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Mad Mission 2

original title: Zeoi Gaai Paak Dong Daa Hin San Tung


  • Original Version
  • Integral Version
Release: Aug 20, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia
Comparison between the original version (= Hong Kong theatrical version) and the integral version (main movie) - both included on the German Blu-ray from DigiDreams

- 8 Deviations
- Difference: 430.5 sec (= 7:11 min)

The DigiDreams Blu-ray from MAD MISSION

The Mad Mission series is without question a must for fans of 80s Hong Kong cinema and thanks to the unrestrained silly synchro (with Thomas Danneberg, Arne Elsholtz and others) also worth a look for viewers less interested in Asian films. From our point of view it should be mentioned that the original versions from Hong Kong and different international versions exist. In part 1, cuts of just under 10 minutes were made, from part 2 onwards, in addition to the cuts, a bunch of exclusive material was added.

From March 2018 DigiDreams will re-release the series on Blu-ray again. The main argument for buying the new version is that for the first time in Germany you can get the full original versions from Hong Kong (with subtitles for missing dialogue scenes). However, the international versions known in Germany since time immemorial have also been put on the discs and the whole thing has been blown up to 4-disc editions thanks to a DVD/Blu-ray combo, although there is basically no bonus material worth mentioning apart from the various film versions.

One more note: The international version was reconstructed in part 1 from the somewhat better master of the Hong Kong version. In part 2 this is unfortunately only an upscale of the old German DVD.

The integral version of MAD MISSION 2

In Part 2, the German theatrical version corresponded to the international version, but there is still a third film version besides the Hong Kong theatrical version on the Blu-ray available since end of May 2018. This is located on the DVD/Blu-ray without further marking as the main film, but according to the previous online announcement it is referred to here as the "integral version". The additional scenes of the export version have been added to the film on the basis of the original version, which was in principle longer and was in turn stored as a bonus as the "Hong Kong theatrical version". For the sake of completeness, and because this was not an entirely clear procedure in the international version of some of the alternative versions, we have taken a closer look at the version here.

There are basically no big surprises, parts 3 and 4 become even more exciting because of a few distinct alternative passages. What is striking here is that the opening sequence in the international version still deviated and the additional material there in the new integral version has now been placed at a later point. In a later, completely alternative scene, the counterpart of the international version was simply appended at the back - which still fits well to the scene's progression.

All in all, interested people can watch the new integral version with a clear conscience and basically ignore the Hong Kong theatrical version. Those who again don't like foreign language changes have the German theatrical version on the bonus disc to choose from and there the opening credits also run in the order they used to. A not to forget deficiency is, of course, that the masters of Fortune Star are unfortunately only SD-Upscales - but unfortunately the best possible option worldwide until today, so that you can't really blame the German label here.

Runtime specifications are arranged according to the following scheme
Hong Kong theatrical version on DigiDreams Blu-ray / integral version on DigiDreams Blu-ray
00:00-00:20 / 00:00-00:44

The Hongkong theatrical version offers a logo at the beginning.

In the integral version it starts, as in the international version, with a kind of review of the diamond robbery with Sam already shown at the beginning of part 1.

Extended 24 sec longer

In the international version, the introduction of Harry could be seen right at the beginning, after double exterior shots with own credits. In the integral version the double credits are omitted and the introduction comes (as in the HK theatrical version) after the next described deviation in the 11th minute.

10:49-11:02 / 11:13-11:41

When Sam fell into the water, the picture freezes in the Hong Kong theatrical version and the original title appears.

In the integral version an air cushion inflates instead under Sam's motorcycle and skis grow. He makes another comment and cruises away on the transformed vehicle.

Extended 14.9 sec longer

11:13-11:14 / 11:52-12:11

After the skyscraper photo was taken, Harry's introduction was inserted in the integral version at the secretary's, which was to be seen in the international version, as described at the beginning, immediately after the introductory review (and there following own credits).

Instead, the previous view of the skyscraper is interrupted a little earlier or is insignificantly longer in the HK-KF (not illustrated).

integral version 18.4 sec longer
[9th jpg]

42:23 / 43:20-44:04

During the escape, the international version offered an additional part, which was now installed for the integral version: Sam and Kodijak are still hiding under a truck. Suddenly, however, after a policeman refers them to the stop restrictions, the truck continues and they lie unprotected on the road. Sam quickly makes a small sprint out of the situation or goes into the squatting position etc.. After they have run away, the policemen notice this as well.

44 sec

46:16 / 47:57-49:53

The first more interesting deviation is that the scene described here in the international version is a direct substitute for another: In the integral version it was simply hung at the back. So you first see Kodjak and Rickshaw here and the last one swallows his pipe at the end - then the now described additional scene follows the international version.

So Hatung leads Sam and Kodijak into a bigger meeting room. There all sorts of high-ranking personalities of united forces discuss the "Operation Underworld", in which our duo would kindly support Hatung. Rickshaw mentions Hatung as the commanding officer, which is received somewhat sceptically by those present. Kodijak asks what all the other people would do for the operation. One colleague, who had already expressed time pressure from the beginning about a golf game to be played, declared the meeting over and Sam was still discussing a bit with Hatung.

116 sec (= 1:56 min)

46:46 / 50:23-51:53

While the HK-KF continues with Sam in the restaurant, the integral version (or international version) shows how Kodijak is almost caught by a guy in the elevator and then can flee clumsily. In the elevator this succeeds because he can steal a tool from a new man's pocket and hit his tormentor on the foot. Outside "Canal Rat Harry" waits and Kodijak hides behind plants in front of him for a while. In the end he is exposed, but can run away quickly. Harry chases his henchmen after him.
Afterwards you see Sam even earlier in the restaurant.

89.6 sec (= 1:30 min)

75:21 / 80:28-81:17

After Hatung has impressively knocked down her competitor, a longer part of the brawl is withheld in the original version. Hatung's colleague and Sam are allowed to hand out a good deal, in between the latter takes care of Juliet.

48.8 sec

After the fight a few recordings were mirrored in the international version. This is also the case with the German theatrical version on the bonus disc, but the integral version corresponds to the HK-KF here.

90:19 / 96:15-97:30

Before the close-up of the Rolls Royce, the integral version (or international version) offers a longer additional chase with some nice car stunts. An enemy car lands on the roof of Sam and Kodijak, but with a skilful twist they can not only escape a pistol shot from above at the last moment, but also make the car explode.

74.7 sec (= 1:15 min)