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Eagle, The


  • US Theatrical Version (PG-13)
  • Unrated Version
Release: Jun 19, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Roughale - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US Theatrical Cut (PG-13) and the Unrated Cut (both included on the US DVD by Universal)

- 20 differing parts, including
* 5 parts with alternative material
* 5 parts, where only the PG-13 versions longer

- Difference: 7 sec
* Additional material PG-13 version: 15 sec
* Additional material Unrated version: 22 sec

The Film

The film The Eagle is set in the 2nd century AD and tells the story of Centurio Marcus Flavius Aquila, who is eager to retrieve the emblem of the 9th legion (the Eagle) from a tribe living beyond the Hadrian's Wall. He aims to regain the reputation for his family, which had been lost when his father and a legion of 5,000 men had vanished in that area. He also wants to find out what had happened to his father. He gets help from a local called Esca, who's life he had saved during a gladiator fight.

This solid historical film was directed by Kevin MacDonald (The Last King of Scotland) and is focusing on the characters more than on excessive fight scenes. I succeeds, especially in the first half, by providing ambivalent characters as well as a slightly skeptical point of view. The dark and dirty atmosphere also adds a positive touch to the film. The film is based on the bestselling novel by Rosemary Sutcliff, which can rather be seen as a teen oriented book, is by no means meant as negative aspect here. But the ending, overladen with rather conventional honor and fatherland themes, is a little disappointing, but fans of films from this kind of genre may still dare to take a look anyway.

The Versions

For the theatrical release in the US, the aim was to get a PG-13 rating, hoping for a wider audience. The film is rather tame on things like "dirty language", nudity or violence, compared to the HBO TV series Rome, which deals with a similar historical era. But still it seems that there had been need for censorship to achieve the aimed PG-13 rating. The unrated cut, which can be found on the DVD released on June 21, 2011 in the US, differs only slightly in running time, but several scenes with different material reveal modifications made for the theatrical release. These modified scenes can only be found in the rarely seen battle scenes in the film, which turn out to be a bit more bloody and more violent, but the viewer should still not expect a gore fest like Centurion by Neil Marshall. Digitally added blood, as can be found quite often in unrated releases, was not spotted here though and the rumors found on the internet about sound censorship could not be made out in the comparison.
The German theatrical version featured the unrated cut in the first place so it may be possible that in other countries the unrated version had been used for the theatrical run as well. If you have further informations about this, write us or leave a comment.

The running time is provided in the following format:
US Theatrical Release (PG-13) in NTSC / Unrated Version in NTSC
13:04 / 13:04-13:05

Additonal scene, in which a soldier is wounded and blood is spurting from the wounds.

0,8 sec

Alternative Material
13:51-13:55 / 13:52-13:57

The Unrated version shows a charred corpse on the ground, the camera moves over the body and the scene fades over to the next scene, which shows the battle field at daylight.

The PG-13 version shows Marcus' back instead and the next scene does not fade in and simply cuts in.

Unrated 1,3 sec longer

Only the PG-13 version is longer
16:57-16:58 / 16:59

There is no long shot in the Unrated version (maybe due to the extended scene described next).

+ 1,3 sec

Alternative Material
17:02 / 17:03-17:04
In the PG-13 version, the shot of the striking out Celt leader is longer.

The Unrated version shows a close-up instead in which a soldier is beheaded.

Unrated 0,6 sec longer

Only the PG-13 version is longer
19:38-19:40 / 19:40

The PG-13 has an additional close-up of Marcus.

+ 1,3 sec

19:42 / 19:42-19:43

The scene ends in the PG-13 version, before blood is spurting from the mouth. The man collapses.
0,8 sec

Alternative material
19:51-19:52 / 19:52-19:54

Another bloody scene of the battle field can be found in the Unrated version. The PG-13 version cuts to the next scene a bit earlier (no pictures).

Unrated 0,9 sec longer

Only the PG-13version is longer
19:54-19:56 / 19:56

A close-up of the battle is exclusive to the PG-13 version.

+ 1,7 sec

Alternative material
20:16-20:17 / 20:16-20:17

The Unrated version has an additional shot, where a sword hits an enemy and draws blood.

The PG-13 version shows the preceding scene of the stabbing soldier for 6 frames longer and a short scene of another fighter is added.

PG-13 0,5 sec longer

21:20 / 21:20-21:21

During the retreat only the Unrated version shows a shot of dead people lying on the ground.

1,2 sec

Only the PG-13 version is longer
21:21-21:22 / 21:22

The PG-13 version shows a shot of feet instead.

+ 1,3 sec

21:23 / 21:23

A very short extra shot from the front show a leg of a soldier being cut off.

0,4 sec

45:37 / 45:37-45:41

This scene is longer: Esca rides on and the hanging body can be seen more clearly.

4,5 sec

60:18 / 60:22-60:23

A very short flashback was added, which shows a soldier spurting blood.

1,1 sec

Alternative material
60:24-60:26 / 60:29-60:30

Alternative material is used here for another flashback:

The PG-13 version shows a blood-free attack.

The Unrated version shows a soldier falling down and a close-up shows his blood-covered face.

PG-13 1 sec longer

99:02 / 99:06-99:07

An additional scene shows a soldier being hit in the head and blood can be seen.

1,2 sec

Only the PG-13 version is longer
99:07-99:09 / 99:12

The Unrated version lacks a shot of the fighting Esca.

+ 2,7 sec

99:19 / 99:22-99:24

A blood-covered soldier falls down in an additional shot.

2 sec

99:27 / 99:32-99:33

A short shot shows a member of the Seals on the ground, his mouth is bloody and he is being strangled.

1,1 sec

99:55 / 100:01-100:02

This shot was tamed by the following cut for the PG-13 version: A soldier spitting blood.

0,6 sec


The following changes were not added to the sum of cuts, but they still explain the difference in the total running time of both versions.

- Before the credits are starting to roll, the PG-13 version has a longer black screen for approximately 2 seconds.

- After the end titles, only the PG-13 version shows the respective MPAA rating.