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  • US Blu-ray (Olive Films)
  • German / UK Version
Release: Feb 06, 2021 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The Journey to the Moon

Showman Phineas T. Barnum, who had to flee the US due to an impending bankruptcy, senses the next big deal in England by wanting to shoot a manned rocket to the moon. The moon ship is to be built by Sir Charles Dillworthy, known for his grandiose failures, while the crook Harry Washington Smythe provides the financing. The project is made possible at all by Professor von Bülow, who can give the rocket the necessary thrust with the novel high-explosive Bülovitte explosive. Further confusion is caused by the young French engineer Gaylord, who flew to England in a hot-air balloon with his great love Madelaine to save her from a wedding. When Gaylord presents a better design for the rocket than Dillworthy, the latter teams up with Smythe to sabotage the rocket. Meanwhile, a spy for the Czar keeps a close eye on events.

In the mid-60s, certainly inspired by the terrific comedy epic It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, several films were made about various races, whether by car as in The Great Race or in the air with Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines. Just like the last two films, Rocket to the Moon is set in the Victorian era and relies on the same clunky humor, but this time the moon is targeted. The focus of the film is not the lunar journey itself, but rather the preparation for the design and construction of the rocket. When various bizarre characters work together in the process, chaos is naturally bound to ensue, which is quite entertaining for the rather long runtime.

US Blu-ray slightly shortened

On Olive's US Blu-ray, some shots are lost when the mountain is blown up. A censorship background can be ruled out, rather the source material seemed to be damaged as some frames around the missing shots are also damaged. The missing shots are included in the German DVD, both in the German version and the English version.

Image comparison:

German version:

English version:

US version:


German version: 94:46 min.
English version: 103:56 min.
US version: 119:30 min.

Comparison between the German DVD by Dynasty Film (German version) and the US Blu-ray by Olive Films.


Missing in the US is how Barnum continues to look up, but then retracts his head.

UK: 4 secs.


Another missing part in the US: Barnum tears up the plan, then Grundle is shown earlier being thrown back.

UK: 5 secs.


Missing from the US is the shot of Bülow trying to get up before it cuts to the tent.

UK: 5 secs.


The US is missing a shot of Grundle lying on the ground.

UK: 2 secs.