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Man From Deep River

original title: Il Paese del sesso Selvaggio


  • UK Blu-ray (BBFC 18)
  • German DVD
Release: May 23, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the UK Blu-ray by 88 Films and the German DVD by CMV.

Journalist John Bradley's exciting days in Bangkok end abruptely when he coincidentally gets involved in a guy's death. For a report, he disappears in some uncharted area in the jungle. A tribe of natives finds his raft and takes him hostage. Being a slave for hard work at first, he earns the natives' respect. This goes so far that he earns the right to marry the tribe leader's daughter. But their bliss does not last long because Maya gets heavily sick during her pregnancy. And as if that was not enough already, the village is also by cannibals.

Basically, director Umberto Lenzi made a remake of A Man Called Horse that takes place in the jungle of Thailand. It is the mixture of said scenario and a scene with a woman being eaten by cannibals that makes Man From Deep River the origin of the cannibal subgenre which was at its climax in the late 70s/early 80s - after Ruggero Deodato released Jungle Holocaust (aka Last Cannibal World) in 1977. Basically, Man From Deep River is an adventure flick about a guy who settle down in a new culture with different traditions and rites. The movie does not focus on the cannibals though. Instead, the focus is on John Bradley who had to prove himself and also on Maraya getting closer. The movie is not as exploitative as other cannibal movies that were released later on. And yet, there are still enough well-dosed shock scenes.

In the UK, the movie was released on Blu-ray by 88 Films. Due to the BBFC's issues regarding animal cruelty, it is no surprise that the release is cut (BBFC entry). Almost every single shot of the fight "The Mongoose vs The Snake" is cut. Additionally, the cockfight is missing. Furthermore, the scene in which the crocodile gets killed has been removed. Last but least, the scene with the snake getting sliced open as part of the fertility rite is shorter. At least, only the critical shots are missing but not the entire scene. Oddly enough, the scene with the monkey and the goat getting slaughtered are both uncut. Those who would like to have an uncut Blu-ray should get the US Blu-ray by Raro Video.


UK Blu-ray: 90:14 min
German DVD: 89:26 min (in PAL)


The UK Blu-ray contains further shots of the beginning of the fight.

UK Blu-ray: 4 sec


Missing shots of the fight between the mongoose and the snake.

German DVD: 22 sec


Missing shot of the fight.

German DVD: 4 sec


Another missing shot of the fight.

German DVD: 4 sec


More fighting.

German DVD: 2 sec


The mongoose manages to gain the upper hand.

German DVD: 7 sec


The snake gets free and the fight continues.

German DVD: 5 sec


The fight ends, the mongoose wins.

German DVD: 44 sec


Missing cockfight. Pretty common UK cut.

German DVD: 15 sec


Two more missing shots of the cockfight.

German DVD: 8 sec


The cockfight continues.

German DVD: 5 sec


As part of the fertility rite, the snake is being sliced open and held over the doll.

German DVD: 17 sec


The villagers kill a crocodile and slice it open. Bradly is walking by.

German DVD: 40 sec