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Highlander III: The Final Dimension


  • 2nd US DVD / EU theatrical version
  • US Director's Cut
Release: Jun 06, 2011 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Bensn - external link: IMDB
As every part of Highlander so far, also this movie hit the American cinemas in a different version than it did in Europe. Here among other things, the sex scene with the female journalist has probably been censored or even removed completely.

The European cinema version has been fully uncut. Later in the USA, a director's cut on both Laserdisc and DVD was released. This Director's Cut mostly corresponds to the European cinema version and thus also contains new footage for US-citizens. The Director's Cut merely deviates regarding some special effects which appear to have been used for spicing up the movie a bit as well. Compared to this, the European cinema version is a little sparser.

In 2005 a new DVD edition was released in the USA. Once again, it was labeled as "director's cut". However, this time it contains the original European cinema version WITHOUT the edited special effects.

Compared are the German version by Highlight (= European cinema version / New US DVD edition) and the R-rated Director's Cut of the US-LD by Dimension (= First US DVD edition)

The time designation is in accordance with the German version; the movie was started to be timed at its beginning without considering the “Highlight” logo.
beginning credits
The fade-in of the title differs in the two versions. While there is only a colored image displayed in the cinema version, one can see an animated writing forming in the DC.

Cinema version:

Director`s Cut:

Kane comes to New York
It becomes a little bit more complicated:
Varying footage has been used in the two versions.
The following can be seen in the normal cinema version after MacLeod has decapitated Kane’s stooge, whose strength has devolved upon him.
Kane walks in a close-up view through the picture and you can see some flashes. (Picture 1 u. 2) Now the camera perspective changes and one recognizes the scene to play in a harbor. In the left background a ship, on the right there is metal framework This scene is very similar to the one in the DC, with the exception of the background.

Because there it looks like this: An actually well-made effect makes Kane appear out of thin air. The area around him bends in a wavy manner. He steps out of the “bubble” which shuts itself behind him. He walks the way towards the camera. Since the effect is that nice, the DC is clearly ahead here (If you ignore the logical question why Kane is suddenly able to beam himself wherever he wants…)

Cinema version: 2 Shot = 13 Sec.
Director`s Cut 1 Shot = 14 Sec.
1 Sec.

Pictures from the cinema version

Pictures from the Director`s Cut

The first image looks heavily like a Blue screen, but it is not that noticeable in the actual movie.

Kane at the card game booth
Again only an improved digital effect:
After Kane has cast a spell on the cards, the two Black guys follow him in order to interrogate him. He turns to them and already while he is doing that, he suddenly wears the sunglasses of the smaller Black guy. Simply the effect has been altered to make it look better in the DC.
No difference of time

Picture from the cinema version

Picture from the Director`s Cut

Here again, varying footage was used and additionally edited digitally.
In the cinema version Kane grins a bit villainously.

In the DC, he goes with his hand toward his face and slides down his glasses a bit, so that his eyes become visible.
No difference of time

Picture from the cinema version

Picture from the Director`s Cut

In the scene where Kane’s strength devolves upon MacLeod, differing footage that was digitally edited has been used in the DC to show the usual spectacle consisting of fire, explosions and flashlights.
Pictures might say more than an explanation of the differing scenes:

Picture from the cinema version

Picture from the Director`s Cut

On the whole, the DC is ahead of the cinema-version here again, because at this passage the footage of the cinema version was edited scruffily and filmed rather poorly as well (indistinct close-up views).
No difference of time