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3.06 Born Again


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Mar 16, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the Extended Version.

30 differences, among them
- 9 additional scenes (incl. 1 recut)
- 7 extended scenes
- 1 scene with additional and extended footage
- 1 scene with alternate and extended footage
- 6 scenes with alternate footage
- 2 additional scenes in the TV Version (darunter 1 Umschnitt)
- 2 extended scenes in the TV Version
- Length difference: 215.96 sec resp. 3 min 35.96 sec (plus recap & end credits)

After the History Channel stopped producing real history documentaries and started focussing on pseudo-scientific studies (UFOs and such) as well as pseudo documentaries (Pawn Stars) which they are very successful with by the way, they also tried out actual TV shows. The drama series Vikings is one of them.

Similar to the previous seasons, only censored versions aired in the US. Besides numerous plot cuts, further alterations had been made: Any sex scene and all kind of nudity had either been completely remooved or replaced by alternate, less explicite footage. As for the violence, only this episode here contains more graphic footage.

Time index refers to the Extended Version

Recap in the TV Version. The Extended Version only contains a black screen at the beginning.

TV Version 41.6 sec longer

Extended Scene

The scene starts earlier in the Extended Version. At first, there is a close-ip of Porunn screaming out loud. She then says she knew something was wrong with her baby. When the other women ask for details, Porunn simply tells them to take a look at her and the women explain to her that her look had nothing to do with the baby.

19.5 sec

Additional Scene

When the baby is coming, the Extended Version contains additional shots.

8.7 sec

Extended Scene

Lagertha a little longer.

1.4 sec

Alternate Footage

In the TV Version, Lagertha looks at Bjorn. Then she looks at Porunn. In the Extended Version, she only looks at Bjorn.

0.7 sec

Alternate Footage

Due to the previous alteration, Bjorn's reaction is different. In the TV Version, he turns his head to the right resp. to Porunn. In the Extended Version, he smiles back at his mom before he turns head.

no difference

Additional Scene

Additional shot of Aslaug: "One more."

2.8 sec

Extended Scene / Additional Scene

The TV Version only contains a close-up Porunn screaming. Then Bjorn walks up to Porunn because the baby is there.
The Extended Version contains said close-up of Porunn as well but it is longer. Additional shots of Lagertha, Bjorn and Porunn again who has stopped screaming at that point follow. Then the baby for the very first time, followed by another shot of Bjorn. He smiles. With him walking up to Porunn, the versions are back in sync.

13.5 sec

Extended Scene TV Version

Aslaug longer in the TV Version. She is happy that her son has a girl. Only the TV Version shows her looking down.

TV Version 0.7 sec longer

Alternate Footage

The Extended Version contains an alternate shot of Porunn.

2.1 sec

Additional Scene

Additional footage of Bjorn with his daughter and Porunn. When Bjorn says their daughter was the most beautiful child he had ever seen, Porunn calls him a liar. But Bjorn confirms that he really meant it.

10.6 sec

Extended Scene

Lagertha is on her knees next to Bjorn who is still holding his daughter. In the Extended Version, Lagertha asks if she could hold her as well and Bjorn carefully gives her the baby. Bjorn then thanks his mother for coming back.

31.4 sec

Additional Scene / Recut

Aslaug has a nightmare: She dreams of her sons almost drowning. She then wakes up. Ragnar is standing next to her and accuses her of having forsaken her children in order to have sex with Harbard instead. That accusation really bugs her and she starts hitting Ragnar. When she is done, she goes back to back.

55.5 sec

Additional Scene TV Version / Recut

Now the scene with Aslaug and Ragnar from the Extended Version (please see previous alteration). For some reason, the scene is insignificantly shorter in the TV Version (1.7 sec). (no screenshots)

TV Version 53.8 sec longer

Alternate Footage

Alternate footage of Judith's ear being cut off. In the TV Version, an arm in the image makes it impossible to see the ear actually being cut off. Then a reaction of the crowd. A woman can't watch his any longer.
In the Extended Cut, the arm is only there for a tiny moment. Then one can actually see the ear being cut off. The guy who cut it off then presents it to the crowd.

0.16 sec

Additional Scene TV Version

Additional footage of Athelstan in the TV Version. He thanks God for getting his sight back one more time.

TV Version 17.9 sec longer

Extended Scene

The subsquent shot starts earlier. Also, in the Extended Version, Athelstan thanks God for getting his sight back via voice-over. Since he has already done that in the TV Version (please see previous alteration), this would be superfluous in the TV Version.

3.1 sec

Additional Scene

When speaking with Bjorn, Floki complains that Ragnar had no time for him anymore even though he needed to talk to him about the boats and other things. Floki then shows the Athelstan's ring and wants to know from Bjorn if he knew what that was.

19 sec

Alternate Footage

Alternate footage is being used when Floki talks about Athelstan's ring. The TV Version starts with Floki's face. Then the camera pans to Athelstan's ring in his hand and subsequently back to Floki's face. The Extended Version starts with the ring in Floki's hand, then his face. The shot of Floki's face is longer though. When Floki explains he had seen Athelstan tossing his ring in the river, the TV Version cuts to Bjorn - Floki speaks his last words from the off. In the Extended Version, he finishes his comment on-screen.
In other words, the shot of Floki starts earlier in the TV Version but it is longer in the Extended Version. All in all, the scene is slightly longer in the TV Version.

TV Version 2.6 sec longer

Additional Scene

Bjorn asks why Athelstan would do such a thing and Floki explains Athelstan hated their gods.

6 sec

Extended Scene TV Version

Bjorn a little earlier in the TV Version because Floki finishes his comment from before (please see 24:20). Not until then, Bjorn asks if Floki had told Ragnar about it.
Since Floki ends his comment on-screen in the Extended Version, there is no need for Bjorn to let Floki finish so he immediately asks if Ragnar knows.

TV Version 1.2 sec longer

Extended Scene

Floki's comment is longer. In the Extended Version, he adds Ragnar would not listen to him anyway.

2.1 sec

Extended Scene

Bjorn longer. He also says he remembered Ragnat telling him that his family descended from Odin which made Bjorn very proud.

7.7 sec

Alternate Footage

Longer close-up of Floki in the TV Version. The Extended Version contains an alternate take from a further distance with Bjorn walking away in the background instead.

2.6 sec

Additional Scene

Additional shot of Athelstan.

6.6 sec

Additional Scene

Porunn is breastfeeding her baby.

16.7 sec

Alternate Footage / Extended Scene

Alternate footage is being used here. In addition to that, Bjorn's conversation with Torvi is longer. Only in the Extended Version, her ex-husband is being mentioned. In the TV Version, only her current husband is being mentioned. In the Extended Version, Bjorns speaks a little longer about him.

25.9 sec

Additional Scene

Additional shot of the festivities - including a quickie in front of everyone.

33.5 sec

Extended Scene

The sex scene with Bjorn and Torvi is longer and more explicit.

21.2 sec


End credits only in the Extended Version.

61.6 sec resp. 1 min 1.1 sec