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Uncut Version (Region 1)

Night Killer


New York Ripper, The


Memphis Belle


  • German DVD
Release: Oct 29, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the UK DVD (PG) and the Uncut German DVD (FSK12), both released by Warner Home Video.

In movie theaters in the UK, the movie was shown uncut (BBFC 12). For a release on VHS and DVD, the decision to remove some footage for a more profitable PG-rating was made. That's why one scene, which contains the word "Fuck" (off-limits in a PG-rated movie), has been cut out.

Running time UK DVD (credits excluded): 1:36:35
Running time Uncut German DVD (credits excluded): 1:36:40

1 cut
= 4.56 sec
Time index: UK DVD / German DVD

The UK DVD aborts after the team of "Memphis Belle" was informed about the starting delay due to some interfering clouds.
Technically, all of the buddies say "all fucked up" at the same time. The "son of a bitch" and the "Snafu", which stands for "Situation normal, all fucked up", are in. The UK Version aborts after one of the guys said "Situation normal".
4.56 sec

0.68 sec are missing in a change of scenery.