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Enter the Fat Dragon

Brutal Massacre: A Comedy

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Young Master, The

original title: Shi di chu ma


  • HK Theatrical Version
  • Old International Version
Release: Jun 16, 2010 - Author: Curtis - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the International Version and the Hong Kong Version. The Hong Kong Version (HKV) should be prefered because it's 15 min. longer than the International Version (IV). Especially the final fight is really different (check out the other comparison).
Besides, the IV contains a different soundtrack, but then again it contains two scenes, which aren't in the HKV.
4 differences = 150 sec
The opening credits have been replaced. Now the credits are blue and just in English.
No difference

This scene appears at 13:22 in the HKV.
In the evening, everyone's in bed. Some of them make fun of Jackie, others say it hadn't his fault that he'd lost. Jackie also sits there crying all the time. Jackie's friend, who performed the lion dance, says it wasn't bad he'd lost and passes him some ointment. The next day Jackie's friend does some training with a stick. Jackie asks him why he'd performed the lion dance for the others, but denies to respond truthfully. He just says he needed the money. Then he tells Jackie it was his turn with the stab. Jackie agrees and fidgets with the stick. Finally, he recognizes a pink flower and attacks it. After the attack, the flower flies up and Jackie screws up his face. He tries to reunite the flower with the plant. The next scene, which shows the students in the shower, is also contained in the HKV.
120 sec

This scene appears at 69:39 in the HKV.
Jackie's friend says he wanted to have a look at the bench again. When he's leaving, the guy with the glasses asks the boss why they weren't going to set him up after the bank robbery. The boss agrees and spits his toothpick out. The next scene is also contained in the HKV.
30 sec

The credits at the end have been replaced as well, just likt the opening credits.
No difference