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  • ITV (UK)
  • Uncut
Release: Aug 08, 2021 - Author: TonyJaa - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the shortened ITV broadcast from 25.04.2020 (20:00) and the uncut Blu-ray.


With a total of 14 cuts (+ black screen / credits) 69,48 seconds (= 01:09 min.) are missing.

The runtime information has been taken from the uncut Blu-ray, the specified cut length per cut and in total, however, reported in PAL.

00:00 min.
The BD starts slightly earlier.
1.36 sec.

08:17 min.
The camera is moving over the file and you can see the supposed corpse of Vesper's boyfriend at the time.
2.64 sec.

17:47 min.
Due to a commercial break, a shot of Bond is lost here before this one.
1.20 sec.

19:03 min.
Bond gets back on his feet and fends off his opponent with a shoe, before both opponents push away from each other at the same time.
4.16 secs.

19:10 min.
The baddie headbutts Bond. A quick exchange of blows ensues, at the end of which Bond twists his opponent's hand around with a loud crack. As he now yanks him around and they both fall onto the balcony, ITV is at it again.
7.28 secs.

19:21 min.
The end of the shot was cut here, as you can briefly perceive the bleeding neck wound of the opponent on the ground.
1.12 secs.

19:23 min.
Consequently, now completely missing is how Bond stabs the scissors into his opponent's leg as well, and he eventually dies.
12.76 sec.

01:04:26 min
Due to a commercial break, the shot of the deceased Mathis in the container and the following transition have been omitted.
3.12 sec.

01:24:15 min.
And again, thanks to a commercial break, the transition to the next scene is lost.
3.20 secs.

01:29:44 min.
Within a short interlude, Medrano is seen stalking the young waitress and throwing her belly-down on the bed. Outside one of the hotel room doors, Camille waits and takes a deep breath while the waitress is heard acoustically moaning off-screen.
4.36 secs.

01:30:28 min
Medrano lets go of the young woman and gets up from the bed.
0.76 secs.

01:30:44 min.
The young girl turns onto her back and gets up from the bed. Camille enters the room in an additional shot with her gun raised.
5.48 secs.

01:31:19 min.
Dominic bludgeons and kicks Bond several times with the pipe. The latter loses his gun in the process.
6.76 secs.

01:31:34 min
Medrano grabs Camille by the neck and pushes her against the wall. He tells her she has the same fear on her face as her mother. She bites his cheek in return and claws through his face with her fingernails.
5.32 secs.

01:32:15 min
Dominic gets up and goes after Bond again with the axe. A brief exchange of blows ensues.... the end of which Dominic accidentally jams the axe into his own foot and pulls it out again.
11.32 secs.

01:41:40 min
Starting from the famous "Bond barrel", ITV does show the credits, but played much faster.
Runtime ITV version: 149.32 sec.
Runtime Uncut Blu-ray: 261.68 sec.
Difference: 112.36 sec.