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Uncut Blu-ray/DVD Combo by Vinegar Syndrome

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Blue Money


  • US DVD (Mill Creek)
  • Uncut
Release: Jun 02, 2017 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US DVD by Mill Creek Entertainment and the US Blu-ray/DVD by Vinegar Syndrome.

In the early 70s, Jim is directing porn to finance his life with his wife Lisa and their son. It is a risky job though because producing and distributing porn is a punishable offense. But business booms and he hopes to get out of that occupation soon in order to make his dream of his own boat come true. But the affair with one of the female actors, surveillance activities by law enforcement and drop in financial support by the producers throws Jim off track. Can he fulfill his dream? Does Lisa keep standing by him? Can he get away with it?

There are not many movies about the porn business in the early 70s that approach the issue at hand seriously. With sleazy producers, young female actors who need the dough and the permanent threat of being exposed, Alain Patrick manages to take a decent look behind the scenes. A few things could be a little more plausible, like why does Lisa stick with her husband even though he is cheating on her. And the happy ending does not exactly match with the climax of the movie either.

As part of the so-called After Dark Thrillers Collection, Blue Money was released on DVD by Mill Creek even though the term thriller should not be taken too seriously in this particular case. Apparently, the first edition was released by BCI Eclipse while the DVD used for the following comparison contains the Mill Creek logo. The Drive-In Cult Classics 32 Movie Collection contains the very same disc and it is likely that the Drive-In Cult Cinema Collection: Classic 200 Features by Mill Creek contains the same disc.
Compared to the Blu-ray/DVD Combo by Vinegar Syndrome, the Mill Creek release lacks almost 10 minutes of rather explicit sex scenes. There is no HC footage but a few shots are almost crossing the boundaries of SC footage. Since the Mill Creek movie collections are not expensive, the shorter version is acceptable if one only wants to take a first glance. The transfer is absolutely alright, especially compared to the outrageous older Mill Creek releases. If one is really interested in the movie, one should get the Blu-ray/DVD Combo by Vinegar Syndrome though. The quality is way better and it contains Alain Patrick's first movie The Affairs of Aphrodite as bonus. In addition to that, there is also an interview with producer Bob Chinn.

Running Times:

Vinegar Syndrome DVD: 89:16 min
Mill Creek DVD: 79:52 min

The Mill Creek DVD lacks 9:39 min


Jim tells Mary she needed to work on her imagination. Mary asks if Jim wanted a BJ. The sound guy interrupts and explains he had a certain itch but Mary tells him she only liked the big ones. Jim wants to go on.

Uncut: 11 sec


The oral sex scene with Mary and Joe is much shorter. Then a cut to the audio equipment and Jim.

Uncut: 36 sec


Mary and Joe are engaging in oral sex. Jim wants to switch the position to doggy. A guy shows up at the shoot. The crew hypnotically watches Joe cum, then he winds up on top of Mary.

Uncut: 1:12 min


The scene with Jim watching the BDSM scene starts earlier. The woman pulls the guy in chains closer gently whips his penis. The guy wants to know who said woman was.

Uncut: 43 sec


The Uncut Version contains footage of the porn shoot.

Uncut: 21 sec


After Lisa enters the studio, some shots of the sex scene follow. Marty says he could do it. The sound guy hopes this would happen before the tape is full. Also, there is a shot of Lisa in between.

Uncut: 42 sec


Jim grabs Ellaine's breasts and calls her a "little cunt".

Uncut: 2 sec


Missing footage of the couple, Jim and the producer.

Uncut: 17 sec


The end of Ingrid's sex scene is missing.

Uncut: 20 sec


A huge part of the porn shoot is missing. Jim starts recording and Maria and Dave get busy. After a while, Jim tells Ingrid to join them. Jim gives further instructions. The sound guy points out Jim is too loud.

Uncut: 2:13 min


Jump cut: The shot of Jim is longer.

Uncut: 1 sec


Minor alteration.

The Vinegar Syndrome Version contains a transition to the following scene after Lisa wants to drive off on the bike. The Mill Creek DVD fades out and then back in.

no difference


The orgy has been removed completely.

Uncut: 55 sec


After Jim gets the camera, an entire girl on girl scene is missing.

Uncut: 1:55 min


The cops surround the house longer while Jim is shooting the scene.

Uncut: 11 sec

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