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Dragon Fist

original title: Lung Kuen


  • Japanese Version
  • Original Version
Release: Sep 21, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut Japanese Version and the uncut Original Version (both available on the Japanese Blu-ray by Twin / Paramount)

- 2 differences
- Length difference: 140.4 sec (= 2:20 min)

This well-made serious early-work by Jackie Chan, back then made by Lo Wei, used to lack most parts of the opening fight in Germany and it wasn't very different in Japan either: here, the opening fight is entirely missing (compared to Germany, approx. one more missing minute). But then again, new opening credits were made for the Japanese Version. It is quite pointless because resulting from the new opening credits, one already gets to see many clips from the final fight after the production logo. And tht footage certainly doesn't belong there. The reason is probably the Japanese theme song one more time. It simply looks better when it is played during a montage that contains the best fight scenes in the background instead of a "regular" opening fight with Jackie's master participating.

Time index refers to
Japanese Version Blu-ray / Original Version Blu-ray
Logos / Opening Credits
00:13-02:03 / 00:13

After the identical reference to Lo Wei's company, the Japanese Version contains an additional insert, followed by alternate opening credits with scenes from the finale.

+ 110.4 sec (= 1:50 min)

Subsequently, the versions are back in sync for a brief moment during the shot of the blowing banner whereas there is another insert in the Japanese Version.

Japanese VersionOriginal Version

02:08 / 00:18-04:29

Now the regular opening credits during a fight of Jackie's master in the Original Version - this scene has been cut from the Japanese Version.

250.8 sec (= 4:11 min)

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