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The Beast and the Magic Sword

Sergio Leone Westerns

Soul Brothers of Kung Fu

original title: Bei Po


  • French VHS
  • Uncut
Release: Jun 12, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
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58:03 / 61:08-61:09

Jump-cut: Tong slightly longer when he sits down next to Bruce.

1 sec

58:06 / 61:13-62:12

The following conversation is also longer and the subsequent scene at the bar starts earlier as well. The boss orders a bottle for Tsao San and Dorie and Tsao wants to know why.

Since the movie role lacks most of the scene, screenshots are from the German tape once again. Also, the French tape leaves one behind clueless as for what the scene at the bar is all about.

58.2 sec

59:00 / 63:05

Jump-cut at the end of the scene.

+ 0.8 sec

63:25 / 67:30-67:34

Beforehand, there were minor jump-cuts in both versions but here is a longer one: Tsang Sao drives off longer.

4.2 sec

64:38-65:12 / 68:48-69:54

And now the second scene with more harmless, alternate footage on the French VHS: When Dorie massages the boss, she is still wearing a dress plus the French tape only contains a medium long shot of the action. The following action is rather short as well.

The Uncut Version contains several shots from different angles plus she is topless. The boss is having fun with her a little longer. Since the movie role lacks a part of that as well, screenshots are from the German tape again.

Uncut Version 32.2 sec longer

French VHSUncut

66:50 / 71:32-71:33

After Bruce hits his opponent's shoulder, there is actually a cut to the guy's face.

0.9 sec

69:05 / 73:48-73:49

The scene ends right before blood starts running out of the opponent's mouth.

1.4 sec

69:10 / 73:54-73:58

In order to illustrate the impact of the punch, one here gets to watch the melon burst. Bruce's opponent tumbles a little earlier as well.

3.8 sec

70:17 / 75:05-75:06

Jump-cut: Bruce's fingers are inside his opponent's arm and blood is leaking.

1.4 sec

70:19 / 75:08-75:10

And again.

1.6 sec

70:23 / 75:14-75:16

A punch to the throat.

1.8 sec

71:28 / 76:22-76:27

Bruce punches his opponent's crotch with his claws. The previously mentioned training sequence implies that this was incredibly painful.

4.9 sec

71:35-71:50 / 76:33-76:47

Last but not least, there is another scene with alternate footage: When the boss answers the phone, Dorie is behind. She is topless in any version, exceot for the French one.

French VHS 0.9 sec longer

French VHSUncut

74:07 / 79:04-79:08

More footage of Tong's suffering. Bruce shows up from behind - at this point, the French tape is back in the game.

3.4 sec

74:52 / 79:53-80:00

Tong hits the guy's chest. Tong then smashes his head on a stone several times.

7 sec

75:44 / 80:52-83:15

Huge cut which even starts earlier than the cut on the German tape. Also, the last 10 seconds of the fight (the movie role lacks part of it as well which is why the German tape has been used for the screenshots) are missing. In addition to that, Tong's encounter with the boss is also missing. They start fighting and while it looks good for Tong at first, he loses.

The scene is not very brutal. Only the scene at the end when Tong's leg gets twisted, it gets a little rough. And even the worse master was not complete here which is why a thrid source is being used here. Another indication that this scene is cut in every single version worldwide but one really wanted to get every single frame in it this time.

142.6 sec (= 2:23 min)

81:26 / 88:58-89:13

Another anatomical close-up of the chest hit. Blood starts leaking from the hole in the chest after Bruce gets his fingers out. Then a blow to the larynx.

15.4 sec

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