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Warriors Two

original title: Chan Sin Sang Yue Chau Gung Wa


  • International Export Cut
  • Original Cut
Release: Feb 08, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the International Export Cut and the original uncut version, both included on the UK Blu-ray by Eureka!

- 6 cuts
- Difference: 330.4 sec (= 5:30 min)

Warriors Two from 1978 is an interesting early work by Sammo Hung, similar to e.g. The Iron-Fisted Monk. Leung Kar Yan, Casanova Wong and Fung Hak On take on other roles, while Yuen Biao (as a stunt double), Dean Shek and Eric Tsang in supporting roles should also be familiar to the die-hard Hong Kong fan. The latter names already hint that there are, quite typical for especially this period of origin, some comedy scenes between the excellently staged martial arts highlights.

As so often, especially these silliness and other "plot ballast" were somewhat streamlined for international releases. Available since January 24, 2022, the premiere of an HD restoration in the UK now presents a reconstruction of this shorter film version, alongside the uncut main feature. Like so many of the UK Blu-rays of Asian classics since 2020, this Blu-ray, which comes in a double pack with The Prodigal Son, is highly recommended to any Eastern fan.

Runtime details are arranged according to the scheme
International Export Cut on British Blu-ray / Original Cut on British Blu-ray

The credits (2nd to 4th minute) differ.

International Export CutOriginal Cut

05:52 / 05:52-08:55

Fatty (Sammo Hung) can be seen a little longer. Two men (Eric Tsang and Peter Chan Lung) join him. As the genre fan is used to from the two actors, a silly comedy scene ensues. The two provoke him for a while, saying that his Wing Chung is worth nothing. Fatty immediately makes a pose, whereupon Eric highlights that he should not move in it. Now Eric presses his hand into Fatty's back, makes a strained face and pushes him a bit. Peter, meanwhile, steals Fatty's dumplings stand. Fatty complains a little bit, but Eric points out that he already lost by moving after the shove. Overwhelmed, Fatty admits defeat.

182.5 sec (= 3:03 min)

08:20 / 11:22-12:23

Fatty turns to Wah (Casanova Wong) again and asks, "If there's hope for a broke person, would there be a cure for a stupid one, then?"
Wah waves it off. Fatty now suggests that he might also try his luck as a melon seller. Wah comments that he would then probably eat everything himself. Either way he's bound to lose money on actually all activities anyway. Fatty asks for advice on what else he could do.
Wah replies, "There's a trade where you won't get cheated and you won't eat all you sell."

A small scene outside follows. Fatty has a ribbon over his nose and is carrying two buckets. He is promptly met again by Peter, who, with a mischievous grin, asks what business Fatty is in now that his attempt at dumplings has failed. He sniffs at the bucket and realizes with disgust that Fatty is now transporting "shit". Fatty looks satisfied.

60.6 sec (= 1:01 min)

16:14 / 20:17-20:26

The two guys nod conspicuously at each other. Fatty notices this and looks skeptically after them.

8.4 sec

16:39 / 20:51-21:03

Wah still asks if Fatty had met anyone besides his mother. Fatty mentions the mayor. Wah asks if it was in his house, but Fatty only saw him when passing by.

11.8 sec

31:22 / 35:46-36:35

A questionably bumpy edit: With a rough jump cut, Wah suddenly looks down after Leung (Leung Kar Yan) has left the frame. Actually, Leung still goes into the next room, where Fatty and the others are waiting for him. They sit down at the table together and eat something. Fatty inquires about Wah, but Leung does not respond. Fatty winks at Kam Fung (Cheung Man-Ting), who also asks again. Leung points out that people don't talk during dinner. Leung continues to be impatient and tells Leung again that he has heard of the "no talking while eating" rule.

49.4 sec

37:12 / 42:25-42:42

Wah and Fatty comment earlier on the training session and why it is called "little ideas". Fatty explains that Wing Chung may never be fully learned, so instead of "too much ambition," it's better to have "little ideas." He emphasizes again that Wah should train diligently.

17.7 sec

The final end fade-in also deviates again.

International Export CutOriginal Cut