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  • Italian Version
  • Danish Version
Release: Aug 17, 2010 - Author: Leatherface666 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
The Spanish version, which was also available for this report, sets the sad record of censorship for this movie (maybe even censorship in general).

It is only 1:51 min long! :-(

But it won't be mentioned any further here.

The Italian version and the Danish version both miss several scenes.
According to my (pretty reliable) sources there also exists an uncut version which was released in Australia.

Danish Version: 2:00:48 (without) / 2:03:35 (with credits)

Italian Version: 2:01:37 (without) 2:04:29 (with credits)
There's a missing sequence of a guy skipping naked while the "Obergruppenführer" plays the piano.
1 sec

During the group sex:
There are some missing balletesque dance moves performed by the men and women.
Additionally, you don't see the SS man filming the events.
7 sec

There's a missing shot of the "Obergruppenführer"; also you don't see a man touching a woman's genital area.
7 sec

A man kisses the body of a woman who is leaning on a column.
4 sec

A missing camera pan across the body of two lovers.
6 sec

Again a short sequence of two lovers. This time you see them from the back.
2 sec

A missing zoom out from a couple to a full shot of the events.
5 sec

The women's capabilities to become an agent are being testet:
A blonde woman gets her face even closer to another woman's (maybe Olga) genital area.
2 sec

A missing sex scene between Lila and a man (seen from behind).
5 sec

0,5 sec

Susann sits down on the man with no legs and rides him.
5 sec

Susan rides him hard. (No need to get any more detailed...)
7 sec

A short shot of a statue and a woman standing next to it. Meanwhile, Kitty sings.
4 sec

Hans and Margerita make out a little longer in the men's restroom.
9 sec

You see an officer and a whore who sits in front of a screen and watches Hitler's speeches. The officer sucks a dildo that sticks between the whore's legs.
8 sec

When Kitty clamors in the hallway, there's a missing shot of two girls watching her.
2 sec

The following scenes were shot differently:
A man walks across Kitty's parlor. A little later, topless woman does the same. Both scenes were shot from a different angle.
No difference in time!

There are some short missing sequences of men and women celebrating in bed. Then you see a guy and a woman, who is being pushed across the hallway as if she was a wheelbarrow.
8 sec

In the Danish version, the dance scene is a little longer.
3 sec

Again, two different scenes:
When Kitty is on the phone, the movie cuts to Margerita. In the Italian version, the camera pans from Margerita to a clock on the wall.
In the Danish version, you see Kitty, who turns away from Margerita and looks all around the room while phoning.
No difference in time.

When the Obergruppenführer aims at Wallenberg, the latter is standing around naked and the camera is zooming to is face.
4 sec

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