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100, The

3.10 Fallen


  • Channel 4
  • Uncut
Release: Apr 20, 2017 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Episode 3x10 Fallen of The CW's The 100 is the only episode of season 3 that got rated "BBFC 18". When it aired on Channel 4 in April 2016, both the broadcast at 21:00 and the rerun at night were almost 30 sec shorter.

Compared are the UK TV Version on "Channel 4" (04/20/2016 at 21:00 p.m.) and the uncut US TV Version on "The CW".

There are 12 missing scenes with a total length of 26.84 seconds.
0:51 Minutes
Recap: Pike shoots Lincoln in the head. The sound of the weapon is audible at the beginning of the subsequent shot of Octavia.
1.32 sec

2:32 Minutes
Bellamy has blood all over his face. Angry Octavia then punches him in the face one more time.
6.48 sec

2:57 Minutes
Bellamy longer.
7.6 sec

16:25 Minutes
Raven's flashback is cut: The drill penetrates the leg.
0.92 sec

16:27 Minutes
Close-up of the drill in the flesh. The following of Raven screaming is slightly shorter.
0.8 sec

17:34 Minutes
A.L.I.E. keeps torturing Raven with painful memories. The shot with the drill is missing here.
0.32 sec

17:35 Minutes
Another close-up of the drill.
0.52 sec

26:04 Minuten
Raven cuts her arm with a scalpel in front of Abby's eyes.
3.16 sec

26:10 Minutes
Now, Raven slashes her wrists.
2.2 sec

26:15 Minutes
Raven presens her slashed wrists.
1.8 sec

29:01 Minutes
Ontari cuts out Uzac's eyes.
0.52 sec

29:03 Minutes
A further shot of that scene.
1.2 sec