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  • Turkish TV Version
  • German VHS
Release: Sep 18, 2010 - Author: McClane - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the slightly cut Turkish TV broadcast (TGRT) and the cut German VHS (New Generation Pictures). The Turkish TV version of this B-action-movie (one of the best of its kind) has been deprived of scenes in which lightly clad ladies are shown. Runtime references refer to the TV version. The scenes described in square brackets do not belong to the cuts. They come before and after the cut part. Difference: 3 cuts = 53 seconds
0:07:26 [Exterior shot of the hotel.] Tiny watches TV; his mate hooks up with a prostitute and then changes into trousers. Tiny does a line of coke. [Freech and another person enter the hallway.] 17 sec.

0:08:32 [Freech: "Come on, let's go!"] The prostitute is seen in her underwear. Prostitute: "Oh, that's just great!" Freech: "You better get dressed." Tiny's mate is moving, Freech: "And you stay where you are, boy." Prostitute: "What a night! You two coke yourself into oblivion and that guy is a fucking cop." Tiny: "He is no cop, not anymore." Freech: "You better go home now." Tiny: "He is a pathetic snoop." Freech: "And you, shut up." The prostitute leaves the room, puts on her shoes and curses: "Those idiots! Jerks!". [Tiny: "Why do you always have to get me busted?"] 30 sec.

0:39:50 [Freech: "Nothing."] One table is played at in the billiard saloon. A waitress in a backless top walks through the picture. [Another woman walks to the entrance, through which Freech and Portland come in.] 6 sec.

1:23:59 Except for the first two seconds, the closing credits are missing. 155 sec.

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