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  • DVD Version
  • BD Version
Release: Oct 30, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the DVD Version (German DVD by Touchstone) and the Blu-ray Version (German BD by Touchstone)

- 1x alternate footage
- no difference in running time

Only the Theatrical Version of Michael Bay's action spectacle with a heart-warming love story between Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler has been worldwide released on Blu-ray so far. The extended Director's Cut (approx. 2.5 min longer) is only available in some countries, e.g. on the US DVD by Criterion, in UK or Australia. For some reason the BD Version is slightly different to the Theatrical Version on DVD. A shot of the radio telescopes at the beginning has been replaced by another one. Nothing spectacular and only noticable for people who know all the details of the movie (on that note thanks to Karl Gustav), nevertheless is worth being mentioned. An explaination could be that the removed shot also appears later in the Theatrical Version, even though with a different color filter. Probably the new shot is supposed to cover up that failure.

BTW The Director's Cut also contains the "regular DVD Version shot". It's very likely that all previous versions (movie theater, VHS, DVD) are identical.

Time index: DVD Version / BD Version
07:24-07:26 / 07:44-07:46
Replaced shot of the radio telescopes after the impacts in New York (to be exact: after Little Richard's master yelled "Somebody dial 911!").
48 Frames (~ 2 sec) each.


Comparison of the screens

Different colors in the BD Version, some differences are slighty, some radically.
Escpecially the second screen of the examples is pretty interesting: it's the scene at 77:25 (DVD) / 80:44 (Blu-ray) and it's obviously the shot that appears at 7:00 in the DVD Version - but another color filter has been used.