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Operation: Endgame (aka Rogue's Gallery)

original title: Rogue's Gallery


  • R-Rated
  • Extended Cut
Release: Apr 12, 2011 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
This crude mix of action thriller with comedy elements and conspiracy plot leaves the audiences in the dark for a long time and it looks just fragmentary, even at the end when the mystery is solved. With a competent screenplay writer and a competent director, it might have become quite a good movie. That's why the cast is so astonishing and at the same time the only argument to watch that movie in the first place.

Rated R (for strong violence and pervasive language including sexual references) in the US, the Uncut Version got an "FSK KJ" (not for people under 18) in Germany. But for some reason, the German DVD contains an Extended Cut. Is this anything special or what? Hate to disappoint you, but it's not. Apart from an alternate longer beginning (simply a new scene just at the beginning), the R-Rated Version is equal. Why this version is called Extended Version is going to be an unsolved mystery, escpecially because of the stupidity of that new scene which wouldn't be missed by anyone if it didn't exist.

Compared are the Uncut R-Rated Version (US DVD by Anchor Bay) and the Uncut Extended Cut (German DVD by Sony Pictures).

The Extended Cut is 138.76 sec / approx. 2 min 19 sec longer than the R-Rated Version.
Additional scene
0:01:02: The Extended Cut contains an entirely new scene at the beginning. Fool steps in Susan's office and has to answer some weird questions in a job interview.

Fool excuses for being late and explains that he'd had to slip away from his actual job.
Susan shows understanding and asks if Fool would rather work in a team or on his own.
Fool doesn't really know what to say and describes himself as individualist who likes to work in a team, as leader who enjoys being lead. He keeps talking he loved all races, religions, life styles. He says he also liked gay people and adds he didn't want to imply Susan was a dike - unless she was. And if she was, he'd perfectly understand that. He'd respect that because he respected the rights of anyone. Then he excuses for getting off the point and asks what the actual question was.
Susan wants to know how he'd react if the democratically elected government hadn't been elected democratically and didn't act democratically.
Fool responds he'd be disappointed to a certain degree but he'd understand if he saw the big picture.
Susan wants to know what he'd do if he had the chance to remove single gens like the religious gen from humans, under the condition that he lived in a country where violence in the name of religion was daily fare for decades.
Fool doesn't understand and asks how to do sth. like that.
Susan explains it's just a hypothecial question and adds this could be done with table water, polluted medicin and hidden foreign forces.
Fool wants to know if that was seriously possible.
Susan says they were going to return to that issue later. Then she asks if he would kill a beloved friend or family member to save humanity.
Fool repeats the most important part (killing someone he loves).
Susan interrupts him and asks if he was bleeding (there's blood on his shirt in the chest area).
Fool asks if he what until he realizes that there's blood on the short. He starts swearing and repeats it by using the more PC version of the expression. He excuses for that and says that wasn't blood.
Susan wants to reassure that that wasn't blood because she doesn't buy it.
Fool comes up with a white lie. He explains that's pat of the concept like bleached jeans with some holes in it. Then he asks if he might choose his own code name if he got the job.
138.76 sec