 11 extended scenes
- additional recap
- additional opening credits
- alternate end credits
- Length difference: 436.2 sec resp. 7 min 16.2 sec

The Show

Luther is a British crime drama from 2010. So far, there are 4 seasons consisting of 16 episodes in total: Season 1 consists of 6 episodes, the seasons 2 & 3 of 4 episodes each and season 4 consists of 2 episodes only. In June 2017, a fifth season was announced for 2018. Without any spoiler alerts, it is safe to say that fans of British shows will enjoy Luther if one does not have an aversion of crime dramas in general.

The Versions

Like other shows before (e.g. Life on Mars & Ashes to Ashes), Luther is yet another example for shorter, international versions (in comparison to the original UK Version that is). In order to do so, all the episodes are two-part episodes now and numerous alterations have been made. Often, the missing footage focuses on a or several particular characters but there are a few alterations that have censorship all over it. Certainly, the International Versions are still watchable, no argument there. But the better version is the uncensored UK Version, no doubt.

Time index refers to
International Version (German Blu-ray) Ė UK Version (UK Blu-ray)
51:04 / 00:00

Recap only in the UK Version.

60.7 sec resp. 1 min 0.7 sec

Extended Scene
51:52/ 01:49

When Gardiner looks down, one can see a pool of blood getting bigger. In the UK Version, this shot is a little longer.

1.2 sec

Extended Scene
51:55 / 01:53

Moreover, the subsequent shot starts earlier: Gardiner and Millberry are facing each other longer before Gardiner makes a few steps forward and then collapses due its severe wound.

7.9 sec

Additional Scene
51:58 / 02:03

Then an additional shot of Gardiner.

3.2 sec

Extended Scene
51:58 / 02:07

The final shot of Gardiner right before the opening credits is insignificantly longer.

0.5 sec

52:05 / 02:14

Opening credits only in the UK Version due to the fact that the International Version is a two-part episode.

45.3 sec

Extended Scene
57:29 / 08:24

The close-up of Millberry behind bars is a little longer.

2 sec

Additional Scene
57:35 / 08:32

An additional shot of Millberry follows.

4.5 sec

Extended Scene
57:35 / 08:37

The exterior shot starts slightly earlier.

0.5 sec

Additional Scene
58:32 / 09:34

Additional shots of Luther after Jenny drives off with Kent's Porsche.

46 sec

Extended Scene
01:03:25 / 15:13

The arriving vehicle earlier.

2.5 sec

Additional Scene
01:03:38 / 15:28

Two additional shots of Hodge.

5.8 sec

Extended Scene
01:03:38 / 15:34

The shot of Hodge is longer.

3.5 sec

Extended Scene
01:03:44 / 15:43

The closed elevator door briefly longer.

0.8 sec

Extended Scene
01:03:47 / 15:47

Luther's closed apartment door a bit longer before Hodge walks in.

1.9 sec

Additional Scene
01:04:00 / 16:02

Additional shots of Hodge inside the apartment. He sits down.

11.8 sec

Additional Scene
01:04:14 / 16:28

Additional shot of Luther on his way up to the apartment, followed by Hodge in the apartment. He sits down, starts to bob up and down and wonders about the wet carpet. He takes off his gloves and takes a closer look. He then seems to have an epiphany.

26.2 sec

Additional Scene
01:07:07 / 19:47

The International Version ends with Hodge's "Shit!". In the UK Version, he then starts searching the dumpsters. At the same time, one can hear a phone conversation between Hodge and Caroline from the off.
Caroline: "What do you want?"
Hodge: "To help you out."

From this point on, the conversation occurs on-screen.
Caroline: "I've heard that one before. I'm still laughing."
Hodge: "Listen, you've got bigger things to worry about."
Caroline: "What do you mean? I don't know what you mean."
Hodge: "It means I want 5 minutes alone with Jenny, ask her some questions. She's not in trouble, I just need a chat, that's all. You help me get that and I'm out of your hair for good. So's John Luther."
Caroline: "Right. And how do you intent to make that happen?"
Hodge: "How do you think?"
Caroline: "Oh! Look, she's not here. I don't know where she is."

47.5 sec

Additional Scene
01:09:55 / 23:22

Additional close-up of Millberry's blood-smeared face while he keeps attacking.

5.3 sec

Additional Scene
01:12:11 / 25:45

Luther's conversation with Millberry is longer. Ripley is present as well.
(Luther: "Nicholas is out there making up for all the times he was the quiet one.")
Ripley: "He's scoring very high for audacity."
Millberry: "So?"
Luther: "So what do you think about that?"
Millberry: "What do you think?"
Luther? "Oh, I'll tell you what I think. I'm glad you asked that. I think that you and Nicholas are very, very close. Outstandingly so, even for twins. You wanna know what else I think? I think there's a limit to that closeness. A limit. I mean after all, you are one of two. Eh, Robert? You are a man in your own right. Do you know what else you are?"
Millberry: "What else am I?"
Luther: "You're winning."
Millberry: "I don't care about winning."
Luther: "You and your brother get them strangers alright. But when it's down to the last men standing, it's you against him, isn't it, Robert? And I think you do actually care who wins because you really, really want it to be you."
(Millberry: "What are you asking me?")

50.4 sec

Additional Scene
01:15:30 / 29:55

The International Version ends when Jenny is about to stand up. The subsequent shot shows her going downstairs.
In the UK Version, she carefully opens her bedroom door and hears that caroline has just ended a phone conversation. Caroline then gets up from the chair.

13.3 sec

Extended Scene
01:15:41 / 30:19

The subsequent shot starts slightly earlier.

1.3 sec

Extended Scene
01:16:25 / 31:05

Jenny earlier: She goes back to her room. The versions are back in sync with her closing the door.

5.5 sec

Additional Scene
01:16:53 / 31:39

In the International Version, Luther simply passses Gray who watches him leave and that is it. In the UK Version, she questions Luther's approach.
Gray: "Where is he going?"
Ripley: "He's working the case."
Gray: "Yeah, in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform."
Ripley: "Why don't you just cut him some slack?"
Gray: "And this feels right to you, does it? Deliberately feeding lies to the media. Because correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like that's what he's doing."
Ripley: "The media donít care if itís lies as long as thereís a good story in it."
Gray: Well, that's not the point, is it?"
Ripley: "Can you think of a better way to get Nicholas Millberry off the streets?"

35.8 sec

Additional Scene
01:17:04 / 32:22

Three additional shots of Caroline resp. Hodge.

11 sec

Additional Scene
01:21:20 / 36:49

After getting a slap on the wrist, Gray steps outside to weep. But shortly afterwards, she pulls herself together and goes back inside.

37.6 sec

01:41:43 / 57:49

For the very first time, there is no preview of the next episode in the UK Version. Nonetheless, the end credits are slightly longer.

4.2 sec