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DVD - NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.2 Import - Sweden

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Who Finds Friend Finds Treasure

original title: Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro


  • US Version
  • Old German Version
Release: Aug 21, 2011 - Author: Preacher - Translator: Roughale - external link: IMDB
The 14th film of the comedy duo Bud Spencer and Terence Hill has finally been released on DVD in Germany by e-m-s.
Since the film had been released in theaters fully uncut, it had been expected that the DVD release would also be uncut. Unfortunately, e-m-s released the DVD based on a US-master, which had been released under the title "Who Finds a Friend Finds a Treasure", on which a longer scene is missing completely, which had been in the theatrical release in Germany.
Bud and Terence roam around the island for the fourth time within 2 days and still have not found the treasure. The two get into an argument about the existance of the treasure.
When it starts to rain, Bud wants to stop digging. Terence finds something, which turns out to be a tombstone of a treasure hunter, who had been buried by his partner.
Stimulated by this find the continue to dig up the island until they find the tombstone of the second treasure hunter.
The two start to fight again. All of a sudden, they get shot at from the Japanese stronghold. They take cover and talk with Anulu, who claims that teh Japanese never took a shot at him.
3.54 Min.