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  • US DVD
  • German VHS
Release: Jul 05, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparisone between the US DVD by Legacy Entertainment Inc. (Not Rated) and the uncut and unrated VHS by VCL.

7 cuts = 6 minutes and 35 seconds.
Shortened Ending = 35 seconds.

One year after Wes Craven's horror hit "Nightmare on Elm Street" revolutionized the genre, he created the low budget thriller "Chiller". The plot is rather simple: Severely ill people are being frozen in a chamber in order to be unfrozen again when treatments for their affliction will have been discovered. Because of a technical defect, one of those is unfrozen untimely and brought back to life afterwards. Everything seems to have gone alright, but there is one problem: his body may have been brought back, but his soul has not. This leaves him without feelings or emotions, which turns out to be quite unhealthy for his fellow protagonists. Without doubt, this is one of Wes Craven's worst movies and mostly consists of 90 minutes of futile waiting for some thrills, action or violence. An even sadder reason not to watch this movie are the various releases over the world. In the US, its DVD release featured the same picture quality as the VHS but was cut by seven minutes of plot scenes. Missing are, for example, the technical problem and Miles starting to unfreeze, the visit at Miles' sickbed and the preparation for Miles' return to his home. It seems that the UK DVD has suffered the same cuts, judging from its running time.

A few short mastering mistakes of about 1-2 seconds will not be included in this comparison.
0 min
After an aerial shot of the cryonic facility, a shot of chilling tubes holding several people can be seen. An emergency light starts blinking. The camera tracks to a broken tube with gas leaking out of it, then to the tube holding Miles, who starts being unfrozen due to the defect. Afterwards, a short introductory text about the cryo technology, narrated from the off.
68 sec.

20 min
An exterior shot of the hospital. There is a cut to a television set, on which a tv host can be seen talking about the first successful attempt to bring a human back from cryogenic sleep. She also quotes the doctor who said that the patient's health is stable and that his name would not be published in order to protect his family's privacy. The nurse switches the TV off and then talks to Stacey, who wants to know whether she could see Miles. The nurse allows it and Stacey enters his room. Marion is there as well, looking at Miles, who still is unconscious. Stacey wants to know how he is, but Marion cannot really tell. A woman enters the room and tells Marion that the hospital's administrator is looking for her. She grabs her bag, looks to Miles one more time and leaves. Afterwards, Stacey goes to the bed and looks at Miles for a while. A few seconds are missing in the following fade over to the next scene, in which Marion enters the administrator's office.
119 sec.

29 min
An exterior shot of Marion's house. Marion tells Stacey that they should open a few curtains to have more light and they do so. They then remove a few covers from the furniture, the maid helps them. Stacey brings some flowers and puts them on a table. Marion tells her maid that she should start making tea and the other maid that the table has to be set on time. Marion can then be seen in the bed room, putting her clothes on the bed and then looking at a picture of Miles. Stacey comes running to Marion and tells her that they have finally arrived. They go outside to greet the emergency car bringing Miles to the house.
108 sec.

36 min
The exterior shot of the house is missing as well as the beginning of the Stacey walking to the stairs.
4 sec.

38 min
Outside view of the office complex. Then someone can be seen applying Miles' name and his room number on the board inside. Jerry comes out of the elevator and talks to the secretary. Among other things, he asks her how Miles is. She answers that he is very quiet and acts a bit strange. She explains that he as asked his heating to be switched on in the middle of June. Jerry looks a bit confused, then the secretary buzzes Miles and tells him that the group is complete. He asks for his heating again and complains about the cold in his office. Miles then asks the others to enter his office.
80 sec.

60 min
Tge exterior shot of the church is missing, just like the beginning of the tracking shot away from the fireplace, which shows the old woman with cards as well.
7 sec.

73 min
Staces enters the room with the trophies and crosses it.
9 sec.

87 min
A major part of the ending credits is missing as well.
35 sec.