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Release: Aug 22, 2009 - Author: Snooper - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the German DVD from Universum Film (FSK 16) (which is identical to the US-DVD) and the workprint.


Holden (Ben Affleck) and Banky (Jason Lee) are not only the best buddies but they are also the creators of the comic franchise "Bluntman & Chronic". When they meet Alyssa at a comic convention their friendship is endangered because falls Holden in love with her. But Alyssa is - to Banky's relief and Holden's horror - a lesbian. Time for Holden to wonder: "CAN men and women be just friends?"


There it is, the final film of Kevin Smith's „Jersey – trilogy“! It took him two years to recover from his flop "Mall Rats" and to find a dignified end to his Jersey series. The meaning of "Jersey-trilogy"? It contains three movies Clerks (1994), Mall Rats (1995) and Chasing Amy (1997) taking place in the so called Tri-Town-area in New Jersey, containing the cities Middletown, Highlands and Red Bank. Similar to Quentin Tarantino's movies and screenplays, all Smith-movies offer certain parallels (for example: „Chasing Amy“ mentions the end of „Clerks“ but not as a movie but as an actual event), and the regular appearance of Jay & Silent Bob (the latter being played by Smith himself) is also a standard in Smith-movies. With Chasing Amy Smith got back to his real strength, him simply being one of the best dialogue-writers on this earth and not even trying to divide the spectator's attention away from the dialogue.

A few insider-facts from the Askewniverse (ViewAskew is Smith's production company):

*The comic-scene as background for the movie is linked to the comic-series that belongs to the movie-series. The comics link the movies from Clerks to Dogma and were published under the title Chasing Dogma later.

*For Chasing Amy two real life couples were in front of the camera: Kevin Smith and Joey Lauren Adams, such as Jason and Carmen Lee, who played Kim, Alyssa's lesbian lover. Smith got the idea for the script while he was living with Adams.

*Chasing Amy is the only movie of Smith's series of so called New-Jersey-films that contains a longer monologue from Silent Bob.

*Jay & Silent Bob have been present in every film directed by Smith except „Jersey Girl“.

*Before Jason Mewes (Jay) got into the movie business he work behind the counter at Kevin Smith's comic book store in Red Bank, New Jersey.

The Workprint

Well, what is there to say: oddly enough the Theatrical version that was later released on DVD already was the favorite version of Kevin Smith. And that even though I was expecting so much more, especially since the special features on the German DVD contain very great deleted and alternative scenes (including an alternative beginning). So I was really curious if the scenes were in the workprint, too, but unfortunately, there are hardly any changes worth mentioning. No recuts, no Unrated footage, NOTHING. Except for two little scene extensions and six songs being changed the workprint is exactly identical to the official version.
The only real difference is the soundtrack. At some occasions the workprint uses completely different tracks. Almost every emotional scene with a musical background has a new song, now. In the newer version there are a lot of popular Pop and Hip-Hop-songs from the nineties which does loosen up the movie. The workprint is a little more independent-like in that aspect. Which has the consequence that the movie in general does not seem that trendy. Alyssa's legendary performance & the parking scene have, however, remained untouched. A mixture of both soundtracks would have been perfect.

And that is it! I am really a bit disappointed that there is not more new footage, but I take comfort in the thought that with the Theatrical version we already own Kevin's favorite version. And it is perfect as it is (even though a bit more Jay & Bob would have been nice).

2 cuts = 38 sec

6 songs changed
After the conversation on the phone between Hooper and Holden there is a bit more laughter from Hooper's buddy, then Hooper says: "Look at you"
The Theatrical version stops right after the phone conversation.
6 sec

Alyssa's confession to her lesbian friends:
Both versions show a different behavior from Alyssa's friends.
After Alyssa's confession the four friends are visibly shocked. She receives several commentaries and unsuccessfully tries to explain herself. Then two of them leave the room disappointed. Then the Theatrical version starts being identical, again.
32 sec