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The Last House On The Left


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Knight Rider

2.01 Goliath Part 1


  • Syndicated Version
  • Uncut
Release: Nov 14, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the cut Syndicated Version (UK Blu-ray by Fabulous Films / First Edition) and the uncut Original Version (German DVD by Universal).

- 3 cuts
- Length difference: 202.9 sec resp. 3 min 22.9 sec

Please note: Minor differences such as missing credits, missing or different black screens etc. have not been listed in the following comparison. The focus is on the alteration made for reruns in syndication and that is it.

Basically, the UK Blu-ray is a highly recommendable release even though some people complain about the abscene of the TV movie "Knight Rider 2000" because it is available as bonus of the DVD release. The problem is that this was originally another pilot for second Knight Rider series that never saw the light of day. So technically, the movie is not part of the original Knight Rider from 1982. However, definately worth criticizing is the fact that the Blu-ray set only contains the shorter Syndicated Versions of all the two-part episodes which have been cut to a length of approx. 45 minutes (Blu-ray / NTSC) in order to fit in the slot.

But at least one has the chance to get the discs with the uncut episodes via Fabulous Films. One can either send the discs with the Syndicated Versions and get a free replacement or one can keep the old discs and get the ones with the uncut episodes for a small fee (payment via Paypal). Either way, the new discs then will be shipped to your address.
According to Fabulous Films, the first batch with the shorter episodes is completely sold out. But of course, there is still a slight chance that one gets a copy of those because the vendor still has some in stock.

Last but not least, a few words about the Syndicated Versions: Admittedly, they are still OK to watch but fans will realize that scenes are missing. The huge exception here is the pilot "Knight of the Phoenix". While the alterations of the second part of the pilot are being kept within bounds, they did a real number on the first part of the pilot. Including the opening, "Knight of the Phoenix Part 1" has a total length of approx. 3.5 minutes (!) and after that, the second part already begins. Basically, everything is missing. If one is not familiar with the show or the story of the pilot, it is incredibly hard to follow resp. I would say it is almost impossible. This is also the reason why the Syndicated Version of the pilot only consists of one single episode while the other two-part episodes still consist of two episodes each. Considering that there are only 3.5 minutes left of the first part of the pilot, this is not a surprise though.

Time index refers to
Syndicated Version (UK Blu-ray) – Uncut Version (German DVD in PAL)
07:10 / 06:54

The Syndicated Version lacks Garthe watching video footage of K.I.T.T. in action.

Then Devon and Elizabeth Knight, Wilton Knight's widow. Devon rings the door bell, Elizabeth opens.
Elizabeth: "Devon."
Devon: "Elizabeth, how nice to see you."
He gives her the flowers he brought.
Elizabeth laughs: "You remembered."
Devon: "How could I forget?"
Elizabeth grabs Devon and they go to the living room.
Elizabeth: "Devon, you look absolutely wonderful."
Devon: "And so do you. I believe you used to say 'Living well is the best revenge'."
Elizabeth: "Until someone comes up with a better phrase, I still do. Gin and tonic?"
Devon: "You remember. I'm so glad you phoned. How long as it been? 3 years?"
Elizabeth: "3 years and 4 months."
They sit down on the couch.
Devon: "But who's counting?"
Elizabeth: "I am. I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know. I was always strongly attracted to you. And you knew it. So did Wilton. That's why The Foundation saw so little of me."
Devon: "Elizabeth, we've known each other for too long not to keep it simple. What is it you want?"
Elizabeth: "Devon, you know better than that. When Sigmund Freud lay dying, his students all gathered about him and they asked if there was one question his work had not answered and he replied 'What a woman really wants'."
They laugh.
Devon: "Oh, there's no need to be coy."
Elizabeth: "Well, there's certainly no need to rush. The future is still the future. It will reveal itself when it chooses."
Then they toast.

The first shots of Vegas are missing and so are the first two shots of K.I.T.T. and Michael.

160 sec resp. 2 min 40 sec

13:33 / 15:37

Only in the Uncut Version, Michael complains that K.I.T.T. beat him in blackjack again.
Michael: "I'm telling you it's beginner's luck."
K.I.T.T.: "That's what you said yesterday. I'm no longer a beginner. In addition to which, it's not luck. The odds in blackjack are 0.6 per cent in favor of the house. However, if one applies…"
Michael: "K.I.T.T., I wish your computers had less on odds and more on the key Rita gave me."
K.I.T.T.: "A key from blank stock is extremely difficult to trace, Michael."

18.6 sec

28:41 / 30:36

After the phone conversation with Devon and April, Michael's conversation with K.I.T.T. is missing.
K.I.T.T.: "Michael, the phrase 'yes and no' is an insult to the precision of the English language."
Michael: "That's why I like it."
K.I.T.T.: "Would you care to define?"
Michael: "K.I.T.T., English is the problem. As the state geologist pointed out, this area's had a number of different names. Spanish, before that Indian."
K.I.T.T.: "I suppose we're off to the department of Indian Affairs."
Michael: "Yeah, in a manner of speaking."

24.3 sec