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2.04 Empty Hands


  • TV-Version
  • Extended Blu-ray
Release: Oct 06, 2012 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version (Starz) and the Extended Version
(on Blu-ray by Starz/Anchor Bay)

12 differences, consisting of
9 extended scenes
2 extended scene with alternate material
1 scene with alternate material

The extended episode runs 61.4 sec. or 1 minute 2 seconds longer than the TV version.
Extended Scene
0:19:11: Spartacus talks to the injured Nasir: "And I'm forever in his debt."
Nasir: "You were right. My sword becomes lighter with each Roman I have taken."
12,36 sec.

Extended Scene
0:21:18: Lucretia bows her head completely in order to greet Cossutius. The TV version stops during the half of it.
1,68 sec.

Extended Scene
0:21:36: More loveplay and shots of the persons involved.
8,36 sec.

Extended Scene
0:21:58: Again. In slow-motion. Beautiful.
7,2 sec.

Alternate material
0:22:59: The movement of Varinius' head differs slightly. He seems to enjoy the applause more in the TV version
The extended version runs 0,6 sec. longer

Extended Scene
0:26:29: When they pause at the waterhole, one of Spartacus' men says: "Nevia is burden enough.".
2,2 sec.

Extended Scene
0:28:10: The men and women in the middle caress each other more.
9,4 sec.

Extended Scene
0:28:28: A barely naked woman goes out of the picture.
1,92 sec.

Extended Scene
0:33:57: A longer discussion between Ilithyia and Senator Albinius. He thinks that she was interested in Gaius right from the start while she claims otherwise.

Albinius: "Well, the fault stands equally shared, for succumbing to your teary-eyed pleas in defense of misplaced affections."
Ilithyia: "Years have proven them so."
10,8 sec.

Extended scene with alternate material
0:36:59: Cossutius says something about the maltreated companion of Spartacus and then goes off with his subordinates. Seppia doesn't seem to think too highly of him.

Seppia: "I do not care for the way he looks at me."
Varinius: "Few women do"

The TV version omits that and uses a different take when Cossutius and his subordinates go off.
The extended version runs 11,76 sec. longer

Extended Scene
0:39:09: Glaber's reaction on the comment that Ilithyia doesn't shy away from ending lives differs in both versions. While he answers in the extended version, he only smiles uneasily and doesn't say anything in the TV version.

Glaber: "I only regret she moves prematurely, robbing deed from more deserving hands."
The extended version runs 3,2 sec. longer

Extended Scene
0:42:15: More simulated loveplay in the extended version once more.
5,12 sec.