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  • Old BBFC 18
  • R-Rated
Release: Sep 18, 2010 - Author: Jason - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut BBFC 18 VHS by Guild and the uncut R-Rated VHS by MCA/Universal.

The British version misses some martial arts sequences, a few shootout sfx and several other minor "knickknacks". The UK DVD by Boulevard Entertainment, GMVS Entertainment and WHE International are cut as well. Only the UK DVD from Hollywood is uncut.

Run time information of the cut scenes refer to the cut version. The remaining run time difference results from the different running speed of PAL and NTSC.

Run time of the BBFC 18 VHS (PAL): 1:25:40 (1:22:48 excluding closing credits)
Run time of the R-Rated VHS (NTSC): 1:31:13 (1:28:14 excluding closing credits)

22 cuts = 121 sec.
The MCA/Universal logo is missing.
8 sec.

In Reichmann's house:

The teamleader is kicked in the face, then Quicksilver dashes him across his shoulder and to the ground.
3 sec.

Before the mid-air kick, the attacker gets two roundhouse kicks.
2.5 sec.

Here, a long fighting sequence is missing:
Quicksilver gets kicked in the face and the chest by the teamleader. Another attacker strikes and kicks him in the face, as well.
Then, the teamleader holds Quicksilver firmly from behind, while the attacker is about to hit out against him further - however, he kicks her powerfully in the face.
Quicksilver dashes himself, and thus also the leader, to the ground, where they engage in an exchange of blows against each others chest and face. Finally, Quicksilver gains the upper hand and manages to get up.
The attacker, who had been floored before, comes running up again and is greeted by Quicksilver with a triple mid-air kick. Afterwards, he strikes the guy's chest and face three times and then dashes him to the ground with a mid-air kick.
The leader gets up again, wards off one of Quicksilver's kicks, kicks him in the stomach and strikes him in the face twice. Then, the UK version finally sets in again (only very shortly, however)...
35 sec.

Quicksilver's roundhouse kick makes the leader fly over the couch in slow motion.
Then, the attacker gets an elegant mid-air kick, causing him to hurtle through the air onto the balcony (which the UK version shows again).
5.5 sec.

Just having duly arrived on the balcony, the attacker gets a fast double mid-air kick.
2.5 sec.

Quicksilver gives the attacker a whole four roundhouse kicks and a finishing mid-air kick in the face. None of this is shown in the UK version.
7.5 sec.

In the country bar:

The guy in the blue shirt bottles Quicksilver and pokes him in the ribs.
3.5 sec.

"Blue shirt" gets a mid-air kick against his head.
0.5 sec.

The shot Quicksilver striking out with a twisted mid-air kick is missing. But the direct hit and the guy falling off the bar are shown again.
1 sec.

The guy in the red shirt gets two strikes into his private parts, on at his neck and one in the face.
Then, Quicksilver dislocates the man's arm until the joints creak. Subsequently, he kicks him in the chest, makes a leap over the wriggly "red-shirt" and kicks him backwards in the face.
7 sec.

At this point, two different kicks have been cut together to a single one in the UK version. In fact, "red-shirt" gets two roundhouse kicks and a kick with the stretched leg.
4 sec.

At the billiard saloon:

Elmo strikes the guy in the leather-jacket on his ears with the flat of the hand.
0.5 sec.

Elmo rams his cue into "leather-jacket's" genitals, then he uses it to sweep him off his feet.
He hurls a fast-approaching attacker over his shoulder and onto a table, which collapses under the weight. Another attacker bottles Elmo and rams his knee into Elmo's chest. At the second attack, Elmo dodges the attacker's knee with his cue. He hits it in the attacker's face.
The attacker who had been thrown onto the table, approaches again and gets the cue rammed in his neck.
Then, he lunges at the remaining goon, lands with him on the billiard table and hits him in the face twice: once with his fist and then with the cue.
Another guy produces his flick-knife and shows its blade.
20 sec.

The guy with the flick-knife gets the billiard ball thrown by Quicksilver against his forehead.
0.5 sec.

In Elmo's office:

The gory knee kick is not shown.
1 sec.

Already previously, Elmo gives the mafioso two more knee strikes against the head.
1.5 sec.

Elmo gives the mafioso a forceful headbutt.
0.5 sec.

At the warehouse:

By pulling the chain tightened around an attacker's throat, Quicksilver breaks his neck.
0.5 sec.


Quicksilver puts the crossbar of the chair legs on the goon's neck and takes a seat.
Then, he picks up the key to the handcuffs from the victom's breastpocket and hits his chest once again. Then, while jumping over the chair, he kicks against the chairback and thus squashes the goon's throat.
The latter shortly gasps out again, then he is finally dead.
12 sec.

The CIA agent gets a final strike in the chest by Quicksilver.
0.5 sec.

The CIA agent has to absorb more gory blows.
4 sec.