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Long Swift Sword of Siegfried, (Aka The Lustful Barbarian), The

original title: Siegfried und das sagenhafte Liebesleben der Nibelungen


  • US VHS
  • NL VHS
Release: Sep 06, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US VHS by Something Weird Video and the NL VHS by Empire.

Both versions contain scenes which the other one lacks. In the Dutch version, only one scene at the beginning is missing. The US tape, however, misses more scenes.
Interestingly, the short cuts to Siegfried's penis have been removed, although they are seen in the American trailer.

Take Raimund Harmstorf (who played the "Sea-Wolf" in 1971) and Sybil Danning and let them star in a film by Adrian Hoven who directed both "Mark of the Devil" movies. Add parts of the Nibelung Saga and blend it to get a true sexploitation movie. That should turn out all right!
Actually, it does not. However, the film offers a few epic scenes, such as one with Raimund Harmstorf amusing himself in the hay with some girl to the sound of Wagner's "Ride Of The Valkyries".

Scenes which are contained in the US VHS, but missing in the NL VHS, are marked red.
Scenes which are contained in the NL VHS, but missing in the US VHS, are marked blue.

Run times:

NL: 86:39 min. (PAL)
US: 85:31 min. (NTSC)

The Dutch version has the title "The long, swift Sword of Siegfried", while the Something Weird Video (SWV) version shows the sleeping Hansel and the title "Maidenquest".

NL: 6 sec.
US: 6 sec.


In the SMV version, the camera zooms on to Kriemhild and her two maidservants.

Then, one sees Siegfried, following the servant. When she stumbles over a step, Siegfried touches her bottom. They fall into each other's arms and kiss. Siegfried carries her upstairs, not without having opened her blouse beforehand, of course.

US: 1:22 min.


The laughing servant is seen slightly longer; then, one can shortly see Siegfried's penis.

NL: 1 sec..


And again, one can see Siegfried's penis for a moment.

NL: 1 sec.


One of the servants fondles Siegfried's private area.

1 sec.


As before, one servant reaches for Siegfried's genital area.

2 sec.


One of the maidservants, who was in love with Kriemhild, remains alone in the church. Finally, she leaves with a sad expression.

Subsequently, one sees Kriemhild talking to a servant. She is a bit scared of the prospect of the wedding night, but accepts is as her fate. The servant fears that Siegfried might break her heart, but Kriemhild dissipates those doubts. After she has left, the servant says that she used to be in love with her.

Kriemhild undresses and puts on an airy nightgown. She sits down on the bed and notices Siegfried. He had already been waiting for her, but had been invisible due to his magic hood. The two of them collapse into bed and kiss.

3:53 min.


Kriemhild approaches Brunhild and slobbers over Siegfried, whom she considers fit for a king. Brunhild counters that her husband was king. Then, one sees Gunther preparing for the tournament.

36 sec.


Film tear: A short cut to the audience is missing, probably due to a roll change.

2 sec.


Kriemhild is seen a bit longer.

Then follows a scene in which Siegfried is talking with Hansel. Hansel also thinks that something was wrong.

48 sec.


Kriemhild is seen. She is talking to the camera and states that Siegfried was alive and that one could make every man a Siegfried. She says goodbye until the next time.

36 sec.