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Paganini Horror


  • Free TV: Italy
  • Export Version
Release: Aug 05, 2010 - Author: Slayer - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The Italian TV-version has been compared to the export-version. Both are present on the double-DVD by X-Rated. The TV-version has also been released on the Promo-DVD, limited to 100 items and signed by director Luigi Cozzi.
Italian TV-Version: 80:04 Min.
Export-Version: 80:23 Min.
Cut from the TV-version = 63 sec.
Cut from the Export-version = 44 sec.
00:34 Min.
The Italian TV-version blends in, additionally to the title, "Der Blutgeiger von Venedig" (the blood-violinist of Venice).
0 Dif.
Left: TV-Version; Right: Export

02:18 Min.
In the export-version, the order of the next two scenes is swapped. First, the scene with the child killing the mother in the bathtub takes place and then the music-scene with the credits.
0 Dif.

08:40 Min.
The woman in the bathtub is electrocuted more often. Cut to the watching daughter. Another cut to the woman in the tub getting electrocuted. As the electric shocks stop, her face is completely burned.
7 sec.

14:11 Min.
The fraction of a second is missing between two lines (before "LaCasa De Sol"). Only noticable through a little sound-lag.
0.5 sec.

15:56 Min.
The woman is shown slightly longer after asking where the music came from.
1 sec.

19:22 Min.
The Paganini-actor bloodily stabs the woman seven more times. Blood splatters at the wall.
7 sec.

29:59 Min.
Paganini murders the woman by stabbing her bloodily in the stomach with his violin. Blood splatters at the walls and drips out of her mouth.
8 sec.

55:44 Min.
Burnt Elenor suddenly stands in front of the frantic women. After a bit of fidgeting around, she lays down on the bad and dies as the women whine.
27 sec.

67:42 Min.
Lavinia is squashed longer. Blood is flowing down her head as the woman scream frantically. Finally, Lavinia's head bursts.
13 sec.

67:53 Min.
In the Italian TV-version, Paganini's mask is shown for a second, the export-version misses this view and Paganini walks towards the woman without an intercut.
0 Dif.
Left: TV-version; Right: Export-version

67:58 Min.
Here the same. The Italian TV-version shows Paganini's mask for a second, the export-version shows him pointing his violin at the woman.
0 Sek.
Left: TV-version; Right: Export-version

The following is missing in the export-version

17:57 Min.
The woman walks slightly longer through the door.
1 sec.

47:02 Min.
The view of the wound is a little bit longer.
0.5 sec.

63:47 Min.
The women walk out of the house minimally longer.
1 sec.

78:06 Min.
The credits roll slower in the Italian TV-version. Furthermore, there is a longer credits-panel in the TV-version due to X-Rated/Cineworld as the music runs out (177 sec.). The Export-version misses this, but there is a longer black screen in return as Luigi Cozzi finishes talking in the audio commentary (135 sec.).
42 sec.